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This region has 0 active bands, and 0 extinct.

Band Type Results
A. M. Brass Competing 2
Academic Brass Band Competing 1
AM Brass Band Extinct 1
Borderbrass Competing 1
Brass a Musica Third 9
Brass Band Bravoer Competing 2
Brass Band Campine Extinct 10
Brass Band de Thudinie Third 14
Brass Band Gent Championship 24
Brass Band Heist Championship 36
Brass Band Leieland Championship 34
Brass Band Lembeek Competing 5
Brass Band Midden-Brabant Extinct 30
Brass Band Terpsichore Extinct 10
Brass Band Willebroek Championship 92
Brassband Alsemberg Competing 2
Brassband Bacchus First 25
Brassband Buizingen Championship 68
Brassband Burgipja Competing 1
Brassband De Grensbewoners Smeermaas vzw First 23
Brassband de Kempengalm Vlimmeren Competing 2
Brassband Euterpe Second 25
Brassband Hageland Third 3
Brassband Hombeek Competing 6
Brassband Kapelle-op-den-Bos Competing 0
Brassband Province de Liege Extinct 5
Brassband Retie Third 5
Brassband Scaldis First 17
Brassband Sint-Cecilia Steendorp Extinct 0
Brassband Sonevole Extinct 4
Brassband St. Cecilia Rupelmonde Extinct 1
Brassband St. Cecilia Heffen Extinct 7
Brassband Xhoffraix Competing 2
Brassband Zele Championship 20
Brassband Zuid-Limburg Competing 1
Braz 'art Band First 14
Braz'Art en Kon First 0
Dender Brass Third 4
Festival Brass Band Championship 37
Jeugdbrassband Kempenzonen Youth 2
Jeugdbrassband Midden-Brabant Extinct 2
Kempenzonen Tielen Extinct 1
Koninklijke Brass Band Condor Competing 0
Koninklijke Brassband De Kempenzonen Competing 4
Koninklijke Fanfare De Lindekring Competing 0
Koninklijke Fanfare 'Iever en Eendracht' Sleidinge Competing 0
Kortrijk Brass Band Championship 66
Mercator Brass Rupelmonde First 17
Metropole Brass Band Championship 27
Mons St. Georges Brassband Second 11
Namur Wallonia Brass Band Competing 1
Noord-Limburgse Brass Band Championship 36
Panta Rhei Ghent Second 37
St. Cecilia Leest Competing 7
United Brass Third 12
Westhoek Brass Competing 1
Young Brassband Willebroek First 19
Zuiderkempische Brassband Extinct 4

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