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Bands starting with U

Showing 115 of 12,627 bands. This is a list of current or last known names, previous band names can be found by searching.

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Name Region Contest Results
U3A Sandbach an District Band North West 0
Uckfield British Legion London and Southern Counties 1
Uckfield Concert Brass London and Southern Counties 148
UDI Brass Scotland 72
Uffes Blås Brass Band Sweden 12
Uffes Blås Youth Brass Band Sweden 5
UGA British Brass Band United States of America 2
UK Paper Band Sittingbourne London and Southern Counties 29
Uley P.S.A West of England 9
Uley Town West of England 3
Ulrichsbläser Büchlberg (UBS) Germany 0
Ulsmåg Skole Musikkorps Norway 2
Ulster Orchestra Youth Brass Band Northern Ireland 0
Ulverston Junior North West 1
Ulverston Municipal Australia 1
Ulverston Town Band [Cumbria] North of England 36
Ulverstone Municipal Band [Tasmania] Australia 124
Ulverstone Municipal Juniors Australia 37
Ulverstone Municipal Juniors No.2 Australia 1
Ulverstone Municipal No.2 Australia 2
Ulverstone Rangers (Tas) Australia 4
Ulveset Skulekorps Norway 7
Ulvik skulemusikklag Norway 1
Ungdomskorpset Samklang Norway 16
Union Cornet Band United States of America 0
Union de Venthône Switzerland 2
Union Instrumentale Ayent-Anzère Switzerland 2
Union Instrumentale de Forel (Lavaux) Switzerland 15
Union Instrumentale Troistorrents Switzerland 10
Union Paroissiale Sâles Switzerland 3
Union Place Military Midlands 2
Unison Kinneil Band Scotland 306
Unite the Union (City of Sheffield) Yorkshire 385
United Brass Belgium 12
United Brass Schaffhausen Switzerland 9
United Co-op Crewe North West 0
United Co-op Crewe Youth North West 82
United Harmonic (Boston) Midlands 1
United Harriet Colliery Band Germany 2
United Midlands Brass Midlands 5
United Mine Workers Federation Band Australia 16
United Norwest Co-op Normid 2000 Youth North West 31
United Norwest Co-op Rochdale Band North West 106
United Services London and Southern Counties 1
United Sherwood (Sutton-in-Ashfield) Midlands 3
Unity Brass B Band Midlands 34
Unity Brass Training Midlands 9
Unity Brass Youth Midlands 6
Uniun da musica Lantsch Switzerland 13
Uniun da musica Sagogn Switzerland 14
Universal Brass Band Wil Switzerland 32
Universities of Birmingham Midlands 16
Universities Vytautas-Magnus & Kaunas Lithuania 1
University Brass United States of America 1
University of Bangor Scratch Band Wales 6
University of Bath West of England 1
University of Chichester Brass Band London and Southern Counties 6
University of Edinburgh Scotland 8
University of Huddersfield Yorkshire 21
University of Hull Band North of England 7
University of Illinois British Brass Band United States of America 0
University of Liverpool Brass Band North West 0
University of Newcastle Concert (NSW) Australia 9
University of Newcastle Conservatorium Junior Concert (NSW) Australia 1
University of Newcastle Crotchets & Quavers (NSW) Australia 5
University of Newcastle Juniors Australia 1
University of Newcastle Wind Orchestra (NSW) Australia 7
University of North Texas Brass Band United States of America 0
University of Northern Iowa Brass Band United States of America 1
University of Nottingham Midlands 37
University of Sheffield Alumni Yorkshire 12
University of Sheffield Brass Band Yorkshire 58
University of Warwick Band Midlands 185
University of York Band North of England 77
Unley Concert Band Australia 20
UNSL N S W Pipers (NSW) Australia 1
Unsworth Public North West 11
Upholland Temperance North West 1
Uplands (Smethwick) Midlands 17
Uplands Seedy. School Boys Midlands 4
Uplands Warley Midlands 2
Upper Canada Brass Canada 2
Upper Hutt Concert Brass New Zealand 1
Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Brass New Zealand 62
Upper Norwood SA Band London and Southern Counties 0
Upper Rhondda Wales 0
Upper Rhondda Brass Band Wales 69
Upper Rhondda Comprehensive School Wales 18
Upper Rhondda Juniors Wales 7
Upper Stoke Midlands 1
Uppermill Band North West 469
Upton Branch Y.M.C.A. Yorkshire 4
Upton Colliery Workpeople's Band Yorkshire 70
Upton W.M.C. Yorkshire 1
Upwell London and Southern Counties 6
Urchfont West of England 2
Urmston & Davyhulme North West 0
Urmston & Davyhulme 'B' North West 20
Urmston St. Clement's North West 8
Urpeth Colliery North of England 38
Usk Brass Band Wales 48
Usk Town Band Wales 14
Usk Volunteers (4th V.B. S.W.B.) Wales 0
Usk Youth Wales 6
Uskedalen Musikklag Norway 3
Uskedalen Skulekorps Norway 1
Usworth and District North of England 3
Usworth Colliery North of England 13
Utah Premiere Brass United States of America 0
Utsira Brass Band Norway 0
Utsonomiya Brass Society Japan 0
Uttoxeter Town Brass Midlands 42
UWCSEA Dover Brass Band Singapore 2
Uxbridge and Hillingdon Silver London and Southern Counties 1
Uxbridge Providence London and Southern Counties 10

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