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Frequently Asked Questions

Viewing Contest Results

Can I see results in draw order?

Yes. All the columns in tables are sortable. Click the title bar to re-order. Click it again to order the other way.

This band didn't compete at this contest - you've mixed it up with another one!

This sometimes happens when bands have similar names, especially if there is a B band. Just tell us which ones need changing, and we'll fix it.

How does 'Compare Bands' work?

This lists results from contests where the two bands have competed against each other. We've added a highlight bar to the compare page, so that you can see the relative successes of the two bands being compared. This shows the number and percentage of meetings where one band came out above the other.

The next/previous Years or Sections links don't appear.

Links to previous and next years will show if there is a result for the same section that happened before or after this one (but there may be gaps in the sequence). Links to other sections will appear if there are results for other sections in the same year.

Adding More Results

How do I add more results?

Register, then click the Add Contest Results link on the right hand side. Follow the instructions provided.

What contests can I add?

Any! The more the merrier. Only real contests though please, don't make any up!

Can I add contests dates in the future?

Yes. These are shown on each contest page, and can optionally include the test piece and venue.

I don't know the exact date for a contest. Can I still add it?

Yes, it is now possible to enter only a month/year or even just a year. If you spot a non-specific date on the site,, and you do know the full date, please let us know via the Comments form.

What do I do for an own choice contest?

Add the contest as normal, leaving the test piece blank. When complete, edit each individual using the edit link and fill in the test piece. Only selected users can add new pieces - if you need one, fill in the Comments form and we'll sort it.

What do I do for an entertainments contest?

Add the contest as normal, leaving the test piece blank. When completed, edit the results for any programmes you know and add the programme in the notes field.

What happens for a combined contest with test piece/entertainments sections?

Put the total points in the points column. Fill the test pieces in as normal, put the entertainments programme (where known) in the notes field.

How do I fill in more details?

If you added a contest and now have more details to add to existing rows, login and use the edit link on each result. If you have more results to add to a contest, use the Add More Results link below the results table. If this doesn't appear, then please use the Comments box and we'll change it for you.

Band Details

My band got promoted/demoted and the new section isn't shown here.

This is picked up from your most recent nationally graded contest - future events are also taken into account. If you want your band to be shown as promoted or demoted after the area/regional contest you need to add the band to the list of entries for the next contest.

Promotion and demotion tends to happen at different times of the year for different areas/countries so what is shown on this site may not be the same as the 'official' section for the band.

My band is listed under two different names (the old one and the current one). How do I correct this?

Tell us and we'll fix it.

My band was never previously known as xxxx.

When people add results for band that isn't in the database it asks if you'd like to match it to an existing band. They might have selected the wrong band. This is more likely to happen where there is also a junior or B band, or there were more than one band in a town. Just tell us and we'll sort it out.

Can I add extra information such as the history of my band?

Brass Band Results isn't designed to store general info - only previous names, location and contest results.
We can add a link to the band's website - just let us know what it is. If you have historical info about previous band names or when a band ceased to exist please let Gavin at IBEW know (http://ibew.org.uk/).

My band isn't in this region

Within the UK we use the regions as defined by the National Brass Band Championship of Great Britain (http://www.regional-contest.org.uk/). Northern Ireland is, however, listed separately and is not part of Northwest Region on this site.

Some regional boundaries have changed over the years. This means that some bands might be listed in the wrong one, especially bands that no longer exist. If you believe they should be in a different region please let us know.

Outside the UK the country name is used.

I don't know the latitude/longitude for my bandroom. How do I add my band to the map?

There are a few solutions to this problem:

1. If you're in the UK and know the postcode, use the website at http://www.nearby.org.uk/, enter the postcode and then choose co-ordinate conversion only. This will give you the latitude and longitude you need. For example, http://www.nearby.org.uk/coord.cgi?p=W1A+4WW&f=conv shows a latitude of 51.518803, and a longitude of -0.143746. These are the figures you can use in the site.

2. Alternatively, using Google Maps, search for a location and zoom in until you can see your bandroom. Right click on your bandroom and select "what's here?", the search box at the top of the page will change to give you the latitude and longitude of that point.

3. Anyone in the band with a GPS or an iPhone will be able to get hold of these numbers. Use the compass app on the iPhone to get the latitude and longitude - http://www.nearby.org.uk/ can convert the co-ordinates to the right format.


I have never conducted this band. Why my name is listed for it?

When people enter results the database looks for matches with existing conductors. Sometimes, if only the conductor's initial and surname are listed, it matches to the wrong one. Let us know via the Comments form and we'll correct it. If you have the same surname as another conductor then it should match based on whether you've conducted the same band before.

I am a conductor/adjudicator and I have changed my surname. Please can you correct it?

Yes! Just tell us on the comments form. At the moment it will list all contests under your new name.

My Profile

Can I make a list of my own contest history as a player?

Yes, if you are a registered user. To get started, find a contest you took part in and click the "I played at this contest" button. You can also set date ranges for different bands so that any contests within the dates will appear in your contest history.

You can decide whether this is visible to all users, registered users or no-one else. Just go to your profile and click on 'Your Contest History'.

How do I change my avatar?

The square at the top right hand corner of your user profile is an avatar. This is also shown on each contest you have added. These images come from http://www.gravatar.com/ and are automatically generated from your email address. The idea behind gravatars is that they are global, and can be used on multiple sites. To change the image that is displayed, go to http://www.gravatar.com/, sign up, and then upload your desired image.

Other Stuff

I have some corrections, but I am not a registered user. What should I do?

Just enter your comments in the box at the bottom of the relevant page. Your message will be sent to the person who entered the contest details on the site, or to the Brass Band Results admin team.

Such and such test piece isn't listed despite being used a lot. Why?

Try typing part of its name in the search box at the top of the page. You won't find 'Year of the Dragon' listed on the Test Pieces page, but if you search for 'Dragon' on its own, you'll find the piece is called 'The Year of the Dragon'.

I sent you some Comments yesterday/last week/last month, but it hasn't been corrected yet. Why is this?

1. If you sent comments about a particular contest it will have been sent to the person who entered the details originally. It might be that they are busy. The Admin Team do check up on these comments too, so it should be fixed soon.

2. You might not have provided enough details for us to fix it. We can't find which year/band/contest you mentioned.

3. We checked the information you gave and it turned out to be incorrect.

I've entered some data incorrectly and can't fix it myself.

Please tell us in the feedback box, and we'll fix it for you.

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