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This region has 0 active bands, and 0 extinct.

Band Type Results
Brass Band Conservatoria 'Niccolò Piccinni' di Musica Bari Youth 1
Brass Band Frener-Reifer Pfeffersberg Competing 4
Brass Band Wipptal Competing 7
Brass Band Überetsch Competing 5
Brass Family Band Championship 2
Brasskneidl - Die Puschtra Brassband Competing 2
Festival Brass Band Quart Extinct 4
Imola Brass Band Competing 2
Italian Brass Band Competing 10
Jugend Brassband Südtirol Youth 1
Messina Brass Band Competing 1
Mitropa Brass Band Extinct 1
Novedrate Brass Band Competing 1

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