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This region has 0 active bands, and 0 extinct.

Band Type Results
3BA Academy Band Youth 7
3BA Experience Band Competing 1
3BA Youth Band Youth 2
3ba-brass First 26
B3 Brass Band Büchlberg Competing 0
Badische Brass Band First 7
Berlin Concert Brass Second 8
Big Breath Brass Band (B4) Third 6
Black-Forest Brass Band Altensteig Competing 0
Brass Band A7 First 15
Brass Band B10 Second 7
Brass Band Bamberg First 4
Brass Band Berlin Competing 0
Brass Band Blechklang Jena Second 10
Brass Band Chemnitz Youth 1
Brass Band Connection (CVJM) Competing 0
Brass Band der Musikschule Hochsauerlandkreis Competing 1
Brass Band Düren Second 15
Brass Band Frankfurt Competing 0
Brass Band Hessen Competing 0
Brass Band Hohenlohe Competing 0
Brass Band München Second 8
Brass Band Nord (Germany) Competing 3
Brass Band Oberschwaben-Allgäu First 16
Brass Band Potzblech Youth 4
Brass Band Regensburg First 17
Brass Band Sachsen First 9
Brass Band South Section Competing 0
Brass Band St. Wolfgang Competing 2
Brass Band WBI Competing 1
Brass Band Westfalen Second 9
Brass for Spass Third 2
Brass In Third 2
Brassband Geisweid Competing 0
Brezn Brass Extinct 6
Cologne Concert Brass First 22
Cologne Concert Brass Academy Youth 4
Dusseldorf Junior Concert (Germany) Extinct 1
EsBrassivo Competing 3
Evolution Brass Regensburg Youth 4
Folkwang Brass Band Competing 3
Friesland Brass Competing 1
Golden X Band Second 1
Jugend Brass Band Blechklang Youth 2
Jugendblasorchester Kleinmachnow Now a Wind Band 1
Landsberg Bavaria Extinct 1
Mannheim Young Brass Ensemble Youth 3
MK Muthmannshofen Competing 1
Nordbayerische Brass Band First 9
St. Martini Brass Band Competing 0
St. Stephan Brass Band Competing 3
Stabsmusikkorps der Heilsarmee Deutschland Salvation Army 0
Top Floor Brass Band Second 2
Trinity Brass Competing 0
Ulrichsbläser Büchlberg (UBS) Now a Wind Band 0
United Harriet Colliery Band Competing 2
Woodshockers First 9
Young Cologne Concert Brass Youth 0
Youth Brass Band Nordrhein-Westfalen First 4

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