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Bands starting with B

Showing 1,573 of 12,627 bands. This is a list of current or last known names, previous band names can be found by searching.

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Name Region Contest Results
B Winning and Blackwell Colliery Midlands 75
B. M. & W. Band Midlands 27
B.H.A.S. Excelsior Australia 85
B.I. Silver North West 1
B3 Brass Band Büchlberg Germany 0
Babbington Ambulance Midlands 1
Babcock and Wilcox Midlands 1
Backum Brass Netherlands 25
Backworth Colliery Band North of England 407
Bactiguard Wire Brass North West 72
Bacup Borough North West 27
Bacup Change North West 107
Bacup Home Guard North West 4
Bacup Old North West 53
Bacup Recreation North West 2
Bacup Wellington North West 8
Bad Ass Brass (1) Great Britain 49
Badass Brass (2) Great Britain 3
Badische Brass Band Germany 7
Badminton and Alwalton Midlands 1
BAE Systems London and Southern Counties 86
Bagillt Wales 10
Bagn Musikkorps Norway 1
Bagshot London and Southern Counties 1
Bagterp Blæseorkester Denmark 0
Bagthorpe Midlands 9
Bagthorpe Colliery Midlands 1
Bagworth Midlands 10
Baildon Yorkshire 40
Baildon Temperance Yorkshire 2
Baillieston Scotland 22
Bainbridge British Brass Band United States of America 0
Bairnsdale Citizens (Vic) Australia 0
Bairnsdale Municipal Australia 6
Bakewell Free Church Midlands 1
Bakewell Silver Band Midlands 218
Bakken Skulekorps Norway 1
Bala Deulyn Wales 2
Bala Town Wales 29
Balclutha Boys New Zealand 1
Balclutha Brass New Zealand 25
Balderstone and Chorley North West 1
Balderstone Brass Band North West 7
Baldur Ballerup Brass Band Denmark 1
Baldwin's Workmen Wales 30
Balgonie Colliery Scotland 35
Balgowlah High School Australia 2
Balgownie Brass Australia 1
Balgownie Town Australia 7
Ballarat & District (Vic) Australia 5
Ballarat Concert Australia 1
Ballarat Memorial Band Australia 1
Ballarat Memorial Concert Band Australia 0
Ballarat Orphanage (Vic) Australia 8
Ballarat Railway (Vic) Australia 2
Ballarat Soldiers' Memorial Band Australia 78
Balleskolens Brass Band Denmark 8
Ballina District Juniors Australia 1
Ballinamallard Silver Northern Ireland 3
Ballinasloe Temperance Republic of Ireland 1
Ballochmyle Scotland 12
Ballyduff Silver Band Northern Ireland 82
Ballyholme Silver Band Northern Ireland 6
Ballykelly Primary School Brass Band Northern Ireland 0
Ballymacarrett Working Men's Brass Band Republic of Ireland 0
Ballymena Silver Band Northern Ireland 9
Ballymoney BB Old Boys Northern Ireland 0
Ballymore Eustace Republic of Ireland 2
Ballynahinch Silver Band Northern Ireland 24
Ballyreagh Silver Band Northern Ireland 6
Balmain - Rozelle Concert Australia 2
Balmain Alliance Australia 2
Balmain Rechabites Australia 4
Balmain United Australia 2
Balmoral Town Australia 3
Balwyn High School (Vic) Australia 1
Balwyn Youth Concert (Vic) Australia 5
Bamber Bridge North West 15
Bamble Musikkorps Norway 16
Bamford Congregational North West 1
Bampton Brass Band London and Southern Counties 0
Banbridge Silver Band Northern Ireland 23
Banbury Borough and British Legion Band London and Southern Counties 21
Banbury Borough Silver Band London and Southern Counties 0
Banbury Salvation Army Band London and Southern Counties 0
Band Association of NSW Australia 1
Band Hyn Gwasanaeth Cerdd Ysgolion Gwynedd a Môn Wales 1
Band Iau Gwasanaeth Cerdd Ysgolion Gwynedd a Môn Wales 1
Band of 1st Auckland Regiment New Zealand 2
Band of CNMWC Regiment New Zealand 0
Band of the 2nd Battalion Canterbury Nelson Marlborough & West Coast New Zealand 9
Band of the Island of Jersey London and Southern Counties 7
Band of the King's Division Great Britain 35
Band of the Lincolnshire Fire Brigade Midlands 60
Band of the Mounted Artillery London and Southern Counties 1
Band of the Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery New Zealand 26
Bandamonium Barbarians West of England 5
Bandit! Australia 2
Bangor and Liverpool Universities North West 1
Bangor Artillery Wales 7
Bangor City Wales 1
Bangor Railway Institute Wales 1
Bangor Secondary School Northern Ireland 2
Bangor Town Wales 1
Bangor University Brass Band Wales 14
Bank Hall North West 1
Bankeryds Brassband Sweden 3
Banknock Colliery Scotland 23
Banks Brass North West 104
Banks Brewery Band Midlands 109
Bankstown City Brass Band Australia 127
Bankstown City Junior Australia 3
Bankstown District (NSW) Australia 67
Bankstown Municipal Juniors Australia 2
Banna Cluain Meala Republic of Ireland 1
Banna Cluain Meala Youth Band Republic of Ireland 1
Bannockburn Colliery Scotland 24
Bannockburn Town Scotland 2
Banovallum Brass Midlands 60
Banton Village Scotland 4
Barcaldine Friendly Society Band Australia 1
Bardfield Brass London and Southern Counties 0
Bardney Midlands 2
Bardon Mill North of England 15
Bardsley Old North West 15
Bare Trees Community North West 5
Bargoed Wales 23
Barisons Brass London and Southern Counties 2
Barker College Brass Australia 15
Barker College Concert Hornsby (NSW) Australia 8
Barker College No.1 (Hornsby) Australia 19
Barker College No.2 (Hornsby) Australia 2
Barker College No.3 (Hornsby) Australia 8
Barker College Snr (Hornsby) Australia 1
Barker College Symphonic Wind Hornsby (NSW) Australia 5
Barking and Dagenham Playleaders Band London and Southern Counties 1
Barking Concert London and Southern Counties 2
Barking Garage (L.G.O.C.) London and Southern Counties 2
Barking Schools London and Southern Counties 1
Barking Town London and Southern Counties 12
Barkingside Silver London and Southern Counties 7
Barleston Silver Midlands 2
Barlestone Victoria Midlands 135
Barlestone Victoria & City of Leicester Band Midlands 1
Barlow New Midlands 1
Barmouth Wales 4
Barmston United Yorkshire 1
Barnard Castle North of England 97
Barnard Castle Youth North of England 1
Barnburgh Main Yorkshire 1
Barnet Schools London and Southern Counties 2
Barnet Town London and Southern Counties 175
Barnet Youth Brass Band London and Southern Counties 2
Barnetby Silver Band North of England 43
Barnoldswick Band North West 13
Barnoldswick Model North West 14
Barnoldswick Prize Band North West 60
Barnsley Yorkshire 1
Barnsley Borough Yorkshire 54
Barnsley Brass Yorkshire 352
Barnsley Chronicle Band Yorkshire 21
Barnsley Corporation Yorkshire 8
Barnsley Metropolitan Band Yorkshire 47
Barnsley Model Yorkshire 11
Barnsley Music Centre Yorkshire 44
Barnsley Primary Brass Yorkshire 1
Barnsley Temperance Yorkshire 5
Barnsley Volunteers Yorkshire 41
Barnton Silver Band North West 88
Barnyard Castle (Scratch) Great Britain 5
Barossa Junior Brass Australia 1
Barossa Valley Juniors Australia 5
Barrack St. (Cork) Republic of Ireland 2
Barrack Street Waterford Republic of Ireland 3
Barrenjoey High School (NSW) Australia 2
Barrett's Band London and Southern Counties 1
Barrhead Burgh Scotland 151
Barrier Industrial Union Juniors -- Broken Hill Australia 1
Barrier Industrial Unions' Band Australia 59
Barrington North of England 75
Barrow Amateur North West 1
Barrow Borough North West 5
Barrow Britannia Midlands 5
Barrow Cemetery Cottages Mission North of England 1
Barrow Colliery Yorkshire 5
Barrow Colliery Junior Yorkshire 0
Barrow Concert North of England 121
Barrow Concert Youth North of England 2
Barrow Hill and Staveley Works Junior Midlands 7
Barrow Hill Good Templars Midlands 10
Barrow Hill Silver Midlands 1
Barrow Hill Temperance Midlands 25
Barrow L.M.S. Works North West 1
Barrow Labour North of England 3
Barrow Rifle North West 1
Barrow Shipyard Band North of England 263
Barrow Steelworks Band North of England 81
Barrow Wesleyan North West 2
Barrow Wire and Steelworks Union Band North West 1
Barrowby Midlands 2
Barrowfield Spinning Company Scotland 1
Barrowford North West 4
Barrow-in-Furness Youth Club North of England 8
Barrow-on-Soar Midlands 2
Barry Brass Band Wales 0
Barry Conservative Wales 1
Barry Dockers Wales 5
Barry R.A.O.B Wales 2
Barry Red Cross Wales 6
Barry Silver Wales 28
Barry United Veterans Wales 5
Barry, Ostlere & Shepherd Scotland 121
Bartley Green Midlands 7
Barton Community Band North of England 14
Barton Cycle Works North of England 54
Barton Excelsior North of England 10
Barton Hall Works Band North West 24
Barton Model North of England 1
Barton Subscription Yorkshire 3
Barton Town Band North of England 110
Barton United Brass Band North of England 1
Barton-on-Humber Ropery North of England 4
Barton's (Preston) North West 9
Barum Silver West of England 3
Basford British Legion Midlands 1
Basford Hall Colliery Welfare Midlands 16
Basingstoke Area Schools London and Southern Counties 3
Basingstoke B.L. London and Southern Counties 1
Basingstoke Silver Band West of England 34
Baskerville Midlands 5
Bass Museum Burton Brass Midlands 5
Bassaleg School Wales 7
Batchelors' Brothers Saxe-Horn Band Wales 1
Bates Brass Midlands 1
Bath Railway West of England 1
Bathgate Band Scotland 250
Bathgate Rifle Volunteer Scotland 1
Bathgate Youth Band Scotland 10
Bathurst City Australia 1
Bathurst City & R S L Concert Australia 4
Bathurst District Australia 22
Bathurst District R S L Australia 3
Bathurst Military Australia 2
Bathurst Model Australia 2
Bathurst R S L Concert Australia 5
Bathurst R S L Youth Australia 1
Batley Carr Yorkshire 1
Batley Grammar School Yorkshire 5
Batley Old Yorkshire 381
Batley Victoria Temperance Yorkshire 38
Battersea Borough London and Southern Counties 29
Battersea Grammar School London and Southern Counties 1
Battersea Temperance London and Southern Counties 6
Battersea Tent Mission London and Southern Counties 8
Battle Town London and Southern Counties 38
Baughurst Temperance West of England 5
Baulkham Hills High School Concert Australia 8
Baulkham Hills High School Symphonic Wind Ensemble Australia 0
Bauple Town Australia 9
Bawn Junior Band Northern Ireland 0
Bawn Silver Band Northern Ireland 4
Baxendale's Works North West 68
Baxterley Midlands 2
Bay Brass West of England 1
BBO-Week 2012 A-Band Switzerland 1
BCE St. Marys Brass Midlands 2
BD1 Brass Yorkshire 55
Beacon Hill High School Australia 1
Beacon Silver Band Midlands 0
Beaconsfield Brass Band Australia 3
Beaminster Brass West of England 29
Beamish North of England 31
Beamish and East Tanfield North of England 4
Beamish Brass North of England 1
Beamish Colliery North of England 4
Beanfield School Training London and Southern Counties 3
Beardmore's Works Scotland 2
Bearpark and Esh Colliery North of England 218
Bearpark Colliery North of England 24
Bearpark United North of England 1
Beatrix Brass Netherlands 0
Beaudesert Town Australia 4
Beaufort Municipal Band Australia 28
Beaufort Municipal Juniors Australia 2
Beaufort Rational Wales 4
Beaumaris 'B' Band Wales 36
Beaumaris Band Wales 0
Beaumaris Intermediate Wales 8
Beaumaris Youth Wales 0
Beaumont Road Primary School (Killara) Australia 1
Bebside Temperance North of England 3
Beckbury Boys Midlands 2
Beckbury Brass Midlands 3
Beckenham Town London and Southern Counties 1
Beckton Works London and Southern Counties 1
Becontree Brass London and Southern Counties 74
Becontree British Legion London and Southern Counties 2
Becontree Silver London and Southern Counties 1
Bedale North of England 1
Bedale Brass Band North of England 5
Bedale Evening Institute North of England 4
Beddau & District Wales 5
Beddgelert Wales 1
Bedford (Leigh) Band North West 197
Bedford Brass London and Southern Counties 1
Bedford Congress Hall Band London and Southern Counties 0
Bedford Promenade London and Southern Counties 1
Bedford Reformatory London and Southern Counties 1
Bedford Town Band London and Southern Counties 236
Bedford Town Junior London and Southern Counties 2
Bedford Trades Midlands 58
Bedford Wesleyan Midlands 1
Bedfordshire County Youth London and Southern Counties 2
Bedlington Dr Pit Workmens Band North of England 76
Bedlington Iron Works North of England 1
Bedlington Senior Band North of England 3
Bedlinog Wales 13
Bedminster Silver West of England 9
Bedroom Brass Great Britain 1
Bedwas and District Wales 3
Bedworth Brass Midlands 239
Bedworth Silver Prize Band Midlands 116
Bedworth Town Midlands 5
Beechingstoke West of England 1
Beenham Brass Band London and Southern Counties 10
Beenleigh Brass Band Australia 6
Beenleigh District Citizens (Qld) Australia 32
Beeston Excelsior Midlands 12
Beeston Humber Midlands 15
Beeston Lads Club Midlands 1
Beeston Town Silver Midlands 11
Bega Town Australia 3
Beginners Band Oberseetal Switzerland 1
Beginnersband Band Nebikon-Altishofen-Schötz Switzerland 3
Beginnersband Entlebuch Switzerland 3
Beginnersband Jugendmusik Surental Switzerland 4
Beighton Excelsior Yorkshire 8
Beijing Wisemann Brass Band China 0
Beith Scotland 19
Belconnen High School (ACT) Australia 2
Belconnen Musicians Concert (ACT) Australia 6
Belfast Central Christian Volunteers Northern Ireland 1
Belfast Temperance Northern Ireland 2
Belfast Temple Band Northern Ireland 0
Belfield Silver North West 7
Belgravia Australia 0
Bell Busk Yorkshire 1
Bell Inn Brass Band (Cleobury Mortimer) Midlands 6
Bella Bella Canada 1
Bellambi Town Australia 2
Bellbird Brass Australia 4
Belle City Brassworks Brass Band United States of America 0
Belle Vue Brass North West 111
Belleisle Northern Ireland 1
Bellingen Town Australia 3
Bellshill & District Concert Brass Scotland 133
Bellshill and Mossend R.C Scotland 2
Bellshill Band of the Salvation Army Scotland 0
Bellshill Silver Scotland 5
Bellshill Town Scotland 18
Bellshill Union Scotland 12
Belmont Congregational North West 0
Belmont Grange North of England 1
Belmont Public North West 50
Belmore Senior Cadets Australia 2
Belper Band Midlands 57
Belper Baptist Midlands 2
Belvedere London and Southern Counties 2
Benalla Mechanics Australia 2
Benalla Rose City Band Australia 7
Bendigo & District Concert (Vic) Australia 3
Bendigo Boys & Citizens Australia 1
Bendigo Colleges Symphonic (Vic) Australia 4
Bendigo Concert Youth Brass Australia 5
Bendigo United Brass Australia 1
Bendigo Youth Brass Australia 7
Benevolent Society of House Painters Republic of Ireland 1
Benfield Brass Band United States of America 0
Benthall Midlands 1
Bentham North of England 15
Bentinck Colliery Midlands 11
Bentley Brass London and Southern Counties 1
Bentley Colliery Yorkshire 132
Benwell and District North of England 5
Benwhat Silver Scotland 34
Benwhat Youth Scotland 1
Berga Brass Band Sweden 8
Bergen Brass Band Norway 61
Bergen Politiorkester Norway 3
Berkhamsted & Boxmoor London and Southern Counties 95
Berkhamsted Excelsior London and Southern Counties 13
Berkhamsted St. Peter's London and Southern Counties 24
Berkhamsted Volunteers London and Southern Counties 10
Berks Bucks & Oxon T. & A.V.R. (R.C.T.) London and Southern Counties 2
Berkshire County Youth London and Southern Counties 5
Berkshire Maestros Youth London and Southern Counties 2
Berlin Concert Brass Germany 8
Bermondsey Silver London and Southern Counties 9
Berri District Australia 9
Berry Brow Yorkshire 9
Berry Hill Silver West of England 184
Berry Hill Temperance West of England 0
Bersted and Bognor London and Southern Counties 3
Bertnes Brass Norway 8
Berwick and Donhead Silver West of England 6
Berwick St. John West of England 34
Bescot L.M.S. Midlands 51
Besses Boys Band North West 455
Besses o' th' Barn North West 706
Besses o' th' Barn Congregational North West 4
Besses o th Barn Junior North West 5
Bestwood Colliery Midlands 48
Bestwood Welfare Black Diamonds Band Midlands 277
Bestwood Welfare Black Diamonds Juniors Midlands 6
Beswick Prize North West 62
Bethany Temperance Band Wales 10
Bethel Silver (Macclesfield) North West 14
Bethesda Wales 7
Bethnal Green Industrial School London and Southern Counties 2
Bethnal Green Silver London and Southern Counties 51
Betlehem Musikkorps Norway 5
Betlehemskyrkans Musikkår Sweden 26
Betlehemskyrkans Musikkår Göteborg Sweden 2
Betteshanger Brass Band London and Southern Counties 196
Bettws Wales 2
Beulah Brass Band Wales 0
Beverley Borough North of England 15
Beverley Brass North of England 45
Beverley Silver Band North of England 0
Beverley United Yorkshire 3
Bexhill Town London and Southern Counties 8
Bexley District (NSW) Australia 47
Bexley District Juniors Australia 1
Bexley Heath Brass London and Southern Counties 3
Bexley Heath Temperance London and Southern Counties 3
Bexley Heath United London and Southern Counties 22
Bexley Municipal Boys Australia 4
Beyton Evening Centre London and Southern Counties 1
BGF Chriesiland Switzerland 2
BHK (UK) Horden Band North of England 249
Bicester British Legion London and Southern Counties 2
Bicester Excelsior Brass Band London and Southern Counties 0
Bickershaw North West 3
Bickershaw Colliery North West 92
Bickerstaffe North West 1
Biddulph Midlands 87
Biddulph Moor Midlands 7
Biddulph Valley Ironworks Midlands 4
Bideford Rifles West of England 1
Bideford Town Band West of England 176
Bideford Town Youth West of England 15
Big Breath Brass Band (B4) Germany 6
Biggleswade Town London and Southern Counties 16
Bigset Skulekorps Norway 1
Billericay Brotherhood London and Southern Counties 4
Billericay Silver London and Southern Counties 8
Billingham Silver Band North of England 123
Billingshurst London and Southern Counties 22
Billtown Brass United States of America 0
Bilsdale Silver Band North of England 14
Bilston Albert Edward Maine Law Midlands 1
Bilston Band Midlands 19
Bilston Newton or Catholic Midlands 2
Bilston Operatic and Quadrille Midlands 1
Bilston Wesley Midlands 1
Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band Midlands 180
Bilton Silver (Rugby) Training Midlands 10
Binchester North of England 2
Binchester and Whitworth North of England 1
Bingham Town Midlands 11
Bingley Mission Yorkshire 3
Bingley Volunteer Rifle Corps Yorkshire 2
Birch Mills North West 25
Birchgrove and District Wales 2
Birchington Silver Band London and Southern Counties 27
Birchover Midlands 6
Birchover United Midlands 1
Birchwood Ambulance Midlands 2
Bircotes Yorkshire 1
Birdwell Brass Yorkshire 21
Birfield Industries Works Midlands 10
Birkenhead Borough North West 43
Birkenhead Corporation Transport North West 20
Birkenhead Excelsior North West 2
Birkenhead L. and N.W North West 6
Birkenhead Mission North West 2
Birkenhead Municipal New Zealand 1
Birkenhead Shore Road North West 19
Birkenhead Subscription North West 2
Birkenhead Town North West 5
Birkenshaw Yorkshire 14
Birkwood Brass Band Yorkshire 3
Birmingham Citadel Band Midlands 0
Birmingham City Midlands 59
Birmingham Conservatoire Band Midlands 72
Birmingham Juvenile Midlands 1
Birmingham Saxhorn Band Midlands 1
Birmingham Schools Brass Midlands 18
Birmingham Tradesmen Midlands 1
Birmingham Water Works Midlands 1
Birnieknowe Scotland 10
Birrong Girls High School Australia 2
Birstall Old Yorkshire 99
Birtley Alpha North of England 2
Birtley League of the Cross North of England 61
Birtley Ouston 'E' Pit North of England 11
Birtley R.O.F North of England 1
Birtley Sobriety North of England 1
Birtley St. Joseph North of England 41
Birtley Temperance North of England 19
Birtley Town North of England 69
Bishop Auckland Volunteers North of England 6
Bishop Stopford School Midlands 1
Bishops Itchington Imperial Band Midlands 0
Bishop's Stortford London and Southern Counties 35
Bishop's Stortford Town London and Southern Counties 7
Bishops Stortford Youth London and Southern Counties 3
Bishopstone London and Southern Counties 8
Bishopwearmouth Amateur North of England 1
Bishopwearmouth Operatic North of England 2
Bisley Farm School London and Southern Counties 6
Bispham Parish Church North West 2
Bitterne West End West of England 0
Bitton Mission West of England 1
Bjørklund Musikklag Norway 4
Bjørsvik Brass Norway 32
Bjørvika Brass Norway 9
Blaast de Bazuin Oude-Nieuwebildtdijk Netherlands 20
Blaast de Bazuin Surhuisterveen Netherlands 14
Black Boy Colliery Company North of England 2
Black Country Brass Midlands 87
Black Country Brass Band Midlands 36
Black Dyke Band Yorkshire 879
Black Dyke Mills Junior Yorkshire 157
Black Rock (Llanelly) Wales 1
Black Rock Band West of England 3
Blackall Municipal Australia 9
Blackbraes Scotland 28
Blackburn & Darwen 'B' North West 44
Blackburn All Saints North West 2
Blackburn and Darwen Band North West 458
Blackburn Artillery North West 4
Blackburn Borough North West 11
Blackburn British Legion North West 1
Blackburn Coronation North West 23
Blackburn High School Australia 1
Blackburn Old North West 18
Blackburn Public North West 18
Blackburn Ragged School North West 0
Blackburn Temperance North West 15
Blackburn Town North West 32
Blackburn Valley Brass Yorkshire 54
Blackburn's Steel Works Band North West 36
Blackbutt Town Australia 4
Black-Forest Brass Band Altensteig Germany 0
Blackfriars Working Men's Mission London and Southern Counties 1
Blackhall Colliery North of England 190
Blackhall Youth Brass Band North of England 0
Blackheath Midlands 29
Blackheath Prince of Wales Midlands 2
Blackhill St. Mary's North of England 2
Blackhill Temperance North of England 3
Blackley Band North West 301
Blackminster School (Evesham) West of England 1
Blackpool Ambulance North West 5
Blackpool Artillery North West 2
Blackpool Associated Works North West 6
Blackpool Brass North West 285
Blackpool Brass Junior Band North West 1
Blackpool British Legion North West 1
Blackpool Central Club North West 1
Blackpool Citadel Senior Band North West 0
Blackpool County Borough AFS North West 4
Blackpool Excelsior North West 22
Blackpool Lifeboat North West 8
Blackpool Silver North West 6
Blackpool South Shore Subscription North West 7
Blackpool Special Constabulary North West 6
Blackpool Temperance North West 2
Blackpool Youth Silver North West 3
Blackrod Public North West 85
Black's Point Band -- Reefton New Zealand 1
Blackstone Miners Australia 4
Blacktown City Band Australia 61
Blacktown City Juniors Australia 8
Blacktown Imperials Australia 1
Blaenau Festiniog Wales 2
Blaenau Gwent Music Centre Wales 1
Blaenavon Concert Band Wales 103
Blaenavon Concert Youth Wales 6
Blaenavon Juniors Wales 28
Blaenavon Templars Wales 39
Blaenavon Town Band Wales 287
Blaengarw Wales 71
Blaengwynfi Colliery Wales 1
Blaengwynfi Junior Wales 1
Blaenrhondda Wales 2
Blaina & District Wales 254
Blaina & District Youth Wales 16
Blaina Temperance Wales 0
Blair and Co. (Stockton) North of England 30
Blairgowrie and Rattray Scotland 13
Blakeney and District West of England 1
Blakenhall Heath Midlands 9
Blakesley Midlands 25
Blanchardstown Brass Band Republic of Ireland 1
Blandford Band West of England 10
Blantyre Public Scotland 19
Blantyre Silver Scotland 3
Blaukreuzmusik Basel Switzerland 1
Blaukreuzmusik Bern Switzerland 3
Blaukreuzmusik Genéve (Genf) Switzerland 1
Blaukreuzmusik Herisau Switzerland 5
Blaukreuzmusik Känerkinden Switzerland 3
Blaukreuzmusik La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland 1
Blaukreuzmusik Les Ponts-deMartel Switzerland 1
Blaukreuzmusik Neuchâtel Switzerland 1
Blaukreuzmusik Steffisburg Switzerland 1
Blaukreuzmusik Winterthur Switzerland 2
Blaukreuzmusik Worblental Switzerland 1
Blaukreuzmusik Zürich Switzerland 0
Blendworth Brass Band West of England 11
Blenheim Club London and Southern Counties 1
Bletchington Silver Band London and Southern Counties 147
Bletchley London and Southern Counties 22
Bletchley Station London and Southern Counties 6
Blewbury Brass Band London and Southern Counties 0
Blewbury Youth Brass London and Southern Counties 1
Blidworth Welfare Band Midlands 368
Blockley Brass Band West of England 1
Blofield and District London and Southern Counties 3
Bloomfield Amateur Silver Band Northern Ireland 24
Bloomington Brass Band United States of America 3
Bloomington Brass Band [19th C] United States of America 1
Bloomsbury Institution Mission Midlands 7
Bloxham Band London and Southern Counties 2
Bloxham Brass Band London and Southern Counties 0
Bloxham Church Band London and Southern Counties 0
Bloxwich Imperial Midlands 12
Blue Coat School Oldham North West 1
Blue Mountains City Band Australia 85
Blue Mountains City Juniors Australia 12
Bluff Naval New Zealand 7
Blundell, Spence and Co. North of England 1
Blunham London and Southern Counties 1
Blurton Junior High Midlands 3
Blyth & Cowpen North of England 11
Blyth & District North of England 4
Blyth Artillery Volunteers (Cowpen) North of England 12
Blyth British Legion North of England 0
Blyth LNER North of England 61
Blæseorkestret Søndermarken Denmark 1
BML Talents Switzerland 69
BMP (Europe) Goodshaw Band North West 645
Boarshurst 'B' North West 127
Boarshurst Intermediate North West 0
Boarshurst Silver Band North West 889
Boarshurst Youth Band North West 79
BOC Great Britain 4
Bodmin Town Band West of England 297
Bodmin Town Youth West of England 24
Bodmin Training West of England 1
Bodø Harmonimusikk Norway 0
Bogafjell Skolekorps Norway 2
Boherbuoy Brass and Reed Band Republic of Ireland 1
Bokn Skulekorps Norway 2
Bold Miners Welfare Band North West 47
Boldon Colliery Band North of England 268
Bollington Brass North West 233
Bolsover Colliery Midlands 86
Boltby Yorkshire 1
Bolton (Hoover) Band North West 473
Bolton Beginners Brass Band North West 1
Bolton Citadel Band North West 0
Bolton Concertina North West 2
Bolton Intermediate North West 1
Bolton Junior Brass Band North West 3
Bolton Public North West 17
Bolton St. Mary's North West 14
Bolton Temperance North West 32
Bolton United North West 0
Bolton Youth North West 36
Bon Accord Brass Band Scotland 1
Bon-Accord Silver B Band Scotland 93
Bon-Accord Silver Band Scotland 155
Bonchester Brass Scotland 0
Bondi Brass Australia 32
Bo'ness 2nd Linlithgow R.V. Reed Band Scotland 2
Bo'ness and Carriden Band Scotland 374
Bo'ness and Carriden Junior Band Scotland 3
Bonnybridge & District Scotland 136
Bonnyrigg and District Scotland 8
Bonnyrigg and Lasswade Brass Scotland 0
Boobs & Brass Great Britain 49
Boobs and Brass Yorkshire Yorkshire 1
Boobs 'n' Brass (2) Great Britain 3
Boonah Town Australia 10
Boosbeck North of England 1
Boothfold North West 54
Bootle Borough North West 7
Boots Plaisaunce Midlands 18
Border Regiment Association North of England 5
Borderbrass Belgium 1
Bordertown Band Australia 1
Borehamwood Brass London and Southern Counties 21
Borge Brass Band Norway 25
Borgen Skolekorps Norway 1
B-orkest Juliana Uitwijk Netherlands 1
B-orkest Oefening en Uitspanning Netherlands 4
Boro Brass North West 5
Boroondara Brass Australia 77
Boroondara Harmony Brass Australia 51
Boroondara Youth Brass Australia 6
Borossa Valley Boys Australia 1
Borough of Reigate London and Southern Counties 5
Boroughbridge British Legion Yorkshire 10
Bors Brass Band Sweden 13
Bors Minibrass Sweden 10
Bors Youth Brass Band Sweden 7
Borup Brass Band Denmark 1
Borås Brass Band Sweden 10
Boscastle Silver West of England 13
Boscombe Band of the Salvation Army West of England 0
Boscombe Silver West of England 33
Boscombe Temperance West of England 6
Bostock Band North West 0
Boston Midlands 2
Boston Borough Midlands 10
Boston Excelsior Midlands 2
Boston P.S.A Midlands 3
Botanic Silver Band Northern Ireland 10
Botany District Australia 2
Botany District Concert (NSW) Australia 2
Botany Municipal Australia 7
Boughton Band Great Britain 1
Boulder City Band Australia 6
Bourke District Band Australia 3
Bourke Shire Australia 2
Bourne Street Scouts London and Southern Counties 3
Bournemouth Concert [military band] West of England 3
Bournemouth Concert Brass West of England 222
Bournemouth N.F.S. London and Southern Counties 1
Bournemouth Postmen's London and Southern Counties 1
Bournemouth Silver Band West of England 4
Bournemouth St. John's Ambulance West of England 3
Bournemouth Summerbee Youth London and Southern Counties 1
Bournemouth Y.M.C.A West of England 5
Bournville Silver Midlands 50
Bourton [Dorset] West of England 28
Bourton-on-the-Water West of England 0
Bovey Tracey West of England 13
Bow Bridge Brass Band (Leicester) Midlands 2
Bowden Close North of England 1
Bowen Municipal Band Australia 13
Bowes North of England 2
Bowhill Colliery and District Silver Band Scotland 127
Bowhill Juvenile Scotland 1
Bowling Yorkshire 13
Bowling Iron Works Yorkshire 2
Box Hill Academy of Brass Australia 2
Box Hill City Band Australia 85
Box Hill District (Vic) Australia 1
Box Hill Salvation Army Band Australia 0
Boxmoor Oxford Club London and Southern Counties 1
Boxmoor Silver Band London and Southern Counties 49
Boxted Methodist Silver London and Southern Counties 23
Boy's Brigade (66th London) Co. London and Southern Counties 1
Boys' Brigade Central Brass Band London and Southern Counties 0
Boys Town Engadine Australia 11
Bozeat Brass Midlands 4
Brackley and District Band Midlands 275
Brackley Borough Midlands 37
Brackley Juniors Midlands 5
Brackley Town Midlands 17
Bracknell Brass London and Southern Counties 9
Bradbury Boys School North West 1
Bradeley & Smallthorne Midlands 1
Bradford (Manchester) Free Church North West 65
Bradford Alpaca Yorkshire 2
Bradford Beswick and Ardwick North West 3
Bradford Boys' Brass Yorkshire 14
Bradford City Yorkshire 177
Bradford City Mission Yorkshire 8
Bradford Clarion Yorkshire 1
Bradford Juvenile Yorkshire 2
Bradford Minster North West 0
Bradford Operatic Yorkshire 2
Bradford Postmen Yorkshire 26
Bradford Prize North West 24
Bradford Railway Foundry Yorkshire 4
Bradford St. Mary's Yorkshire 2
Bradford Victoria Yorkshire 154
Bradford Victoria Boys Yorkshire 3
Bradford Youth Yorkshire 4
Bradford-on-Avon West of England 1
Bradgate London and Southern Counties 4
Bradley and Deighton Yorkshire 2
Bradley Brass Wales 31
Bradley Green North West 1
Bradley Shops North of England 2
Bradshaw Band North West 49
Bradwell Silver Band London and Southern Counties 119
Braes of Allen North of England 16
Braeview Academy Brass Band Scotland 1
Brailes Brass Band Midlands 0
Braintree Town London and Southern Counties 7
Bramcote Midlands 1
Bramley and District Subscription Yorkshire 12
Bramley and Stanningley Yorkshire 1
Bramley Brass Yorkshire 34
Bramley Model Yorkshire 1
Bramley Old Yorkshire 31
Bramley Temperance Yorkshire 60
Brampton & District Silver North of England 18
Brampton Ellis School Midlands 1
Brampton Rifles North of England 3
Brampton Temperance [Cumberland] North of England 8
Brampton United [Derbs] Midlands 3
Brancepeth Welfare Band North of England 374
Brandbu Skolekorps Norway 19
Brandesburton and Leven Yorkshire 1
Brandon Colliery North of England 224
Branksome & Parkstone West of England 24
Branksome Town West of England 5
Brantham Xylonite Works London and Southern Counties 16
Brass a Musica Belgium 9
Brass Band 43 Switzerland 8
Brass Band A7 Germany 15
Brass Band Abinchova Switzerland 26
Brass Band Accords France 5
Brass Band Aeolus France 20
Brass Band Ago Verzekering Netherlands 1
Brass Band Allianzmusik Basel Switzerland 6
Brass Band at Indiana University United States of America 3
Brass Band Atout Vent France 22
Brass Band Aukštyn Lithuania 18
Brass Band Avenir Grimisuat-Champlan Switzerland 0
Brass Band B10 Germany 7
Brass Band Bamberg Germany 4
Brass Band Berlin Germany 0
Brass Band Berner Oberland Switzerland 124
Brass Band Berner Oberland Junior Switzerland 50
Brass Band Bienne Switzerland 13
Brass Band Bienne Junior Switzerland 3
Brass Band Blechklang Jena Germany 10
Brass Band Bois-d'Amont Switzerland 2
Brass Band BorGiAq France 2
Brass Band Brassage France 18
Brass Band Bratislava Slovakia 2
Brass Band Bravoer Belgium 2
Brass Band Breitenbach Switzerland 42
Brass Band Brienzersee Switzerland 1
Brass Band Camellia Japan 0
Brass Band Campine Belgium 10
Brass Band Cazis Switzerland 36
Brass Band Chemnitz Germany 1
Brass Band Collys Japan 0
Brass Band Concordia de Lesquin France 6
Brass Band Connection (CVJM) Germany 0
Brass Band Conservatoire d'Esch Luxembourg 7
Brass Band Conservatoria 'Niccolò Piccinni' di Musica Bari Italy 1
Brass Band Cordula Baden Switzerland 3
Brass Band Corgémont Switzerland 0
Brass Band Côtes et Cuivres France 3
Brass Band Da Capo Denmark 15
Brass Band de Champagne France 3
Brass Band de Champs sur Marne France 5
Brass Band de Charente France 1
Brass Band de Douai France 10
Brass Band de Haute Bretagne France 1
Brass Band de la Côte Picarde France 4
Brass Band de La Gorgue France 5
Brass Band de la Verrerie de St-Prex Switzerland 4
Brass Band de la Vienne France 6
Brass Band de l'Artois France 1
Brass Band de l'ecole Nationale de Musique Blois France 1
Brass Band De Lofklank Netherlands 35
Brass Band de l'Oise France 3
Brass Band de Lyon France 5
Brass Band de Remiremont France 0
Brass Band de Roncq France 3
Brass Band de Saint-Jean d'Aulps France 1
Brass Band de Thudinie Belgium 14
Brass Band de Toulouse France 6
Brass Band de Villers Cotterêts France 1
Brass Band De Wâldsang Netherlands 84
Brass Band del Ecuador Ecuador 0
Brass Band Départemental de L'Aisne France 0
Brass Band der Musikschule Hochsauerlandkreis Germany 1
Brass Band des Franches-Montagnes Switzerland 3
Brass Band des Gones France 2
Brass Band des Hautes-Vosges France 0
Brass Band des Hauts de Flandres France 6
Brass Band des Pays de la Loire France 9
Brass Band des Savoie France 4
Brass Band du Dauphiné France 1
Brass Band du Grand Chalon France 1
Brass Band du Hainaut France 5
Brass Band du Laonnois France 1
Brass Band du Pays Bourgueillois (France) France 2
Brass Band du Rhône France 1
Brass Band du Saut-du-Doubs France 0
Brass Band du Val de Saône France 0
Brass Band Düren Germany 15
Brass Band Echo du Chêne Aubonne Switzerland 9
Brass Band Eglisau Switzerland 64
Brass Band Emmental Switzerland 60
Brass Band en Seine France 6
Brass Band Erlen Switzerland 16
Brass Band Erschwil Switzerland 18
Brass Band Eschlikon Switzerland 3
Brass Band Excelsior Ferwert Netherlands 36
Brass Band Excelsior Veenwoudsterwal Netherlands 23
Brass Band Faroe Islands Faroe Islands 1
Brass Band Feldmusik Escholzmatt Switzerland 45
Brass Band Feldmusik Marbach Switzerland 24
Brass Band Feldmusik Winikon Switzerland 23
Brass Band Feldmusik Zell Switzerland 35
Brass Band Fellows Japan 0
Brass Band FM Nottwil Switzerland 31
Brass Band FM Richenthal Switzerland 6
Brass Band Frankfurt Germany 0
Brass Band Frener-Reifer Pfeffersberg Italy 4
Brass Band Frenkendorf Switzerland 21
Brass Band Fribourg Switzerland 65
Brass Band Fribourg B Switzerland 23
Brass Band Fricktal Switzerland 43
Brass Band Frohsinn Grosswangen Switzerland 45
Brass Band Frohsinn Laupersdorf Switzerland 39
Brass Band Frohsinn Schötz Switzerland 10
Brass Band Frutigen Switzerland 42
Brass Band Fröschl Hall Austria 15
Brass Band Gelderland Netherlands 2
Brass Band Geneve Switzerland 0
Brass Band Gent Belgium 24
Brass Band Grand Est France 0
Brass Band Graubünden Switzerland 4
Brass Band Grischun Central Switzerland 3
Brass Band Gurtnellen Switzerland 3
Brass Band Gürbetal Switzerland 28
Brass Band Hallau Switzerland 2
Brass Band Harmonie Neuenkirch Switzerland 55
Brass Band Harmonie Neuenkirch B Switzerland 3
Brass Band Harmonie Rickenbach Switzerland 57
Brass Band Harmonie Saanen Switzerland 38
Brass Band HBB Japan 0
Brass Band Heist Belgium 36
Brass Band Hemberg Switzerland 16
Brass Band Hessen Germany 0
Brass Band Hohenlohe Germany 0
Brass Band Hope & Glory Switzerland 0
Brass Band Ibach Switzerland 10
Brass Band Imperial Lenzburg Switzerland 70
Brass Band Imperial Lenzburg B Switzerland 36
Brass Band Innerschweiz Switzerland 0
Brass Band Junior du CRR de Tours France 14
Brass Band Junior Du Pays Bourgeillois France 1
Brass Band Junior Valaisan Switzerland 28
Brass Band Junior Vaudois Switzerland 3
Brass Band Kappel Switzerland 20
Brass Band Kids Frohsinn Laupersdorf Switzerland 3
Brass Band Kirchenmusik Flühli Switzerland 105
Brass Band KM Wiggen Switzerland 20
Brass Band Konkordia Büsserach Switzerland 34
Brass Band Konkordia Zwingen Switzerland 16
Brass Band La Campagnarde Lugnorre Switzerland 7
Brass Band L'Avenir Lignières Switzerland 43
Brass Band L'Avenir Lignières B Switzerland 6
Brass Band Leieland Belgium 34
Brass Band Léman Mont-Blanc France 0
Brass Band Lembeek Belgium 5
Brass Band Les Coniques France 3
Brass Band Limburg Netherlands 38
Brass Band Loire Forez France 11
Brass Band Lorient Bretagne Sud (3BS) France 3
Brass Band Luzern Land Switzerland 19
Brass Band Lützelflüh-Goldbach Switzerland 8
Brass Band Lötschental Switzerland 6
Brass Band Macambeaulero France 0
Brass Band Matzendorf Switzerland 50
Brass Band Maur Switzerland 4
Brass Band Méditerranée France 0
Brass Band Meltingen Switzerland 24
Brass Band Mennonite Jeangui Switzerland 2
Brass Band Merum Netherlands 31
Brass Band MG Dagmersellen Switzerland 43
Brass Band MG Egolzwil Switzerland 32
Brass Band MG Greppen Switzerland 5
Brass Band MG Reiden Switzerland 80
Brass Band MG Rickenbach Switzerland 75
Brass Band MG Schwarzenberg Switzerland 33
Brass Band MG Willerzell Switzerland 6
Brass Band Midden-Brabant Belgium 30
Brass Band Mittelhäusern Switzerland 16
Brass Band Musica da Trin Switzerland 2
Brass Band Musicalis Algrange France 5
Brass Band Musig Hittnau Switzerland 16
Brass Band Musikgesellschaft Füllinsdorf Switzerland 15
Brass Band Musikgesellschaft Hasle Switzerland 35
Brass Band Musikgesellschaft Root Switzerland 38
Brass Band Mühledorf Switzerland 6
Brass Band München Germany 8
Brass Band Nord (Germany) Germany 3
Brass Band Normandie France 17
Brass Band Northwest United States of America 0
Brass Band Oberschwaben-Allgäu Germany 16
Brass Band Oberösterreich Austria 24
Brass Band Occitania France 3
Brass Band Océane France 6
Brass Band of Battle Creek United States of America 0
Brass Band of Central England Midlands 357
Brass Band of Central Florida United States of America 31
Brass Band of Columbus United States of America 28
Brass Band of Fresno United States of America 0
Brass Band of Huntsville United States of America 6
Brass Band of Minot United States of America 1
Brass Band of Nashville United States of America 0
Brass Band of Northern Virginia United States of America 2
Brass Band of the Potomac United States of America 4
Brass Band of the Tri-State United States of America 13
Brass Band of the Western Reserve United States of America 9
Brass Band Posaunenchor Arni-Worb Switzerland 0
Brass Band Posaunenchor Flaach Switzerland 25
Brass Band Posaunenchor Lützelflüh-Grünenmatt Switzerland 7
Brass Band Posaunenchor Marthalen Switzerland 4
Brass Band Posaunenchor Neftenbach Switzerland 0
Brass Band Posaunenchor Rorbas-Freienstein-Teufen Switzerland 4
Brass Band Posaunenchor Wädenswil Switzerland 0
Brass Band Potzblech Germany 4
Brass Band Pro Rege A Netherlands 33
Brass Band Pro Rege B Netherlands 8
Brass Band Prättigau Switzerland 3
Brass Band Railstar Basel Switzerland 0
Brass Band Rapperswil-Wierezwil Switzerland 48
Brass Band Ratia Switzerland 1
Brass Band Regensburg Germany 17
Brass Band Remmangalen Lithuania 2
Brass Band Rhodan Switzerland 11
Brass Band Rhodan B Switzerland 4
Brass Band Riga Latvia 0
Brass Band Rijnmond Netherlands 63
Brass Band Rottal Switzerland 2
Brass Band Rotterdam Netherlands 1
Brass Band Sachsen Germany 9
Brass Band Sagona France 3
Brass Band 'Saulute' Lithuania 3
Brass Band Schoonhoven Netherlands 62
Brass Band Schüpfen Switzerland 28
Brass Band Schötz Switzerland 33
Brass Band Seetal Switzerland 2
Brass Band Seewen Switzerland 16
Brass Band Senjorai Lithuania 4
Brass Band Slovenija Slovenia 0
Brass Band Solothurn Switzerland 44
Brass Band South Section Germany 0
Brass Band St. Rochus Netherlands 0
Brass Band St. Wolfgang Germany 2
Brass Band Strengelbach-Mühletal Switzerland 8
Brass Band Terpsichore Belgium 10
Brass Band The Tubes Switzerland 0
Brass Band Thurgau Switzerland 3
Brass Band Tirol Austria 1
Brass Band Treize Etoiles Switzerland 114
Brass Band Treize Etoiles B Switzerland 32
Brass Band TSB Japan 0
Brass Band Uffikon-Buchs Switzerland 4
Brass Band United Netherlands 0
Brass Band Uri Switzerland 23
Brass Band Val de Loire France 5
Brass Band Val Terbi Switzerland 1
Brass Band WBI Germany 1
Brass Band Werthenstein-Schachen Switzerland 11
Brass Band Westfalen Germany 9
Brass Band Willebroek Belgium 92
Brass Band Winterthur Switzerland 1
Brass Band Wipptal Italy 7
Brass Band Wolfwil Switzerland 29
Brass Band Überetsch Italy 5
Brass Band Zuzgen Switzerland 10
Brass Band Zürich Switzerland 14
Brass Bandage Great Britain 3
Brass Central Strathearn Scotland 3
Brass Central Strathearn Development Scotland 2
Brass Creation Switzerland 5
Brass Ensemble de Bazuin Vlaardingen Netherlands 0
Brass Ensemble Flühli-Sörenberg Switzerland 1
Brass Ensemble La Tanne Switzerland 1
Brass Ensemble La Tanne Tavannes Switzerland 2
Brass Express Nagoya Japan 0
Brass Family Band Italy 2
Brass for Spass Germany 2
Brass In Germany 2
Brass Kids Gondiswil Switzerland 3
Brass Kids Niederamt Switzerland 6
Brass LT Lithuania 4
Brass of Praise Switzerland 0
Brass of the Saff Unknown 1
Brass Pearl France 1
Brass PÅ Dal Sweden 1
Brass Roots - Amersham Band London and Southern Counties 2
Brass Sounds Inverclyde Scotland 62
Brass Sounds Kaunas Lithuania 1
Brass Toffs Great Britain 6
Brass United North West 2
Brass Wanganui New Zealand 29
Brass Wanganui Concert New Zealand 8
Brass-85 Norway 7
Brassaventure France 4
Brassband Almere Netherlands 1
Brassband Alsemberg Belgium 2
Brassband Amersfoort Netherlands 27
Brassband Amor Musae Swifterbant Netherlands 0
Brassband Apeldoorn Netherlands 2
Brassband Bacchus Belgium 25
Brassband Bernlef Netherlands 8
Brassband Blaast de Bazuin Oudwoude Netherlands 0
Brassband Breukelen Netherlands 23
Brassband Buizingen Belgium 68
Brassband Burgipja Belgium 1
Brassband Bürgermusik Luzern Switzerland 119
Brassband Concordia Ouddorp Netherlands 0
Brassband Crescendo 's Gravenmoer Netherlands 0
Brassband Crescendo Wilp Netherlands 0
Brassband Crescendo Workum Netherlands 2
Brassband David Zwolle Netherlands 18
Brassband De Grensbewoners Smeermaas vzw Belgium 23
Brassband de Kempengalm Vlimmeren Belgium 2
Brassband de Vooruitgang Netherlands 1
Brassband De Zeeschelp Nagele Netherlands 1
Brassband Eendraght Netherlands 0
Brassband Eensgezindheid Wormer Netherlands 0
Brassband Euphonia Oppenhuizen-Uitwellingerga Netherlands 2
Brassband Euphonia Wolvega 'B' Netherlands 2
Brassband Euterpe Belgium 25
Brassband Excelsior Kloetinge Netherlands 10
Brassband Excelsior 's-Heer Arendskerke Netherlands 0
Brassband Fryslân 50 Netherlands 1
Brassband Geisweid Germany 0
Brassband Haarlem Netherlands 0
Brassband Hageland Belgium 3
Brassband Hallelujah Drachstercompagnie Netherlands 3
Brassband Hallelujah Makkum Netherlands 0
Brassband Heman Netherlands 33
Brassband Hombeek Belgium 6
Brassband 'Immanuel' Roodeschool Netherlands 1
Brassband Immanuël Uithuizermeeden Netherlands 2
Brassband Kapelle-op-den-Bos Belgium 0
Brassband Kunst en Vriendschap Meeuwen Netherlands 12
Brassband Looft den Heer Garyp Netherlands 8
Brassband Obernuntern Austria 1
Brassband Oefening & Uitspanning Netherlands 26
Brassband Opsterland Netherlands 8
Brassband Province de Liege Belgium 5
Brassband Retie Belgium 5
Brassband Reykjavíkur Iceland 8
Brassband Roosendaal Netherlands 2
Brassband Scaldis Belgium 17
Brassband Schoonhoven B Netherlands 33
Brassband Sint-Cecilia Steendorp Belgium 0
Brassband Soli Deo Gloria Buren Netherlands 2
Brassband Sonevole Belgium 4
Brassband St. Cecilia Rupelmonde Belgium 1
Brassband St. Cecilia Heffen Belgium 7
Brassband St. Gerlach Netherlands 0
Brassband St. Hubertus Netherlands 0
Brassband St. Martin Netherlands 6
Brassband UDI Oosternijkerk Netherlands 10
Brassband Valerius Netherlands 1
Brassband Venlo Netherlands 0
Brassband Warmond Netherlands 0
Brassband West-Brabant Netherlands 0
Brassband Xhoffraix Belgium 2
Brassband Zele Belgium 20
Brassband Zuid-Limburg Belgium 1
BrassBerry France 4
Brassbälger Schwarzenberg Switzerland 2
Brassed Off North West 1
Brassica Norway 1
BrassiMo Norway 2
Brassington Silver Prize Band Midlands 2
Brassinis Hildisrieden Switzerland 2
Brasskneidl - Die Puschtra Brassband Italy 2
Brassodio Bern Switzerland 1
Brassolino Musikschule Zug Switzerland 3
Brassy Sound Band Netherlands 0
Bratton Silver Band West of England 92
Bratton Silver Training West of England 1
Braz 'art Band Belgium 14
Braz'Art en Kon Belgium 0
Brea West of England 2
Breage and District Silver Band West of England 11
Bream Silver Band West of England 216
Brechin City Scotland 66
Breckland Brass Band London and Southern Counties 27
Brecknock Silver London and Southern Counties 9
Bredbury and Romiley North West 16
Brediland Concert Brass (Paisley) Scotland 6
Breeze Brass Band Japan 0
Brekke Skulemusikkorps Norway 3
Bremhill London and Southern Counties 1
Brent Brass London and Southern Counties 28
Brent Brass Youth London and Southern Counties 1
Brentford (London) London and Southern Counties 1
Brentford Nylons North of England 7
Bretforton Silver Band Midlands 68
Brezn Brass Germany 6
Brick Street Mission (Warrington) North West 1
Bridge Board Brass Band Japan 0
Bridge Croft North West 20
Bridgefoot Rechabites North of England 1
Bridgend & District Silver Wales 22
Bridgend Volunteers Wales 1
Bridgewater Street Mission North West 7
Bridgnorth & District Midlands 12
Bridgnorth and District Juniors Midlands 1
Bridgnorth Band Midlands 8
Bridgnorth Rifles Midlands 8
Bridgnorth Town Midlands 3
Bridgwater Christy's West of England 13
Bridgwater House North West 1
Bridgwater Imperial West of England 73
Bridlington Artillery North of England 2
Bridlington Borough Yorkshire 9
Bridlington Excelsior Brass Band North of England 28
Bridlington Quay North of England 2
Bridlington Rifles North of England 2
Bridlington Volunteers North of England 1
Briercliffe Prize Brass Band North West 58
Brierfield Public North West 26
Brierley Hill Rifle Corps Midlands 5
Brierley Hill Town Midlands 2
Brigadine College Alumni Australia 1
Brigg Subscription Band Midlands 29
Brigg Town Brass Band Midlands 95
Brighouse and Rastrick Band Yorkshire 945
Brighouse Borough Yorkshire 10
Brighouse Home Guard (22nd Battalion) Yorkshire 3
Brighouse Subscription Yorkshire 66
Bright Brass Storm Japan 0
Brighton & Colonel Light Municipal Australia 24
Brighton (Sussex) London and Southern Counties 2
Brighton and Hove City Brass London and Southern Counties 170
Brighton City Concert (SA) Australia 4
Brighton High School Concert (SA) Australia 6
Brighton High School Juniors Concert (SA) Australia 1
Brighton High School Training Band (SA) Australia 1
Brighton Industrial School London and Southern Counties 1
Brighton Municipal Australia 4
Brighton Railway London and Southern Counties 2
Brighton Secondary School (SA) Australia 1
Brighton Silver London and Southern Counties 2
Brighton St. John's Church Mission London and Southern Counties 2
Brighton Temperance London and Southern Counties 6
Brigidine College (St.Ives) Australia 1
Brigidine College Junior Concert Band Australia 1
Brigidine College Senior Concert Band Australia 1
Brigstock Midlands 9
Brill Band London and Southern Counties 0
Brilliante Brass South Korea 2
Brimscombe British Legion West of England 1
Brindle Band North West 264
Brinkworth Town Australia 6
Brinscall and Withnell North West 24
Brinscall Temperance North West 1
Brinsley Church Midlands 1
Brinsley Silver Midlands 10
Brio Brass United States of America 0
Brisbane (Metropolitan) Australia 9
Brisbane A N A Excelsior (Qld) Australia 0
Brisbane Advent Australia 4
Brisbane Brass Australia 80
Brisbane Brass 2 Australia 45
Brisbane Brass 3 Australia 34
Brisbane Brass 4 Australia 3
Brisbane Brass Juniors Australia 15
Brisbane Brass Juniors Australia 16
Brisbane Caledonian Australia 4
Brisbane Citizens (Qld) Australia 7
Brisbane City (15/26 Battalion) Australia 19
Brisbane City Temple Band Australia 0
Brisbane City Waterside Workers Australia 14
Brisbane College of Advanced Education Australia 4
Brisbane Concert Australia 4
Brisbane Excelsior (Australia) Australia 0
Brisbane Excelsior Band Australia 217
Brisbane Federal (Qld) Australia 18
Brisbane Hibernian (Qld) Australia 3
Brisbane Imperial Australia 6
Brisbane Imperial Royal Artillery Australia 2
Brisbane Municipal Australia 2
Brisbane Municipal Concert Australia 3
Brisbane P C Y C Australia 44
Brisbane State High School - Symphonic (Qld) Australia 3
Brisbane State High School - Wind Orchestra (QLD) Australia 1
Brisbane State High School Brass Ensemble Australia 2
Brisbane Symphonic (Qld) Australia 1
Brisbane Tramways Australia 2
Brisbane Volunteer Band Australia 1
Brisbane Water Brass Australia 14
Bristnall Hall School Midlands 3
Bristol Aeroplane Company West of England 20
Bristol Aircraft Company (Accrington Works) North West 4
Bristol and District N.U.R. West of England 36
Bristol Britannia West of England 19
Bristol East & Kingswood Band West of England 11
Bristol East Band West of England 81
Bristol Easton Senior Band West of England 0
Bristol Excelsior West of England 2
Bristol Imperial West of England 21
Bristol Mechanics West of England 2
Bristol Milk Street West of England 5
Bristol N.F.S. (Area 17) West of England 7
Bristol South West of England 4
Bristol St. John's Ambulance West of England 14
Bristol St. George's West of England 2
Bristol Temperance West of England 16
Bristol Training Ship Formidable West of England 1
Bristol University West of England 11
Bristol Victoria West of England 45
Bristol Volunteer Engineers West of England 1
Bristol Volunteer Rifle Corps West of England 1
Bristol Y.M.C.A West of England 5
Bristol Youth Brass West of England 9
Britannia Airways Brass Midlands 0
Britannia Works Midlands 0
British Aerospace (Chadderton) North West 278
British Airways London and Southern Counties 35
British Army Brass Band Great Britain 2
British Brass Band of Louisiana United States of America 0
British Brass Chiba Japan 0
British Brass Dolce Japan 0
British Brass East Japan 0
British Brass Iwate Japan 0
British Brass 'La Vie en Rose' Japan 0
British Brass Sapporo Japan 0
British Imperial Military Great Britain 2
British MARC Silver Prize Band Midlands 4
British Oil and Cake Mills North of England 16
British Petroleum (Perth) Australia 9
British Rail Staff Assoc B (Swindon) West of England 1
British Railways (Eastern Region) Great Britain 0
British Railways Mirfield Yorkshire 5
British Railways Sheffield Yorkshire 15
British Railways Staff Association West of England 0
British Ropes Silver Yorkshire 17
British Steel Company Port Talbot Wales 0
British Steel Teesside North of England 145
British Vita Works Band North West 36
Briton Ferry Artillery Volunteer Wales 1
Briton Ferry Band Wales 255
Brixham Artillery West of England 1
Brixham Town Band West of England 14
Brixton & Clapham London and Southern Counties 25
Broad Chalke West of England 33
Broadbottom North West 3
Broadheath Linotype North West 1
Broadhurst North West 2
Broadland Brass Band London and Southern Counties 7
Broadmedow Concert (NSW) Australia 1
Broadmedow High School & Community Concert (NSW) Australia 19
Broadmedow High School Concert (NSW) Australia 15
Broadmedow High School Intermediate (NSW) Australia 7
Broadmedow School & Community (NSW) Australia 4
Broadmedow School & Community Concert Australia 3
Broadmedow School Junior Concert (NSW) Australia 3
Broadview Children's Home Brass Band South Korea 0
Broadway Secondary School Unknown 1
Brockley Mills Yorkshire 1
Brodsworth Colliery Band Yorkshire 252
Brodsworth Colliery Junior Yorkshire 21
Broken Cross Secondary School North West 1
Broken Hill Boys (NSW) Australia 2
Broken Hill City (NSW) Australia 0
Broken Hill P C Y C Australia 4
Brolga Brass Australia 14
Bromborough Pool North West 8
Bromley London and Southern Counties 32
Bromley (Kent) Home Guard London and Southern Counties 7
Bromley Volunteers London and Southern Counties 2
Bromsgrove Town Midlands 6
Bronze Social North West 2
Brook House W.M.C. Yorkshire 1
Brookvale Transport Australia 1
Broomhill North of England 21
Brotherton Old North of England 15
Brotherton United North of England 10
Brotton Old North of England 35
Brotton Temperance North of England 34
Brough [Cumbria] North of England 1
Broughton Brass Band [Northamptonshire] Midlands 8
Broughton Public [Manchester] North West 5
Broughton Silver North of England 2
Broughton Victoria North West 1
Broughtons Brass [Durham] North of England 104
Browney Colliery North of England 38
Brownlow Fold North West 1
Brown's Military (Oldham) North West 1
Browse Brass Band Japan 0
Broxburn and Livingston Brass Scotland 67
Broxburn and Livingston Future Brass Scotland 4
Broxburn and Livingston Junior Scotland 9
Broxburn Public Band Scotland 255
Broxburn Silver Scotland 147
Bruce Hamilton Silver Band Northern Ireland 22
Brumby Midlands 2
Brumund Musikkforening Norway 5
Brumunddal Brass Norway 21
Brunel Brass West of England 50
Brunel Brass Academy West of England 7
Brunner Brass New Zealand 1
Brunswick City Juniors Australia 2
Brunswick City Municipal (Vic) Australia 2
Brushy Creek Brass Band United States of America 0
Brusselton Brass Australia 1
Bruton Excelsior West of England 3
Brymbo C.T.E.S. Wales 12
Brymbo Steel Works Wales 17
Bryn Celynnog School Pontypridd Wales 9
Brynamman Silver Wales 79
Brynamman Town Wales 48
Brynamman Volunteers Wales 28
Brynmawr Wales 50
Brynmawr Rifle Volunteers Wales 3
Brønderslev FDF Orkester Denmark 8
Brøttum Musikkforening Norway 64
Brøttum Skolekorps Norway 22
BTM Band Wales 355
BTM Band: Next Generation Wales 16
BTM Junior Band Wales 4
BTM Learners Wales 13
Buchan Brass Scotland 5
Buckden London and Southern Counties 1
Buckfastleigh Brass Band West of England 4
Buckhaven and District Miners' Scotland 93
Buckhaven and Methil Miners Brass Scotland 161
Buckhaven Brass Beginnings Scotland 1
Buckie & District Scotland 6
Buckingham London and Southern Counties 1
Buckley Brass Wales 13
Buckley Engineers Wales 11
Buckley Hall Orphanage North West 2
Buckley Street. North West 0
Bucknall Midlands 1
Bucknall Ex Servicemen Midlands 3
Buckrose Brass Band North of England 3
Bude Metric Brass West of England 0
Bude Town West of England 106
Bude Youth West of England 14
Budleigh Salterton Juniors West of England 1
Buffalo Silver Band United States of America 6
Bugbrooke Midlands 2
Bugis Village Brass Band Singapore 0
Bugle Silver Band West of England 241
Bugsworth Midlands 1
Bukedea Youth Band Uganda 0
Bulken Skulemusikk Norway 1
Bulkington Silver Band Midlands 130
Bullcroft Miners Ambulance Yorkshire 79
Bulli Woonona Australia 3
Bulwell Excelsior Midlands 3
Bunbury City Band Australia 18
Bundaberg Citizens Australia 14
Bundaberg City Band Australia 24
Bundaberg Excelsior Band Australia 5
Bundaberg Federal Australia 21
Bundaberg Municipal Band Australia 140
Bundaberg Municipal Band No 2 Australia 15
Bundaberg Town Australia 7
Bungay London and Southern Counties 0
Buntingford Town London and Southern Counties 8
Burbage Buxton Band Midlands 149
Burbage Junior Midlands 1
Burbage Prize Midlands 5
Burbage Silver Band Midlands 95
Burbage Silver Band Midlands 43
Burdekin Brass Band Australia 8
Burgess Hill Brass London and Southern Counties 23
Burgundy Brass Band France 3
Burley & Ilkley Yorkshire 67
Burley Silver West of England 33
Burlington Citadel Band Canada 0
Burlington Mills Australia 2
Burnage Junior North West 65
Burnage Manchester North West 104
Burnbank Scotland 19
Burneside Brass North of England 64
Burneside Brass Training Band North of England 4
Burnett Brass Australia 16
Burnett Silver Australia 6
Burngreave Institute Yorkshire 5
Burnham West of England 1
Burnham & Highbridge West of England 78
Burnham Brass New Zealand 2
Burnhope Colliery Welfare North of England 77
Burnie Concert (Tas) Australia 1
Burnley Alliance Silver North West 30
Burnley Artillery North West 11
Burnley Borough North West 36
Burnley Catholic North West 13
Burnley Comrades North West 1
Burnley Lane North West 6
Burnley Military North West 1
Burnley National Reserve North West 1
Burnley Public North West 26
Burnley Rifles North West 29
Burnley Temperance North West 90
Burnley Youth North West 8
Burnopfield North of England 10
Burnside Brass Great Britain 8
Burnside Youth Concert Band Australia 1
Burnt Heath London and Southern Counties 1
Burnt Yates Old Band North of England 0
Burntisland Silver Scotland 32
Burradon North of England 33
Burry Port Junior Band Wales 23
Burry Port Town Wales 240
Burry Port Town Wales 24
Burslem Band Midlands 47
Burslem Borough Midlands 28
Burslem Excelsior Midlands 1
Burslem Imperial Midlands 7
Burslem Port Vale Midlands 8
Burslem Prize Midlands 1
Burtle Silver Band West of England 0
Burton Excelsior Midlands 22
Burton Joyce Community Brass Midlands 0
Burton Latimer Britannia Midlands 59
Burton Latimer Town Midlands 2
Burton Music Centre Midlands 3
Burton Silver [Leics.] Midlands 45
Burton United Midlands 1
Burton-upon-Trent Midlands 5
Burwell Excelsior London and Southern Counties 21
Burwood - Belmore P C Y C Australia 1
Burwood Band Australia 42
Burwood Girls High School (NSW) Australia 10
Bury Borough North West 86
Bury Brass North West 96
Bury Concertina North West 1
Bury Public Silver Band North West 119
Bury Schools Music Centre North West 7
Bury St. Edmunds Royal British Legion London and Southern Counties 19
Bury Temperance North West 2
Bury Volunteer North West 2
Busk Congregational North West 0
Buslingthorpe Midlands 1
Busselton Schools Band Australia 1
Busselton Senior High School Symphonic Wind (WA) Australia 1
Busselton Shire Brass Australia 11
Bussleton Municipal Australia 1
Bute (Treherbert) Wales 1
Bute Inlet Canada 1
Butterfield's Tank Works Yorkshire 36
Butterknowle North of England 51
Buttershaw Mills (Bradford) Yorkshire 66
Buxted and Bognor London and Southern Counties 0
Buxted Brass London and Southern Counties 1
Buxton Borough Midlands 5
Buxton Sea Cadets Midlands 1
Buxton Silver Midlands 1
Buxton Town Midlands 6
Buzzing Brass Wellington New Zealand 3
Buøy Skoles Musikkorps Norway 13
BVCOL Midlands 2
BWCB Breakaway Brass London and Southern Counties 0
Byers Green North of England 1
Bürgermusik Gonten Switzerland 21
Bürgermusik Untereggen Switzerland 20
Byrknes Skulemusikk Norway 0
Bærums Verk Musikkorps Norway 7
Bømlo Samarbeidskorps Norway 1
Bønes Brass Norway 0
Bønes Skoles Musikkorps Norway 0

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