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Bands starting with Q

Showing 33 of 12,627 bands. This is a list of current or last known names, previous band names can be found by searching.

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Name Region Contest Results
Quaker Sutherland Yorkshire 0
Quakers Hill High School Australia 1
Quarrier's City Lads (Glasgow) Scotland 1
Quarrington Hill North of England 7
Quarry Bank Temperance Midlands 3
Quarrybank Silver Prize Band Midlands 21
Quarter Colliery Scotland 32
Queanbeyan Municipal (NSW) Australia 11
Queen Alexandra's Own Wanganui New Zealand 60
Queen City Brass Canada 0
Queen City Brass Band United States of America 2
Queen Salote College Brass Band Tonga 2
Queen Street Mission Bolton North West 1
Queen's Hall Silver North of England 2
Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars Midlands 3
Queen's Park North West 3
Queens Road Methodist North West 5
Queen's University Belfast Brass Band Northern Ireland 2
Queensbury Yorkshire 72
Queenscliff Town Australia 4
Queensferry Community Brass Scotland 49
Queensferry High School Brass Band Scotland 6
Queensland Conservatorium of Music Wind Symphony (Qld) Australia 2
Queensland University Regiment Australia 1
Queensland Wind & Brass (Qld) Australia 4
Queensland Wind Ensemble (Qld) Australia 2
Queensland Wind Orchestra (Qld) Australia 4
Queensland Youth Orchestra - Wind Ensemble (QLD) Australia 2
Queensland Youth Orchestra Wind Symphony (Qld) Australia 5
Queenstown Band Australia 13
Queenstown Garrison New Zealand 3
Queenstown Volunteer New Zealand 2
Quirindi Town Australia 1

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