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Showing 466 of 12,627 bands. This is a list of current or last known names, previous band names can be found by searching.

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Name Region Contest Results
Pabrades Fanfarinis Lithuania 8
Pacific Brass [Australia] Australia 0
Pacific Brass Band [USA] United States of America 0
Packmoor Midlands 5
Paddington Borough London and Southern Counties 0
Paddington Municipal Australia 3
Paddock Wood Silver London and Southern Counties 2
Paddock Youth Yorkshire 3
Padiham (84th L.R.V.) North West 14
Padiham Public North West 8
Painswick West of England 6
Paisley Town Scotland 10
Paisley Youth Silver Scotland 27
Paistrio kulturos centro orkestras 'Dudoreliai' Lithuania 5
Pajiešmeniai Brass Band Lithuania 2
Pakenham Memorial Silver Band Northern Ireland 12
Pakuranga Youth New Zealand 2
Palace Fleet (Dewsbury) Yorkshire 4
Palmer's Works North of England 60
Palmerston Municipal New Zealand 8
Palmerston North City Brass New Zealand 118
Palmerston North City Silver New Zealand 0
Palmerston North City Youth Brass New Zealand 1
Palmerston North Garrison New Zealand 33
Palmerston North Garrison Band Society New Zealand 6
Panevežio r. Liudines Kulturos Centro 'Vaikystes vejas' Lithuania 5
Panevežio r. Paistrio Kulturos Centro Brass Band Lithuania 2
Panevežio r.Bernatoniu Brass Band 'Dudesys' Lithuania 2
Panevezys 'Eriskiu Brass' Lithuania 5
Panevezys Paistrio Kulturos Centro 'Dudesys' Lithuania 3
Panevezys raj. Smilgiu Kulturos Centro Pereksliu 'Saulute' Lithuania 8
Panevezys 'Sklepucini' Lithuania 12
Pangbourne & District Silver Band London and Southern Counties 222
Panta Rhei Ghent Belgium 37
Papakura City Brass New Zealand 50
Papakura Community Youth Brass New Zealand 2
Papakura Youth New Zealand 0
Papanni Brass New Zealand 2
Papworth Settlement London and Southern Counties 3
Para Hills Brass Australia 26
Para Hills Juniors Australia 1
Parade College Band Australia 7
Paradis Skolekorps Norway 17
Parbold Old North West 3
Parc and Dare Band Wales 422
Parc and Dare Junior Wales 2
Paris Brass Band France 24
Park Bridge North West 1
Park County High School North West 7
Park Estate North West 6
Park High School London and Southern Counties 16
Park Mines (Dalton) North West 2
Park Street (Gloucester) Mission West of England 1
Parkend Silver West of England 19
Parkend Silver London and Southern Counties 19
Parker's Brewery Midlands 14
Parkersburg Cornet Band United States of America 1
Parkes Peoples Band Australia 1
Parkes Town Australia 10
Parkfield Parish (Middleton) North West 1
Parkgate Temperance Yorkshire 64
Parkgate Victoria Yorkshire 1
Parkhead Forge (Glasgow) Scotland 90
Parkhead Forge No. 2 Scotland 1
Parkstone London and Southern Counties 2
Parr (St. Helens) Band North West 421
Parr Church North West 2
Parr Primitive Methodist North West 1
Parr St. Peter's North West 27
Parr Temperance North West 66
Parramatta and Cumberland Australia 2
Parramatta City Band Australia 98
Parramatta City Band No.2 Australia 4
Parramatta Model Australia 4
Parson Drove London and Southern Counties 7
Partington Public North West 9
Partington Steel and Iron Company North West 5
Parton United Temperance West of England 1
Pasadena Tabernacle Band United States of America 0
Passmores Comprehensive School London and Southern Counties 8
Pasvalio kulturos centro Pajiešmeniu skyriaus jaunuju putiku orkestras 'TIBI-DIBI-DACH' Lithuania 4
Pasvalio kulturos centro vario dudu orkestras 'Parnauji' Lithuania 3
Pasvalio r. Pajiešmeniu Brass Lithuania 5
Patcham Silver London and Southern Counties 48
Patcham Silver Youth London and Southern Counties 1
Patcham Youth London and Southern Counties 11
Patea Municipal New Zealand 6
Pathhead Public Scotland 9
Patrician Brothers Fairfield Australia 5
Patrington Band North of England 2
Paul West of England 8
Paulton Silver West of England 67
Pavilion Brass London and Southern Counties 0
Pavoveres Brass Band Lithuania 8
Payneham City Concert Band Australia 30
Peacock Pirates Great Britain 16
Peacock's Gorton North West 1
Peak Dale Colliery Midlands 8
Peak Dale Public Midlands 78
Peak Hill Miners Australia 6
Peasedown Silver West of England 7
Peases West North of England 54
Peckett's Brass Band North of England 1
Peder Most Gardens Brass Band Denmark 15
Peebles Burgh Silver Scotland 145
Peebles Development Band Scotland 2
Peebles Youth Band Scotland 8
Peel (Finsbury Borough) London and Southern Counties 9
Peel Brass and Reed North West 3
Peel Institute London and Southern Counties 0
Pegswood Colliery Prize Band North of England 133
Pellon Subscription Yorkshire 3
Pelorus Trust Wellington Youth Brass New Zealand 6
Pelsall Havelock Temperance Midlands 2
Pelsall Sax-horn Midlands 1
Pelton Fell Workmen's North of England 67
Pelton Institute North of England 14
Pelton Mills Scotland 0
Pemberton Amateur North West 13
Pemberton Old Wigan DW 'B' Band North West 140
Pemberton Old Wigan DW Band North West 634
Pemberton Old Wigan DW Youth North West 29
Pemberton Temperance North West 35
Pemberton Victoria North West 2
Pembroke Borough Band Wales 48
Pembroke Concert (SA) Australia 5
Pembroke School (SA) Australia 2
Pembrokeshire Brass Band Wales 0
Pembrokeshire Youth Wales 2
Penallta Colliery Wales 17
Penarth Wales 2
Penclawdd Brass Wales 173
Penclawdd Silver Wales 23
Pencoed Concert Brass Wales 85
Pendeen Junior Band West of England 9
Pendeen Silver Band West of England 83
Pendel Brass and Singers United States of America 0
Pendennis Brass (Falmouth) Band West of England 127
Pendennis Youth/Training West of England 10
Pendle Forest North West 10
Pendlebury and Clifton North West 15
Pendlebury Band North West 18
Pendlebury High School North West 3
Pendleton Co-operative North West 9
Pendleton Old North West 157
Pendleton Primitive Methodist North West 4
Pendleton Public North West 109
Pengelly's Factory -- Adelaide (Sth Aust) Australia 2
Penicuik Silver Scotland 153
Penicuik Youth Band Scotland 14
Penketh Tannery North West 91
Penmaenmawr Silver Wales 51
Penn View Brass Band United States of America 0
Pennine Brass Yorkshire 133
Penny Brass Scotland 2
Penrhiw Wales 37
Penrhiwceiber Wales 4
Penrhiwfer Wales 7
Penrhyn Royal Wales 4
Penrhyn Side Wales 14
Penrhyndeudraeth Wales 1
Penrith - St.Marys District Australia 14
Penrith City Australia 2
Penrith City Concert (NSW) Australia 4
Penrith Sons of Temperance North West 0
Penrith Subscription North West 0
Penrith Town Band North of England 106
Penrith Valley Concert (NSW) Australia 40
Penrith Valley Concert Training (NSW) Australia 1
Penrith Valley Intermediate Concert Australia 3
Penrith Valley Wannabees Australia 4
Penryn Band West of England 8
Penryn School Band West of England 11
Penryn Volunteers West of England 1
Pensilva (Liskeard) Band West of England 1
Pensnett Midlands 1
Penston Silver Scotland 25
Pentland Brass Band Scotland 0
Pentre Brass Wales 9
Pentre Volunteers Wales 66
Pentyrch Village Wales 2
Penwithick Silver Band West of England 26
Penycae Wales 1
Penyffridd Wales 1
Penygraig Wales 1
Penygroes Wales 0
Penzance Hungarian Band West of England 2
Penzance Junior Band West of England 3
Penzance Silver West of England 107
People's Church London and Southern Counties 1
Peppard London and Southern Counties 1
Percy Main North Eastern Railway North of England 22
Perfection Soap Works North West 127
Perranporth Town West of England 9
Perscoran Brass Band Midlands 0
Pershore Rifle Band Midlands 1
Perth & Kinross Intermediate Scotland 2
Perth Advent Australia 1
Perth and Kinross Junior Schools Scotland 6
Perth and Kinross Senior Schools Scotland 3
Perth City (WA) Australia 13
Perth City (WA) Australia 8
Perth City Concert (WA) Australia 1
Perth City R. S. L (Wst Aust) Australia 4
Perth Fortress Salvation Army Band Australia 0
Perth Silver Band Scotland 51
Perthshire Brass Scotland 119
Perthshire Youth Scotland 12
Peterborough London and Southern Counties 42
Peterborough Amateur Midlands 1
Peterborough Brass Australia 3
Peterborough Citadel Band Midlands 0
Peterborough City London and Southern Counties 31
Peterborough Cobden Street London and Southern Counties 1
Peterborough Excelsior London and Southern Counties 23
Peterborough Great Northern Railway Locomotive Midlands 5
Peterborough St. Mark's London and Southern Counties 5
Peterborough Temple Band Canada 0
Peterborough Temple Junior Band Canada 0
Peterborough Town Midlands 5
Peterhead Public Scotland 0
Peterlee Town North of England 0
Petersham - Dulwich Hill [NSW] Australia 8
Petersham Borough Australia 4
Petersham Brass Band [USA] United States of America 0
Petone Municipal New Zealand 26
Petworth Town London and Southern Counties 7
Pevensey Silver London and Southern Counties 0
Pfäfferband Nottwil Switzerland 3
Philadelphia Colliery North of England 9
Philips Brass and Percussion Band Netherlands 0
Phillip Island Brass (Vic) Australia 6
Phoenix (Gawler) Australia 0
Phoenix Brass (Crewkerne) Band West of England 78
Phoenix Brass [Froxfield] West of England 24
Phoenix Brass [Goodwick] Wales 12
Phoenix Gold (Kingswood) Midlands 14
Phoenix West Midlands Brass Midlands 48
Phoenix Works (Rotherham) Yorkshire 19
Pickering Town Yorkshire 5
Pickup Bank North West 60
Pikes Peak Brass Band United States of America 4
Pilkington Recreation Club North West 1
Pilling Jubilee Silver Band North West 136
Pillowell Silver Band West of England 269
Pillowell Training Band West of England 2
Pilsley United Midlands 1
Pimlico State High School Brass Australia 5
Pine Rivers Combined Concert (Qld) Australia 2
Pine Rivers Municipal Brass Band Australia 2
Pingst Brass Sweden 0
Pingstbrass Örnsköldsvik Sweden 1
Pinxton Midlands 10
Pioneer Brass Runcorn North West 6
Pirates 'R' Us Great Britain 5
Pitroddie Scotland 1
Pitsmoor Yorkshire 2
Pittington Brass Band North of England 2
Pitton West of England 1
Pittsburgh Temple Band United States of America 0
Pittsworth Town Australia 5
Platt Bridge North West 107
Platting Public North West 22
Platt's Moston Colliery North West 14
Playa Ancha Corps Band Chile 0
Player's Wales 0
Playford City Concert Band Australia 5
Plean Silver Scotland 2
Pleasant Street Boys (Ballarat) Australia 4
Pleasedown Temperance West of England 2
Pleasley Colliery Welfare Band Midlands 243
Plessey (Liverpool) Works North West 5
Plumbing Factory Brass Band Canada 0
Plymouth Abercanaid Wales 0
Plymouth Corporation Tramways West of England 2
Plymouth Rifle Volunteer West of England 1
Plymouth Silver West of England 4
Plymouth Workmens Wales 56
Pogmoor Brass Band Yorkshire 0
Point of Ayr Colliery Band Wales 200
Point of Ayr Colliery Youth Wales 6
Polesworth Midlands 3
Pollokshaws Brass Band Scotland 6
Poltair School West of England 1
Polton Mills Scotland 64
Polypipe Rossington Band Yorkshire 204
Polysteel Youth Band West of England 1
Ponden Band Yorkshire 3
Ponders End Mission London and Southern Counties 10
Ponders End Silver London and Southern Counties 2
Ponsanooth West of England 2
Ponsonby Boys Brass New Zealand 8
Ponsonby Municipal New Zealand 2
Pontardawe Wales 8
Pontardulais Beginners Wales 1
Pontardulais Junior Band Wales 14
Pontardulais Rechabite Wales 1
Pontardulais Town Band Wales 345
Pontardulais Training Band Wales 1
Pontefract Borough Yorkshire 9
Pontefract Victoria Yorkshire 2
Pontlottyn Wales 36
Pontrhydyfen Wales 11
Pontshonnorton Wales 3
Pontyates Wales 41
Pontyberem United Wales 29
Pontyclun and District Wales 7
Pontycymer Wales 50
Pontypool Brass Wales 181
Pontypool Town and District Wales 27
Pontypridd Wales 12
Pontypridd St. John's Ambulance Wales 7
Pontypridd Transport Wales 2
Pool West of England 2
Poole Borough Band West of England 159
Poole Grammar School West of England 4
Poole Town West of England 13
Poole Volunteers West of England 5
Poolsbrook Midlands 23
Poplar and Berger Mission London and Southern Counties 1
Poplar and Bromley London and Southern Counties 20
Poplar Training Schools London and Southern Counties 6
Porchester School West of England 1
Port Adelaide City Band Australia 58
Port Adelaide City Juniors Australia 3
Port Auckland New Zealand 3
Port Augusta - Whyalla Australia 4
Port Augusta City Australia 5
Port Augusta Municipal Australia 15
Port Chalmers Marine New Zealand 26
Port Clarence North of England 3
Port Fairy Band Australia 7
Port Glasgow O.B.U. Scotland 1
Port Hacking High School Australia 16
Port Huron Citadel Band United States of America 0
Port Kembla Boys Australia 2
Port Kembla Juniors Australia 2
Port Kembla Town (NSW) Australia 6
Port Kembla Y M C A Australia 2
Port Macquarie Hastings Australia 9
Port Nicholson Band New Zealand 61
Port of Napier Brass New Zealand 22
Port Penrhyn Wales 1
Port Pirie Excelsior (Sth Aust) Australia 17
Port Pirie Excelsior Juniors Australia 2
Port Simpson Canada 1
Port Sunlight North West 23
Port Sunlight Lyceum Brass North West 112
Port Sunlight Royal British Legion North West 35
Port Talbot and Taibach Wales 16
Port Talbot Temperance Wales 2
Port Talbot Town Wales 2
Port Talbot Workmen's Wales 5
Portadown Methodist Boys Brigade Northern Ireland 1
Portadown Silver Northern Ireland 1
Porthaethwy Intermediate Wales 2
Porthaethwy Youth Wales 20
Porthcawl Silver Wales 12
Porthleven Town Band West of England 135
Porthleven Town Training Band West of England 6
Porthywaen Band Midlands 121
Portico North West 1
Portishead Town Band West of England 125
Portland Band Australia 12
Portland Boys (NSW) Australia 34
Portland Town and Social Centre Band West of England 27
Portland Union Town Australia 5
Portland Volunteer Artillery West of England 1
Portloe and District West of England 2
Portmadoc Wales 10
Portmadoc Volunteers Wales 3
Porto Citadel Band of the Salvation Army Portugal 0
Portobello Boys Brigade Scotland 9
Portobello Town Scotland 66
Portsea Island Union School West of England 1
Portslade Town London and Southern Counties 5
Portsmouth Bluejackets West of England 11
Portsmouth Citadel Band West of England 0
Portsmouth City West of England 65
Portsmouth City Fire Brigade West of England 19
Portsmouth City Youth West of England 9
Portsmouth Saxhorn West of England 2
Portsmouth Youth Concert West of England 9
Posaunenchor Adliswil Switzerland 0
Posaunenchor CVJM Riehen Switzerland 0
Posaunenchor Gondiswil Waltrigen Switzerland 1
Posaunenchor Neuhaus-Ochlenberg Switzerland 2
Posaunenchor Walterswil-Oeschenbach Switzerland 2
Possilpark Scotland 29
Potters Bar Town Band London and Southern Counties 24
Potterspury Excelsior Midlands 6
Potton London and Southern Counties 1
Poulton-Le-Fylde Band North West 329
Poulton-le-Fylde Band North West 8
Poynton North West 1
Poynton Youth North West 64
Poyntzpass Silver Band Northern Ireland 37
Prahran City Australia 19
Prairie Brass Band United States of America 28
Prees Silver Midlands 1
Preesall Temperance North West 1
Presbyterian Ladies College - Perth (WA) Australia 1
Presbyterian Ladies College (Sydney) Australia 2
Presbyterian Ladies College Wind Ensemble (Croydon) Australia 1
Prescot Cables North West 76
Prescot Parish Church North West 14
President Windows Great Britain 1
Pressed Steel Works (Cowley) London and Southern Counties 80
Prestige Brass Australia 2
Preston & District Brass Australia 2
Preston (11th L.R.V) North West 5
Preston Borough North West 3
Preston Brook North West 7
Preston City Boys' Excelsior Australia 1
Preston Excelsior North West 9
Preston Foresters North West 1
Preston L.M.S. North West 2
Preston Municipal (Vic) Australia 41
Preston Polytechnic North West 3
Preston St. David's North West 0
Preston St. Joseph's North West 1
Preston Temperance Band North West 0
Preston Town Silver North West 40
Preston Youth North West 18
Prestongrange Welfare Scotland 12
Prestwich Borough North West 136
Prestwich Church North West 1
Prestwich School North West 2
Pride Valley Brass North of England 272
Prievidzanka Slovakia 1
Prime Luster Brass Band Japan 0
Prince of Wales (Gawthorpe) Band Yorkshire 2
Prince of Wales (Rotherham) Yorkshire 6
Prince's End Temperance Midlands 50
Prince-Smith and Stells Silver Band Yorkshire 39
Princess of Wales's Own Hussars (Ripon) North of England 1
Princeton Brass Band United States of America 13
Pritsu Brass Estonia 0
Pro Junior - Gerkesklooster Netherlands 6
Pro Rege (B) - Heerenveen Netherlands 2
Prolog Rotorua Brass New Zealand 7
Proserpine Citizens' Band Australia 3
Proserpine Town Australia 3
Prospect City (Sth Aust) Australia 13
Prospect Town Boys Australia 5
Prospect Vice Regal Australia 3
Protheroe's Silver Wales 24
Prout's (Ballarat) Australia 51
Providence Mission Ardwick North West 3
Provinciale Brass Band Groningen Netherlands 60
Prudhoe North of England 1
Pudsey Yorkshire 14
Pudsey Borough Yorkshire 10
Pudsey United Yorkshire 2
Puget Brass United States of America 0
Pukekohe Brass New Zealand 4
Pulse Public School Concert (Winmalee) Australia 2
Pumawd Pres A5 Wales 1
Punxsutawney Salvation Army Band United States of America 0
Purchase College Brass Band United States of America 0
Purton United Temperance West of England 1
Putney & Wimbledon Brass Band London and Southern Counties 34
Pwllheli Wales 1
Pymble Ladies College (NSW) Australia 10
Pymble Ladies College Intermediate Australia 1
Pymble Ladies College No.2 Australia 1

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