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Showing 507 of 12,627 bands. This is a list of current or last known names, previous band names can be found by searching.

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Name Region Contest Results
T' Arban Dodgers Great Britain 7
T.L.F.Works North of England 1
Tacoma Concert Band United States of America 1
Tadcaster Yorkshire 2
Taddington Midlands 1
Tadley Band West of England 201
Tadley Concert Brass London and Southern Counties 78
Tadley Gospel Temperance London and Southern Counties 11
Tadley Youth London and Southern Counties 1
Taff Merthyr Colliery Wales 20
Taff Vale Wales 14
Taibach Wales 7
Takaka Citizens New Zealand 4
Takane Junior High School (Chiba) Japan 1
Takapuna City Silver New Zealand 36
Takapuna Grammar School Brass 1 New Zealand 3
Takapuna Youth Band New Zealand 1
Takigawa High School (Kobe) Japan 1
Takuilau College Tonga 1
Talbot Brass Band (Bournemouth) West of England 15
Talbot Youth West of England 32
Talke Midlands 5
Tallahassee Brass United States of America 0
Tallgrass Brass Band United States of America 2
Tamlaght Silver Northern Ireland 1
Tamlaghtmore Silver Band Northern Ireland 0
Tampa Brass Band United States of America 2
Tamworth City (NSW) Australia 3
Tamworth Conservatorium Concert Australia 2
Tamworth Excelsior Midlands 4
Tamworth Military Midlands 1
Tamworth P C B C Australia 0
Tamworth Police Boys Club Australia 7
Tamworth RSL Brass Band Australia 5
Tamworth Town Midlands 11
Tamworth Volunteers Midlands 2
Tananger Skulekorps Norway 41
Tanfield and Stanley North of England 1
Tanfield Lea North of England 48
Tankersley Yorkshire 1
Tanlaghlore Silver Northern Ireland 1
Tanunda Town Band Australia 244
Tanunda Town Juniors Australia 2
Tapton Schools Brass Band Midlands 1
Taranaki Regiment New Zealand 37
Tarleton and District Brass North West 84
Tarporley North West 58
Tarporley and Clotton North West 14
Tarrants Brass London and Southern Counties 1
Tarrington Brass Australia 2
Tartan Brass Scotland 83
Tasman Eastern Bay of Plenty New Zealand 3
Tasmania Youth Orchestra (Tas) Australia 1
Tasmanian Youth Brass Australia 9
Tassagh Silver Band Northern Ireland 0
Tasta Brass Norway 6
Tasta Gubbekorps Norway 2
Tasta Skolekorps Norway 62
Tasta Skolekorps Juniorkorps Norway 3
Tasta Skolekorps Mellomkorpset Norway 2
TATA Brass Wales 160
Tateno Brass Crew Japan 0
Tau Skolekorps Norway 8
Taunton Headquarters V.B West of England 1
Taupo Citizens (N Z) New Zealand 12
Taurages 'Šaltinis' Lithuania 5
Tauranga City Silver New Zealand 27
Tauranga Fire Brigade New Zealand 4
Taverham Band London and Southern Counties 4
Tavistock Brass West of England 22
Tavistock Rifles West of England 1
Tawaraguchi Brass Band Japan 0
Taylor-Wood Roe Unknown 1
Taylor-Wood-Roe Great Britain 0
Tayport Instrumental Scotland 120
Tayside Silver Scotland 6
TBDBITL Active Band United States of America 0
TCTC Group North West 0
Te Akarana Girls Band New Zealand 3
Te Aroha Municipal New Zealand 3
Te Awamutu Auxiliary Brass New Zealand 3
Te Awamutu Brass New Zealand 106
Te Oraha Boys Band New Zealand 1
Tea Tree Gully Redbacks (SA) Australia 5
Team Euphonic North of England 1
Tean Midlands 1
Tebay North West 2
Tees Ironworks North of England 5
Tees Valley Youth North of England 6
Teesdale Rifle Corps (Barnard Castle) North of England 1
Teesside Bridge and Engineering Works North of England 5
Teesside Temperance North of England 1
Teignbridge Silver West of England 0
Teignmouth West of England 1
Telecom Hamilton Brass New Zealand 3
Television New Zealand Brass New Zealand 5
Telford Band Midlands 93
Telford Brass Midlands 1
Telford Jubilee Band Midlands 0
Telford Youth Midlands 7
Temora Town Australia 3
Templemore Northern Ireland 139
Templet Hornorkester Norway 0
Tempo Silver Band Northern Ireland 0
Temuka Municipal New Zealand 4
Tenby & District Wales 20
Tenderkist Wanganui City Silver New Zealand 4
Tendring Brass London and Southern Counties 48
Tennfjord Skolekorps Norway 1
Tension Brass Yorkshire 6
Tenterfield Municipal (NSW) Australia 21
Terang Brass Band Australia 1
Tertnes Amatørkorps Norway 41
Tertnes Brass Norway 72
Tertnes Skoles Musikkorps Norway 53
Tertnes skoles musikkorps junior Norway 3
Test Valley Brass West of England 82
Test Valley Youth West of England 1
Tewit Silver North of England 27
Tewit Youth North of England 195
Tewit Youth Intermediate North of England 18
Tewit Youth Junior North of England 4
Tewkesbury Town Band West of England 78
Tewkesbury Training West of England 1
Texas Star Brass Band United States of America 0
Thackley Yorkshire 0
Thame Brass Band London and Southern Counties 4
Thames Brass London and Southern Counties 6
Thames Citizens Band New Zealand 6
Thames Ironworks London and Southern Counties 7
Thames Region Brass London and Southern Counties 6
Thames Scottish New Zealand 2
Thames Valley Police London and Southern Counties 6
Thatcham Band London and Southern Counties 49
Thatto Heath North West 11
The Aldridge-Brownhills Band Midlands 0
The Atlantic Rowan Prep Youth Brass Band United States of America 0
The Band of the Black Colt Japan 0
The Big Noise Brass Band Scotland 3
The Brioso Brass Japan 0
The Egham Band London and Southern Counties 233
The Fun Brass - Älmhult Sweden 2
The GUS Band Midlands 302
The Jaeger Maestros Great Britain 3
The Mamas and the Papas Great Britain 3
The Municipal Band New Zealand 1
The NOB Takasaki Brass Band Japan 0
The Novel Brass Japan 0
The Olymprics Yorkshire 5
The Ramsgate Band London and Southern Counties 1
The Reds (Redruth) West of England 2
The Reivers Scotland 6
The South Staffs (T.A.) Midlands 1
The Virtuous HUS Band Great Britain 4
Thebarton Municipal Australia 24
Thetford Borough London and Southern Counties 1
Third Carrickfergus Band Northern Ireland 109
Third Carrickfergus Juniors Northern Ireland 8
Thirsk and Sowerby North of England 16
Thirsk RBL Band North of England 0
Thirsk Volunteer North of England 1
Thisted FDF Orkester Denmark 4
Thixendale North of England 1
Thomas Coaches Mid Rhondda Band Wales 368
Thomas Francis Meagher (Waterford) Republic of Ireland 1
Thomas Hassall Anglican College Senior Concert Band Australia 1
Thomas Hassall Anglican Senior Concert Band Australia 0
Thomas Street Northern Ireland 1
Thompsons Foundry Band Australia 42
Thompson's Works Midlands 0
Thoresby Colliery Midlands 402
Thoresby Colliery Reunion Band Midlands 3
ThorGUSby Colliery Band Great Britain 6
Thornaby North of England 8
Thornaby Institute North of England 1
Thornaby Ironworks North of England 28
Thornaby Temperance North of England 1
Thornbury Band West of England 149
Thornbury Baptist West of England 7
Thornbury Town Band West of England 13
Thornbury Victoria Yorkshire 1
Thorncliffe and Chapeltown Yorkshire 15
Thorncliffe Victoria Midlands 13
Thorne Colliery Yorkshire 105
Thorne Town Yorkshire 32
Thornhill Brass Yorkshire 196
Thorniewood Scotland 35
Thornley Chase Rangers Vol. R.C. Midlands 2
Thornley Colliery North of England 181
Thornley Ironworks North of England 1
Thornlie Youth Concert Australia 1
Thornsett Midlands 255
Thornsett Youth Midlands 4
Thornton (Yorks) Yorkshire 2
Thornton [Leics] Midlands 16
Thornton Cleveleys Band North West 86
Thornton Cleveleys Public North West 6
Thornton Hall Silver Yorkshire 3
Thornton Heath London and Southern Counties 20
Thornton Hough North West 3
Thornton-le-Dale North of England 6
Thorpe Band Yorkshire 1
Thorpe Hesley Brass Band Yorkshire 11
Thorpe Hesley Co operative Yorkshire 1
Thrapston Town Midlands 95
Thrapstone Chapel Midlands 1
Thrapstone Church Midlands 1
Three Counties Brass North of England 46
Thriller Brass Great Britain 5
Throckley North of England 41
Throckley St. Mary's North of England 1
Thundersley Brass London and Southern Counties 126
Thunersee Brass Switzerland 12
Thurcroft Training Band Yorkshire 12
Thurcroft Welfare Yorkshire 140
Thurgoland and Crane Moor Yorkshire 1
Thuringowa Brass Australia 39
Thurlstone Brass Band Yorkshire 227
Thurlstone Training Band Yorkshire 10
Thurrock (Junior) London and Southern Counties 2
Thurrock District London and Southern Counties 17
Thurrock Spectrum Brass London and Southern Counties 2
Thyborøn/Harboøre FDF Orkester Denmark 0
Thy-Mors Hjemmeværnsorkester Denmark 1
Tibshelf Midlands 13
Tibshelf United Midlands 1
Tibthorpe North of England 1
Tidenham Brass West of England 3
Tideswell Band Midlands 85
Tideswell New Public Midlands 4
Tidswell's Railway Foundry Band Yorkshire 2
Tilbury London and Southern Counties 303
Tilbury Youth London and Southern Counties 38
Tillery Collieries Band Wales 93
Tillicoultry Scotland 8
Tillings (Brighton) London and Southern Counties 1
Timaru Artillery New Zealand 1
Timaru City New Zealand 1
Timaru Garrison (South Canterbury Regiment) New Zealand 43
Timaru High School New Zealand 2
Timaru Juniors New Zealand 3
Timaru Marine New Zealand 6
Timaru Municipal New Zealand 105
Timaru Municipal Auxiliary New Zealand 2
Timperley & District North West 22
Timperley Band North West 71
Tingley Brass Yorkshire 63
Tingley Companions Yorkshire 2
Tingley Thornhill Yorkshire 18
Tingley Thornhill Junior Band Yorkshire 2
Tinsley Park Yorkshire 17
Tintwistle Band Midlands 492
Tintwistle Junior North West 1
Tipton and Princes End Midlands 6
Tipton St.Martin's Midlands 4
Tipton Temperance Midlands 1
Tipton Volunteer Rifle Corps Midlands 2
Tirphil Wales 0
Tisbury West of England 2
Titan Lower Hutt Brass New Zealand 11
Titan Works Midlands 3
Tiverton Town West of England 70
Toddington Town Band London and Southern Counties 23
Todmorden Amateur North West 24
Todmorden Community Brass Yorkshire 0
Todmorden Old Band Yorkshire 261
Toftøy/Rong Skulekorps Norway 10
Tokyo Brass Concord Japan 0
Tokyo City Concert Brass Japan 0
Tommy Cooper Brass Great Britain 5
Tomra Brass Band Norway 72
Tomrefjord Skulemusikk Norway 10
Ton Pentre Volunteers Wales 1
Ton Temperance Wales 0
Ton Ystrad Termperance Wales 1
Tondu Wales 2
Toneheim Brass Norway 2
Tonga High School Brass Band Tonga 0
Tongan Free Wesleyan Brass Band United States of America 0
Tongwynlais Temperance Band Wales 320
Tongwynlais Youth Wales 9
Tonsenhagen Skolekorps Norway 1
Tonypandy Hibernia Wales 47
Tonypandy Town Wales 3
Tonypandy United Wales 2
Tonyrefail Boys Wales 13
Tonyrefail Silver Prize Band Wales 116
Tooth's Brewery Australia 14
Tooting and Balham London and Southern Counties 3
Tooting Central Hall London and Southern Counties 7
Toowoomba - Austral Band Australia 3
Toowoomba Citizens Australia 12
Toowoomba City Australia 21
Toowoomba Municipal 2 Australia 17
Toowoomba Municipal Band Australia 158
Top Floor Brass Band Germany 2
Topsham Silver Band West of England 17
Torbay Borough West of England 18
Torbay Brass Band West of England 125
Torbay Concert Brass West of England 1
Tordenskiold Garden Denmark 1
Toronto & District (NSW) Australia 1
Toronto & District Juniors Australia 17
Toronto Brass Australia 104
Torpa Bygde Brass Norway 1
Torpa Skolekorps Norway 7
Torpoint Silver West of England 0
Torpoint Town West of England 5
Torquay Free Mission Silver West of England 2
Torquay Town Band West of England 14
Torquay Volunteer Rifles West of England 1
Torrington Original West of England 0
Torrington Silver Band West of England 86
Torrington Silver Youth West of England 7
Torsby Brass Sweden 17
Torsby Minibrass Sweden 1
Torsby/Arvika Minibrass Sweden 3
Torshavn Brass Band Faroe Islands 3
Torskangerpoll Musikklag Norway 14
Torsnes Brass Norway 0
Torvastad Skolekorps Norway 6
Totnes Band West of England 116
Totnes Juniors West of England 14
Tottenham Military London and Southern Counties 1
Tottenham Town London and Southern Counties 37
Tottington Public Band North West 202
Tottington Temperance North West 8
Tow Law Model North of England 33
Towcester Rifles Midlands 2
Towcester Studio Band Midlands 346
Towcester Studio Youth Midlands 20
Towednack West of England 5
Town of Victoria Park Brass Australia 26
Towneley High School North West 57
Townhill Silver Scotland 105
Townsend Band West of England 1
Townsville Brass Australia 111
Townsville Brass Youth Band Australia 5
Townsville Citizens (Australia) Australia 8
Townsville Citizens Juniors Australia 3
Townsville Citizens No.2 Australia 3
Townsville City Australia 3
Townsville Federal Australia 24
Townsville Garrison Artillery Band Australia 1
Townsville Railway (Qld) Australia 40
Townsville RSL Australia 20
Townsville West Boys School Australia 14
Townsville West Past Scholars Australia 5
Townsville Youth Concert (Qld) Australia 2
Towyn Silver Band Wales 14
Toyotomi Elementary School (Chiba) Japan 1
Trades Hall Republic of Ireland 1
Tradeston Temperance Scotland 2
Trafalgar Colliery West of England 7
Trafford Band North West 157
Trafford Park Public North West 22
Training Ship Exmouth London and Southern Counties 1
Trakai 'Rudiskiu' Brass Band Lithuania 3
Trakai Rudiskiu 'Valerybrass' Lithuania 5
Traku Fanfarinis Lithuania 4
Tranas Hornmusikkar Sweden 0
Tranent Scotland 8
Tranmere Gleam North West 34
Tranmere Temperance North West 2
Transport and General Workers Union North West 2
Traralgon City Band Australia 41
Trawden Brass North West 157
Tre Pol and Pen West of England 2
Trealaw Brass Band Wales 1
Trealaw Temperance Wales 2
Trealaw United Wales 1
Trebanos Public Wales 80
Treboeth and District Temperance Wales 3
Tredegar Intermediate Wales 1
Tredegar Town Band Wales 530
Tredegar Volunteer Wales 10
Tredegar Youth Band Wales 74
Treeton Yorkshire 1
Treffynnon Wales 1
Trefor Band Wales 125
Treforest Silver Wales 3
Trehafod Wales 13
Treharris Wales 80
Treherbert & District Band Wales 267
Treherbert Volunteer Wales 5
Trelewis Wales 3
Trentham Brass Midlands 233
Treorchy Wales 3
Treorchy Institute Wales 1
Treorchy Secondary School Youth Wales 27
Treorchy Wesleyan Wales 8
Treviscoe Band West of England 3
Trewirgie Secondary School West of England 3
Triangle Brass Band United States of America 15
Triangle Youth Brass Band United States of America 15
Triangle Youth Brass Ensemble United States of America 11
Trimdon Colliery North of England 8
Trimdon Concert Brass North of England 132
Trimdon Grange North of England 7
Trimdon Temperance North of England 3
Trimdon Training North of England 1
Trimley St. Mary School London and Southern Counties 3
Trimsaran Wales 1
Tring Silver London and Southern Counties 1
Trinity Brass Germany 0
Trinity Brass (Maidstone) London and Southern Counties 0
Trinity College Senior Concert Band Australia 8
Trinity Girls Band North West 185
Trinity Girls Youth North West 2
Trinity Grammar School Australia 4
Trinity Mercedes Wind Orchestra - Perth (WA) Australia 1
Troedyrhiw Band Wales 8
Troedyrhiw Silver Wales 62
Trom-Bony M Great Britain 5
Troms Krets Brass Norway 3
Tromsø Brass Norway 29
Trondheim Politis Brassband Norway 39
Troon West of England 2
Trowbridge & District Youth Band West of England 4
Trowbridge Comrades London and Southern Counties 2
Trumpington London and Southern Counties 1
Truro City West of England 120
Truro Independent Band West of England 3
Truro Volunteers West of England 1
Trust Bank Otago St.Kilda New Zealand 27
Trust Bank Rotorua Brass New Zealand 11
Trust Porirua City Brass New Zealand 28
Trustbank Atago St.Kilda New Zealand 0
Træet Skulemusikkorps Norway 21
Træet Skulemusikkorps - Junior Norway 4
Trømborg Skolekorps Norway 2
TT Brass Totnes West of England 6
Tuapeka New Zealand 4
Tuastad Vormedal Skolekorps Norway 4
Tubajon Brass Band Philippines 0
Tudhoe Grange Colliery North of England 3
Tudor Brass Midlands 0
Tuggerah Lakes District (Aust) Australia 2
Tuggerah Lakes District Band (Aust) Australia 0
Tuggerah Lakes Juniors Australia 9
Tuggerah Lakes Showband Australia 56
Tule British Brass Band United States of America 0
Tullawong State High School Concert (Qld) Australia 1
Tullis Russell Intermediate Band Scotland 26
Tullis Russell Mills Scotland 336
Tullis Russell Youth Scotland 7
Tully Citizens Australia 4
Tullyvallen Silver Band Northern Ireland 0
Tumaka Municipal New Zealand 2
Tunbridge Wells British Legion London and Southern Counties 11
Tunbridge Wells Home Guard London and Southern Counties 6
Tunbridge Wells Town London and Southern Counties 8
Tunstall Midlands 6
Tunstall Bridge North West 1
Tunstall Volunteer Midlands 10
Tupou College Band Tonga 3
Tupou High School Band Tonga 1
Turner's G.R. Midlands 12
Turners Hill and Worth London and Southern Counties 45
Turramarra Primary School Australia 1
Turramurra High School Australia 5
Turramurra High School Concert Band No.1 Australia 1
Turramurra High School Concert Band No.2 Australia 1
Turramurra High School Concert Band No.3 Australia 1
Turramurra Primary School Senior Concert Australia 1
Turrells - Onehunger New Zealand 0
Turrells Onehunger Unknown 0
Turriff Silver Band Scotland 61
Tustin Ranch Band of the Salvation Army United States of America 0
Tutbury Saxtuba Midlands 7
Tutbury Silver Midlands 5
Tutbury Town Midlands 13
TVB Concert Unknown 5
Tveiterås Skolekorps Norway 11
TVNZ Waitakere City New Zealand 0
Tvøroyrar Hornorkestur Faroe Islands 0
Tweed District Boys (NSW) Australia 2
Tweedales & Smalley North West 21
Tweeddale Band Scotland 1
Twente Brass Netherlands 0
Twin Cities United States of America 1
Two Bridges West of England 10
Twyford London and Southern Counties 1
Tycroes Silver Wales 78
Tyldesley Band North West 369
Tyldesley United North West 1
Tyldesley Wesleyan Temperance North West 37
Tylorstown Wales 19
Tylorstown Band Wales 343
Tylorstown Junior Wales 11
Tyne Dock North of England 1
Tynedale Band North of England 0
Tynemouth and Ellington North of England 2
Tynemouth Artillery North of England 1
Tynemouth Borough North of England 15
Tyrone Youth Silver Band Northern Ireland 7
Tyseley Institute Midlands 7
Tysnes Musikklag Norway 61
Tysnes Skulekorps Norway 45
Tysnes Skulekorps Junior Norway 1
Tysvær Brass Norway 28
Tysvær Skolebrass Norway 1
Tytherington West of England 22
Tytherington Junior West of England 1
Tywyn Silver Band Wales 1
Tölö Bras Finland 1
Töölö Brass Finland 6

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