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Bands starting with V

Showing 90 of 12,627 bands. This is a list of current or last known names, previous band names can be found by searching.

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Name Region Contest Results
V.R.C. (London) London and Southern Counties 1
Valaisia Brass Band Switzerland 33
Valby Musikkorps Denmark 0
Valdres Brass Band Norway 53
Vale of Glamorgan Band Wales 75
Vale of Glamorgan Training Band Wales 1
Vale of Leven Scotland 2
Vale of Pewsey West of England 6
Vale of York Yorkshire 1
Valestrand/Avaldsnes skolekorps Norway 1
Valldal Hornmusikklag Norway 1
Valley Brass (CH) Switzerland 2
Valley Brass (Haydock) Band North West 193
Valley Brass Training North West 1
Valley Brass Youth North West 1
Valley Concert Band Australia 0
Vancouver Kitsilano Boys Canada 2
Vanse Brass Norway 0
Varde Blæserorkester Denmark 0
Vardenes Skolekorps Norway 16
Varsity All-Star Brass Band United States of America 17
Varteg District Memorial Hall Wales 31
Varteg Temperance Wales 4
Vasa Band Sweden 0
Vasa Brass Sweden 0
Vassenden Skulemusikk Norway 9
Vassøy Skolekorps Norway 3
Vaux Brewery North of England 0
Vauxhall Motors Recreation Club London and Southern Counties 4
Vaynol Wales 22
Vectis Brass West of England 40
Vectis Training West of England 1
Vectis Youth Brass West of England 10
Vedavågen Skolekorps Norway 3
Ventnor Artillery West of England 3
Ventnor Rifles West of England 1
Ventura British Brass United States of America 0
Verdin Adelaide North West 9
Vereinigte Brass Band MGN / BBSM Switzerland 3
Vernon Building Society (Poynton) Brass Band North West 474
Vernon's Motors Wales 1
Versatile Band Yorkshire 14
Verwood Concert Brass West of England 278
Verwood Town West of England 32
Verwood Training West of England 2
Verwood Youth West of England 2
Vestawind Norway 1
Vesthimmerland Ungdoms Brass Band Denmark 2
Vestre Slidre Skulekorps Norway 13
Vestsidens Musikkorps Norway 2
Vibå Bondebrass Norway 6
Vickers Crayford London and Southern Counties 1
Vickers Works Yorkshire 2
Vickers Youth Brass North of England 8
Victor Harbor City Band Australia 6
Victoria (Batley) Yorkshire 3
Victoria (Wolverhampton) Midlands 9
Victoria Artizans Liverpool North West 1
Victoria Foundry (Leeds) Yorkshire 2
Victoria Hall (Bolton) North West 30
Victoria Hall (Manchester) North West 8
Victoria Mills North West 1
Victoria Station (Sheffield) Yorkshire 1
Victoria Volunteer Rifles (Paddington) London and Southern Counties 6
Victoria, Lochhead and Earlseat Scotland 21
Victorian Socialist Party (Vic) Australia 4
Victorian State Youth Brass Band Australia 0
Vigrestad Brass Norway 1
Vigrestad Skulekorps Norway 18
Vik Musikklag Norway 1
Viking Youth West of England 4
Vintage Brass Yorkshire 0
Virtuous Hus Band Great Britain 2
Visby Brass Sweden 1
Vitkovice Czech Republic 1
Vivid Brass Tokyo Japan 0
Vivo Brass Norway 0
Vlaardingen Band of the Salvation Army Netherlands 0
VM-Brasset Växjö Sweden 8
VM-Minibrass Vaxjo Sweden 1
Voel Gaer Wales 12
Vojens Brass Band Denmark 0
Volunteer Headquarters (Sydney) Australia 2
Voorwaarts Baarlo Netherlands 0
Vulcan Motor Works Southport North West 1
Värmlands Ungdomsbrass Sweden 2
Värnamo Kulturskolan Brass Sweden 1
Värnamo Missionskyrkas Brassband Sweden 11
Västerås Brass Sweden 1
Våxtorps Brassband Sweden 1

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