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Bands starting with L

Showing 667 of 12,627 bands. This is a list of current or last known names, previous band names can be found by searching.

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Name Region Contest Results
L and N W Liverpool Road North West 0
L Union Instrumentale Leytron Switzerland 4
L. & N.W. Steam Shed (Liverpool) North West 0
L. and N.W.Railway Garston North West 1
L. C. S. (Waltham Forest) Youth Band London and Southern Counties 8
L.A. Metro Brass Band United States of America 0
L.M. & S.Ambulance Yorkshire 3
L.N.E.R. Manchester North West 0
La Cécilienne Le Landeron Switzerland 3
La Cigonia Prez-vers-Noréaz Switzerland 16
La Collongienne Collonges Switzerland 21
La Concordia Nendaz Switzerland 10
La Concordia Saint-Triphon Switzerland 6
La Contheysanne Aven/Conthey Switzerland 15
La Dixence Hérémence Switzerland 9
La Fanfare de Courcelon Switzerland 8
La Fanfare Municipale Salvan Switzerland 14
La Fraternité Noës Switzerland 6
La Gruéria Vuadens Switzerland 5
La Jurassienne - Provence-Mutrux Switzerland 1
La Liberté Salins Switzerland 19
La Lyre Corcelles-près-Payerne Switzerland 10
La Lyre de Belfaux Switzerland 1
La Lyre Farvagny Switzerland 15
La Lyre le Crêt Switzerland 7
La Lyre paroissiale Courtion Switzerland 20
La Marcelline Grône Switzerland 15
La Mauritia d'Autigny-Chénens Switzerland 1
La Montagnarde Bullet Switzerland 2
La Montagnarde Château-d'Oex Switzerland 4
La Perce-Neige Hérens Switzerland 2
La Persévérance Leytron Switzerland 9
La Persévérance Martigny-Croix Switzerland 6
La Persévérante Mont-La-Ville Switzerland 4
La Rosablanche Basse-Nendaz Switzerland 11
La Rose des Alpes Savièse Switzerland 10
La Sociale Le Locle Switzerland 1
La Stéphania Sembrancher Switzerland 10
La Villageoise de Pomy Switzerland 1
La Villageoise Dorénaz Switzerland 9
La Villageoise Penthalaz Switzerland 1
Labour & Union Australia 2
Lady Manners School Midlands 5
Lady Windsor Band Wales 134
Laganvale Band Northern Ireland 194
Laganvale CCT Northern Ireland 1
Laganvale Concert Northern Ireland 5
Laganvale Youth Northern Ireland 4
L'Agaunoise St. Maurice Switzerland 20
Laing's (Sunderland) North of England 1
Laira Youth West of England 18
Lake Macquarie Winds Australia 36
Lake Wobegon Brass Band United States of America 2
Lakeland Brass Band Switzerland 1
Lakenheath Silver Band London and Southern Counties 6
Lakes & Craters Concert - Camperdown (Vic) Australia 1
Lakes Creek Town Australia 7
Lakeville Cornet Band United States of America 1
Laksevåg Korpsskole avd. Brass Norway 1
Laksevåg Musikkforening Norway 65
Laleham Village London and Southern Counties 1
Lalm Musikkforening Norway 6
Lamberhead Green North West 2
Lamberhurst London and Southern Counties 6
Lambertville Brass United States of America 0
Lambeth B.L. London and Southern Counties 2
Lambeth Borough London and Southern Counties 45
Lambourn Brass London and Southern Counties 2
Lamorbey and District London and Southern Counties 3
Lanark Town Scotland 6
Lanarkshire Royal Engineers Scotland 0
Lanarkshire Youth Brass Scotland 2
Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Alexandra (Newton Heath) North West 7
Lancashire Brass North West 52
Lancashire Constabulary Band North West 188
Lancashire Fusiliers Association North West 22
Lancashire Youth North West 4
Lancaster Borough North West 15
Lancaster British Brass Band United States of America 0
Lancaster City Brass North West 9
Lancaster University Band North West 89
Lancaster Volunteer Artillery North West 1
Lanchester Brass North of England 89
Lanchester Youth Band North of England 1
Lancing Brass of the Royal British Legion London and Southern Counties 5
Landsberg Bavaria Germany 1
Landås Skoles Musikkorps Norway 0
Lane Cove Concert (NSW) Australia 20
Lane Cove Municipal (NSW) Australia 40
Lane Cove Municipal Juniors Australia 4
Laneshawbridge North West 1
Langcliffe Yorkshire 1
Langeland Skulekorps Norway 7
Langelands Brass Band Denmark 1
Langelandsgardens Brass Band Denmark 2
Langford London and Southern Counties 3
Langford and Filkins West of England 18
Langgaard Brass Band Denmark 2
Langholm Town Scotland 85
Langholm Town Junior Band Scotland 3
Langhus Brass Norway 63
Langhus Skolekorps Norway 4
Langley Band Midlands 305
Langley Community Brass Midlands 2
Langley Junior Band Midlands 23
Langley Moor North of England 1
Langley Park Band North of England 77
Langport Town West of England 1
Langtoft Yorkshire 1
Langwith Colliery Junior Midlands 56
Langwith Miners Welfare Midlands 130
Lanner & District Junior West of England 10
Lanner and District Silver Band West of England 173
Lanner Brass Academy West of England 10
Lansil Works Lancaster North West 5
Laporte Industries Band North West 28
L'Appel du Manoir Gruyères Switzerland 9
Largo Scotland 16
Larkhall Colliery Scotland 0
Larkhall Public Scotland 29
Larkhall Raploch Scotland 28
Larkhall Silver Scotland 79
Larne Northern Ireland 3
Lars Jacob Norway 0
Larsens Concrete Wanganui Garrison New Zealand 2
Las Vegas Brass Band United States of America 0
Lassodie Public Scotland 58
Latchford North West 57
Latchford Warrington Silver North West 19
Lathom and Burscough North West 2
Latinus Brass Band France 2
Latrobe City Brass Band [Victoria] Australia 8
Latrobe Federal Band [Tasmania] Australia 104
Latrobe Federal No.2 (Tas) Australia 1
Latrobe Federal Youth Band Australia 12
Laufen (Stadtharmonie) Switzerland Switzerland 1
Laukvik Brass Norway 4
Laukvik Skolekorps Norway 1
Launceston Bel Canto Australia 10
Launceston Boys & Citizens Australia 4
Launceston Boy's Band Australia 1
Launceston City Band Australia 56
Launceston College Community Concert (Tas) Australia 9
Launceston College Junior A Band (Tasmania) Australia 1
Launceston College Junior B Band (Tasmania) Australia 1
Launceston College Junior No.3 (Tasmania) Australia 1
Launceston Garrison Australia 8
Launceston Railway Silver Band Australia 68
Launceston Railway Silver Junior Australia 1
Launceston Town Band West of England 151
Launceston Town Juniors West of England 9
Laureldale Brass Ensemble Northern Ireland 6
Laurieston Scotland 59
Lavender Hill Temperance London and Southern Counties 1
Lavengamalie College Tonga 1
L'Avenir Auvernier Switzerland 4
L'Avenir Avry-Rosé Switzerland 2
L'Avenir Barberêche-Courtepin Switzerland 8
L'Avenir Bercher Switzerland 4
L'Avenir d'Avry-Matran Switzerland 7
L'Avenir de Bagnes Le Châble Switzerland 6
L'Avenir Fully Switzerland 5
L'Avenir La Brévine Switzerland 2
Lavik Skulemusikk Norway 5
Laxey Temperance North West 3
Laxey United North West 1
Laygate Institute North of England 1
LDK-k Brass Band Sweden 5
Le Ch'ti Brass France 2
Lea Hall Brass Band Midlands 0
Lea Mills Midlands 83
Leadgate Mission North of England 7
Leadgate Saxhorn North of England 1
Leadhills Scotland 3
Leadhills Silver Band Scotland 3
League of the Cross (Newport) Wales 2
Leamington Royal Spa Midlands 5
Leasingthorne Colliery North of England 63
Leatherhead and Bookham London and Southern Counties 24
L'Echo de La Molombe Penthalaz-Daillens Switzerland 2
L'Echo de la Vallée Val d'Illiez Switzerland 20
L'Echo d'Orny Orsières Switzerland 9
L'Echo du Gibloux Le Châtelard Switzerland 9
L'Echo du Lac de Rossens Switzerland 11
L'Echo du Mont Aproz Switzerland 4
Ledbury Community Brass Band Midlands 3
L'Edelweiss des Diablerets Erde-Conthey Switzerland 2
Lee Moor and Stanley Yorkshire 13
Lee Mount Yorkshire 153
Leebotwood Midlands 1
Leeds (Smiths) Yorkshire 0
Leeds Artillery Band Yorkshire 3
Leeds Borough Yorkshire 2
Leeds British Legion Yorkshire 1
Leeds Central Yorkshire 1
Leeds Central Band Yorkshire 0
Leeds City Yorkshire 157
Leeds Clarion Yorkshire 1
Leeds Engineers Yorkshire 13
Leeds Forge Yorkshire 108
Leeds Joppa Operatic Yorkshire 5
Leeds Model Yorkshire 0
Leeds Postmen Yorkshire 12
Leeds Rifle Yorkshire 1
Leeds University Band Yorkshire 42
Leeds Wellington Foundry (Sir P. Fairbairn's) Yorkshire 0
Leeds West Hunslet Band Yorkshire 0
Leek Blue Ribbon Midlands 3
Leek British Legion Midlands 15
Leek Temperance Midlands 23
Leek Town Midlands 3
Leeming Area Concert (WA) Australia 1
Lees & Glodwick North West 264
Lees Band North West 52
Lees Old North West 15
Lees Street Congregational Openshaw North West 2
Lees Temperance North West 1
Leeton District (NSW) Australia 4
Leeton Town Band Australia 2
Legacy Brass Canada 0
Legh Street North West 4
Leicester A.T.C. Midlands 1
Leicester Ambassadors Midlands 32
Leicester and Rutland Police Midlands 10
Leicester Borough Midlands 2
Leicester Excelsior Midlands 14
Leicester Factory Midlands 1
Leicester Foresters' Midlands 3
Leicester Foresters No. 2 Midlands 13
Leicester Foresters Youth Midlands 1
Leicester Highfields Midlands 14
Leicester Imperial Midlands 4
Leicester North Evington Club Midlands 0
Leicester Railway Club Midlands 12
Leicester Rifle Volunteers Midlands 1
Leicester Sea and Air Cadets Midlands 2
Leicester South SA Band Midlands 0
Leicester Temperance Brass Band Midlands 3
Leicester Town Midlands 3
Leicestershire Brass Band Association Youth Midlands 2
Leicestershire Co-op (South Midlands Welfare) Midlands 82
Leicestershire Co-op Snibston Band Midlands 178
Leicestershire Co-op Training Midlands 5
Leicestershire Military Midlands 1
Leichhardt Celebrity Brass Australia 0
Leichhardt Municipal Australia 39
Leidzen Brass Band Kenya 0
Leigh Public North West 5
Leigh Silver Band North West 113
Leigh Volunteers North West 11
Leighton Buzzard Temperance London and Southern Counties 23
Leighton Buzzard Temperance London and Southern Counties 1
Leiston RBL Band London and Southern Counties 27
Leiston Works A A London and Southern Counties 5
Leisure Hour (Harpurhey) North West 4
Leith Silver Scotland 28
Leith Trades Scotland 1
Lelant West of England 8
L'Elite Cressier Switzerland 9
Lemington North of England 1
Lemington Glass Works North of England 11
Lench's Excelsior Midlands 2
Leongatha & District Australia 4
Leongatha Concert (Vic) Australia 1
Lerwick Brass Band Scotland 0
Lerwick Brass Band Scotland 0
Les Armaillis d'Echarlens Switzerland 3
Les Armes-Réunies La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland 1
Les Colombes Collombey Switzerland 5
Les Echos du Bueberg Movelier Switzerland 1
Les Echos du Val-Terbi Corban Switzerland 12
Les Enfants des Deux Republiques St. Gingolph Switzerland 11
Les Martinets de Cottens Switzerland 1
Leslie Scotland 3
Leslie & District Scotland 47
Lesmahagow Independent Order of Good Templars Scotland 3
Lesmahagow Miners Scotland 12
Lesmahayne and District Scotland 0
Lesmes Brass Unknown 6
L'Espérance Coffrane - Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane Switzerland 3
L'Espérance Cressier Switzerland 4
L'Espérance d'Ependes Switzerland 8
L'Espérance d'Orsonnens Switzerland 3
L'Espérance Vionnaz Switzerland 14
Letchworth Garden City London and Southern Counties 68
Letterbreen Silver Band Northern Ireland 11
Leven Town Scotland 64
Levenshulme North West 52
Levenshulme Mission North West 1
Levern Valley Community Brass Scotland 13
Levin and Districts Brass New Zealand 27
Levin Municipal New Zealand 37
Lewes Town London and Southern Counties 18
Lewes, Glynde and Beddingham London and Southern Counties 0
Lewington Yamaha Yorkshire 35
Lewis Graddfa Youth Wales 1
Lewis Merthyr Band Wales 418
Lewisburg Cornet Band United States of America 1
Lewisham London and Southern Counties 59
Lexington Brass Band United States of America 0
Leyburn North of England 49
Leyland Band North West 493
Leyland British Legion North West 9
Leyland Parish Church North West 6
Leyland Subscription North West 83
Leysian Mission London and Southern Counties 2
Leyton Borough London and Southern Counties 105
LGB Brass London and Southern Counties 121
L'Harmonie Arconciel Switzerland 13
L'Harmonie Môtiers Switzerland 4
L'Helvetia Iserables Switzerland 6
L'Helvétia Isérables Switzerland 5
Liberty Brass Band Junior Switzerland 36
Liberty Brass Band Ostschweiz Switzerland 55
Liberty Plains Brass Band Australia 4
Lichfield Midlands 3
Lidcombe Municipal Australia 10
Liddesdale Temperance Scotland 46
Light United Band Australia 18
Lighthouse Silver London and Southern Counties 15
Ligoniel Silver Band Northern Ireland 32
Liland/Hjellestad/Tertnes Yngstekorps Norway 1
Lille Metropole Brass Band Couronne Sud France 0
Lillehammer Brass Norway 17
Lilleshall Collieries Midlands 48
Lilongwe Corps Brass Band Malawi 0
Limavady Northern Ireland 0
Limavady Grammar School Northern Ireland 1
Limerick National Brass Band Republic of Ireland 3
Limhamns Brass Band Sweden 5
Linacre Wesleyan North West 1
Lincoln Beevor Band Midlands 2
Lincoln Beevor Youth Band Midlands 6
Lincoln British Legion Midlands 1
Lincoln Citadel Band Midlands 0
Lincoln City Band Midlands 21
Lincoln Excelsior Band Midlands 10
Lincoln Far Newland Midlands 4
Lincoln Imperial Midlands 9
Lincoln Malleable Ironworks Midlands 1
Lincoln Newland Mission Band Midlands 10
Lincoln Ruston's Silver Midlands 29
Lincoln St. Michael's Midlands 4
Lincoln Temperance Midlands 4
Lincoln Town Midlands 2
Lincolnshire Hospitals Band Midlands 5
Lincolnshire Volunteer Artillery Band Midlands 1
Lincs Youth Midlands 5
Lindenberg Brass Switzerland 1
Lindley Band Yorkshire 782
Lindley Boys Club Yorkshire 1
Lindås Brass Norway 55
Lindås Skulekorps Norway 15
Lingdale Silver Band North of England 139
Lingfield Silver London and Southern Counties 29
Lingfield Youth Band London and Southern Counties 0
Linthwaite Juniors Yorkshire 2
Linthwaite Silver Band Yorkshire 675
Linton Band London and Southern Counties 1
Linton Colliery North of England 9
Lintz Green North of England 1
Lion City Brass Band Singapore 2
Lions Brass 4 Youth West of England 1
Lions Debut Band Unknown 1
Lions Junior Brass North West 21
Lions Youth Beginners North West 15
Lions Youth Brass North West 71
Lisarow High School Australia 4
Lisbon Corps Band of the Salvation Army Portugal 0
Lisburn Juniors Northern Ireland 1
Lisburn Silver Band Northern Ireland 73
Liskeard Juniors West of England 25
Liskeard Silver West of England 12
Liskeard Temperance West of England 4
L'Islet Band of the Salvation Army London and Southern Counties 0
Lismarka Mesnali Brass Norway 39
Lismarkens Musikforening Norway 5
Lismore Citizens & Boys (NSW) Australia 2
Lismore City Australia 15
Lismore Concert (NSW) Australia 2
Lismore Federal Australia 1
Lismore Town Australia 3
Lismore Town (NSW) Australia 6
Lismore United Australia 1
Lisnaskea Silver Band Northern Ireland 3
Liss Band West of England 5
Lister's Silver West of England 0
Listowel Citadel Band Canada 0
Litchborough Midlands 1
Litherland Silver North West 51
Lithgow City Brass Band Australia 42
Lithgow City Juniors Australia 1
Lithgow Industrial Union Australia 2
Lithgow Model Australia 1
Lithgow Senior Cadets (NSW) Australia 3
Lithgow State Mines Australia 3
Little Bowden Midlands 1
Little Brassers Michelsamt Switzerland 9
Little Bromwich School Midlands 3
Little Lever Temperance North West 16
Little Mountain Brass Band Canada 0
Little Waltham and District London and Southern Counties 1
Littleborough Band North West 374
Littleborough Training Band North West 2
Littleborough Training No 1 North West 6
Littleborough Training No 2 North West 1
Littlemore Brass Band London and Southern Counties 0
Littleport Brass London and Southern Counties 117
Liverpool Alliance North West 2
Liverpool Boys' Orphanage North West 1
Liverpool Boys Refuge North West 7
Liverpool Brass North West 8
Liverpool Brass Band North West 69
Liverpool British Workmens North West 2
Liverpool Catholic Total Abstinence North West 2
Liverpool City (NSW) Australia 26
Liverpool City (UK) North West 5
Liverpool Excelsior North West 2
Liverpool Municipal Australia 4
Liverpool North End North West 13
Liverpool Press Guard North West 1
Liverpool Road (L&NW) North West 5
Liverpool South Corporation Schools North West 1
Liverpool Transport and General Workers North West 1
Liverpool Victoria North West 3
Liverpool West Derby North West 4
Liversedge Yorkshire 4
Livingston Brass Scotland 61
Livingstone London and Southern Counties 1
Lixwm Wales 1
Llan Festiniog Silver Wales 40
Llanaelhaearn Wales 1
Llanberis Silver Wales 47
Llanbradach Wales 11
Llanddulas Wales 53
Llandilo Wales 40
Llandilo Volunteer Wales 2
Llandinorwic Ebenezer Wales 3
Llandrindod Wells Silver Band Wales 0
Llandrindod Wells Temperance Band Wales 0
Llandudno Amateur Wales 1
Llandudno Band Wales 105
Llandudno Juniors Wales 7
Llanelli Band Wales 97
Llanelli Youth Wales 4
Llanelly Rifle Volunteers Wales 1
Llanelly Town Wales 48
Llanerchymor Wales 5
Llanerfyl Wales 1
Llanfairfechan Wales 11
Llangefni Wales 4
Llangollen Silver Band Wales 17
Llangollen Youth Wales 4
Llangynog Wales 1
Llanharan Wales 1
Llanhilleth Wales 10
Llanhylleth Colliery Wales 10
Llanidloes Borough Wales 10
Llanllyfni Wales 1
Llanrhaeadr Wales 2
Llanrug Band Wales 229
Llanrug Youth Wales 18
Llanrwst Town Wales 7
Llansaint Silver Wales 157
Llansamlet Wales 30
Llay Welfare Wales 85
Llay Welfare Institute Wales 73
Lloyd Park Hall London and Southern Counties 2
Lloyd's Axle and Tyre Works Midlands 3
Lloyd's Ironworks Midlands 1
Llwchwr and District Wales 1
Llwydcoed Band Wales 267
Llwydcoed Youth Wales 2
Llwynhendy Wales 2
LNWR Manchester North West 4
Loanhead Brass Roots Scotland 15
Loanhead Brass Youth Scotland 9
Loanhead Burgh Scotland 9
Loanhead Ex-Servicemen Scotland 4
Loanhead Youth Band Scotland 1
Lob Mills (Todmorden) Yorkshire 14
Loch Garman Silver Republic of Ireland 7
Lochgelly Band Scotland 358
Lochgelly Private Scotland 5
Lochgilphead Asylum Brass Band Scotland 0
Lochore Colliery Scotland 13
Lockeridge Silver Prize West of England 0
Lockerley Silver Band West of England 51
Lockwood Band (Huddersfield) Yorkshire 235
Lockwood Brass North of England 46
Loddon Brass London and Southern Counties 35
Loddon Secondary London and Southern Counties 2
Loddon Youth 'B' London and Southern Counties 5
Lofthouse 2000 Brass Band Yorkshire 72
Lofthouse and Middlesmoor North of England 2
Lofthouse Colliery Yorkshire 50
Lofthouse Youth 2000 Yorkshire 4
Loftus North of England 22
Logan City Brass Band Australia 4
London and South West Railway London and Southern Counties 3
London Central Fellowship Band London and Southern Counties 0
London Citadel Band Canada 0
London City Brass London and Southern Counties 5
London College of Music London and Southern Counties 38
London Co-op Forest London and Southern Counties 18
London Foresters London and Southern Counties 1
London Home Guard 5th London and Southern Counties 1
London Metropolitan Brass Beginners Band London and Southern Counties 3
London Metropolitan Brass Community Band London and Southern Counties 57
London Metropolitan Brass Senior Band London and Southern Counties 0
London NE Divisional Fellowship Band London and Southern Counties 0
London Road P.S.A. London and Southern Counties 2
London Silver London and Southern Counties 41
London Tramways London and Southern Counties 5
London Transport London and Southern Counties 1
Londonderry Britannia Northern Ireland 1
Londonderry Workshops North of England 0
Lone Skulemusikklag Norway 14
Long Buckby Home Guard Midlands 0
Long Buckby Sanders Independence Midlands 5
Long Buckby Temperance Midlands 16
Long Buckby Town Silver Midlands 50
Long Crendon Excelsior London and Southern Counties 1
Long Eaton British Legion Midlands 7
Long Eaton Good Templar Band Midlands 2
Long Eaton Salvation Army Band Midlands 0
Long Eaton Silver Prize Band Midlands 289
Long Eaton Temperance Band Midlands 41
Long Eaton Town Band Midlands 36
Long Eaton Training Midlands 9
Long Gully Miners' Band Australia 0
Long Island Brass United States of America 0
Long Lawford Midlands 9
Long Lea Valley Midlands 94
Long Lea Valley Youth Midlands 1
Long Melford London and Southern Counties 52
Long Sutton Town London and Southern Counties 3
Longannet Colliery (Cowdenbeath) Scotland 301
Longden Midlands 2
Longford Hall Mission (Salford) North West 9
Longford Star Midlands 1
Longland Brass London and Southern Counties 3
Longreach Town Band Australia 60
Longridge Band North West 441
Longridge Youth North West 2
Longriggend Temperance Scotland 16
Longsight Steam Shed North West 5
Longton Midlands 30
Longton St. Andrew's North West 6
Lonsdale Scouts & Guides North West 2
Looft den Heer Beetgumermolen Netherlands 37
Looft den Heer Wirdum Netherlands 7
Lord Donington's Private Band Midlands 1
Lord Nelson Mine Band Australia 8
Lord Vernon's 2nd Derbyshire Rifle Band Midlands 1
Lord Yarborough's Brocklesby Yeomanry Band North of England 1
Lord's Grace Youth Brass Band Namibia 0
Lord's Hill Midlands 1
Los Mocosos Örnsköldsvik Sweden 2
Loscoe Miners Midlands 64
Lossiemouth Artillery Scotland 1
Lostock Hall Memorial Band North West 242
Lostock Industrial Schools North West 1
Lostock Mill North West 4
Lostwithiel Band West of England 0
Lostwithiel Band West of England 0
Lostwithiel Brass '88 West of England 25
Lostwithiel Silver West of England 71
Lostwithiel Town Band West of England 28
Lostwithiel Training Band West of England 15
Lostwithiel Youth West of England 65
Loudoun Academy Scotland 4
Loughborough Midlands 189
Loughborough Youth Band Midlands 51
Loughor Silver Wales 19
Loughor Town Wales 7
Lourdes Brass Republic of Ireland 45
Lourdes Brass 2 Republic of Ireland 1
Louth Mission Midlands 4
Louth Riverhead Silver Band Midlands 0
Low Moor Yorkshire 16
Low Row North of England 1
Low Spennymoor North of England 1
Lowca Colliery North of England 38
Lower Blue Mountains Concert Juniors Australia 3
Lower Crumpsall Temperance North West 2
Lower Earley SA London and Southern Counties 0
Lower Hutt Civic New Zealand 61
Lower Hutt Municipal New Zealand 62
Lower Hutt Municipal New Zealand 3
Lower Ince Temperance North West 76
Lowerhouse Mills Burnley North West 57
Lowerplace North West 13
Lowestoft Artillery Volunteers London and Southern Counties 1
Lowestoft Blue Ribbon Army London and Southern Counties 1
Lowestoft British Legion London and Southern Counties 5
Lowestoft Rifle Volunteers London and Southern Counties 1
Lowland Divisional Engineers Scotland 1
Lowland Engineers (Rutherglen) Scotland 1
Lowton Silver North West 21
Loxley Silver Band Yorkshire 82
Loxley Wesleyan Midlands 9
Loxton District Australia 9
Loyal St. George West of England 1
Lucas Heights Community School Band Australia 3
Luckett's Travel (Southsea) London and Southern Counties 108
Lucknow Town Australia 1
Lucton School London and Southern Counties 10
Luddendenfoot Yorkshire 10
Ludlow British Legion Midlands 1
Ludlow School Midlands 2
Ludlow Town Midlands 6
Lugar Scotland 10
Lumbfoot (Keighley) Yorkshire 2
Lumley 6th Colliery North of England 80
Lumley and New Lambton Colliery North of England 1
Lumley Temperance North of England 1
Lunds Brassband Sweden 25
L'Union Instrumentale Liddes Switzerland 5
Lurgan Boys' Brigade Northern Ireland 2
Lurgan Brass Band Northern Ireland 2
Lurganure Northern Ireland 4
Luton Band London and Southern Counties 0
Luton Band London and Southern Counties 321
Luton Junior Band London and Southern Counties 13
Luton Public London and Southern Counties 20
Luton Town London and Southern Counties 8
Luton Volunteers London and Southern Counties 18
Luton Youth Brass London and Southern Counties 2
Lutterworth Town Band Midlands 6
Lux Brass Luxembourg 0
Luzern Brass Switzerland 1
Lycett Mission London and Southern Counties 37
Lyceum Brass Australia 5
Lydbrook Band West of England 299
Lydbrook Barbarians West of England 5
Lydbrook Excelsior Band West of England 0
Lydbrook Onward Band West of England 8
Lydbrook Training Band West of England 41
Lyderhorn Skolebrass Norway 19
Lyderhorn Skolebrass Aspirantkorps Norway 5
Lyderhorn Skolebrass Juniorkorps Norway 3
Lydgate Band North West 110
Lydney Band West of England 292
Lydney Excelsior West of England 0
Lydney Training West of England 18
Lyme Regis Town Band West of England 3
Lyminge Silver London and Southern Counties 3
Lymington Borough Military West of England 15
Lymington Town West of England 7
Lymm British Legion North West 3
Lymm Public North West 1
Lymm Subscription North West 6
Lynemouth Colliery North of England 0
Lyngby-Taarbaek Brass Band Denmark 67
Lyngdal Brass Norway 3
Lynghøjskolens Brass Band Denmark 2
Lyre Paroissiale de La Roche Switzerland 4
Lyre paroissiale de Surpierre Switzerland 6
Lysaght's Works Midlands 0
Lysefjorden Musikklag Norway 8
Lyshornet Brass Norway 38
Lytham British Legion North West 1
Lyttelton Marine Band New Zealand 22
Lyttleton New Zealand 1
Løgstør Garden Denmark 3
Løvås Skoles Musikkorps Norway 1

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