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Bands starting with M

Showing 927 of 12,627 bands. This is a list of current or last known names, previous band names can be found by searching.

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Name Region Contest Results
M and SW Athletic Club West of England 1
M.S. and L. Railway Gorton North West 15
Maamaloa Brass New Zealand 2
Mabe Band West of England 12
Macclesfield North West 8
Macclesfield Brass North West 39
Macclesfield Junior Brass Band North West 9
Macclesfield Rifles North West 1
Macclesfield Youth North West 171
Macclesfield Youth Training North West 7
Machno Vale Silver Band Wales 3
Machynlleth Wales 10
Mackay Citizens Australia 4
Mackay City Band Australia 118
Mackay City Juniors Australia 3
Mackillop College (Vic) Australia 2
Macleay District Concert Australia 1
MacTaggart Scott Loanhead Scotland 127
Maddiston Salvation Army Band Scotland 0
Madeley Town Midlands 14
Madison Brass Band United States of America 13
Madrid Central Corps Band of the Salvation Army Spain 0
Madron British Legion West of England 1
Maesteg and District Wales 1
Maesteg Hibernian Wales 16
Maesteg League of the Cross Wales 39
Maesteg Town Wales 2
Maesteg Volunteer Wales 31
Maffra & District (Vic) Australia 2
Magdalen & District Midlands 15
Magheramorne Silver Band Northern Ireland 6
Magill Brass Australia 33
Maguiresbridge Silver Band Northern Ireland 19
Mahidol Brass Band Thailand 0
Maidenhead Citadel Band London and Southern Counties 0
Maidenhead Silver Prize London and Southern Counties 8
Maidstone Boys Technical School London and Southern Counties 1
Maidstone Salvation Army Band London and Southern Counties 0
Maidstone Trinity Brass London and Southern Counties 1
Maindee Wales 2
Maitland Brass Australia 23
Maitland City Band Australia 64
Maitland City Juniors Australia 1
Maitland Community Concert (NSW) Australia 3
Maitland Federal Australia 5
Maitland Municipal (SA) Australia 21
Malaga Brass Band Spain 2
Maldon Brass Band [Victoria] Australia 6
Malinslee Midlands 4
Malling District Youth London and Southern Counties 5
Malling Town London and Southern Counties 9
Malmheim Skolekorps Norway 1
Malmo Brass Band Sweden 25
Malpas Town North West 2
Maltby Miners Welfare Band Yorkshire 223
Maltby Miners Welfare Training Yorkshire 1
Malton and Norton Band North of England 5
Malton and Norton Sax Horn Yorkshire 10
Malton and Norton United Yorkshire 5
Malton Volunteer Rifle Band North of England 5
Malton White Star Band North of England 5
Malvern Chase Brass Band Midlands 0
Malvern Hills District Brass Band Midlands 163
Malvern Municipal & Tramways Australia 1
Malvern Municipal (Vic) Australia 0
Malvern Town West of England 2
Malvern Tramway Juniors (Vic) Australia 3
Malvern Tramways (Vic) Australia 9
Mamre Christian College (St Mary's) Australia 13
Manaia Municipal New Zealand 4
Manannan North West 7
Manchester & Salford Police North West 1
Manchester and Sheffield Locomotive (New Holland) Midlands 3
Manchester and Sheffield Railway Co. Loco. Dep. North West 10
Manchester Artillery Volunteers North West 1
Manchester Boys North West 4
Manchester Citadel Band United States of America 0
Manchester Civil Defence North West 1
Manchester Concertina North West 5
Manchester Corporation (Water Street) North West 5
Manchester Corporation Employees Hyde Rd North West 2
Manchester Corporation Health Department Holt Town North West 2
Manchester Corporation Transport North West 12
Manchester Fire Brigade Silver North West 1
Manchester Midland Railway North West 1
Manchester Pioneer North West 1
Manchester Post Office North West 12
Manchester Public North West 2
Manchester Rechabite Pioneer North West 1
Manchester Schools North West 1
Manchester Telegraph Messengers North West 0
Manchester United North West 16
Manchester University North West 11
Manchester YMCA North West 0
Mandurah Concert (WA) Australia 1
Manea Silver Band London and Southern Counties 1
Manea Silver Band London and Southern Counties 41
Manger Folkehøgskule Brass Band Norway 6
Manger Musikklag Norway 104
Manger Old Star Brass Norway 38
Manger Skulemusikklag Norway 59
Maniototo Brass New Zealand 3
Manly Borough Australia 2
Manly Brass Band Australia 12
Manly Concert Band Australia 12
Manly High School Wind Ensemble (NSW) Australia 2
Manly Juniors Australia 1
Manly Municipal Australia 12
Mannheim Young Brass Ensemble Germany 3
Manning River District Australia 2
Manningham Yorkshire 20
Manningham Temperance Yorkshire 3
Manningtree British Legion London and Southern Counties 4
Manor Colliery Yorkshire 15
Mansfield Borough Silver Midlands 12
Mansfield Colliery Welfare Midlands 77
Mansfield Excelsior Midlands 38
Mansfield House London and Southern Counties 1
Mansfield Mission Midlands 1
Mansfield State High Concert (Qld) Australia 1
Mansfield University BB United States of America 2
Mansfield Woodhouse Midlands 1
Mantua Cornet Band United States of America 1
Manvers & Barnburgh Yorkshire 73
Manx Concert Brass Isle of Man 63
Manx Youth North West 37
Maori Hill Band New Zealand 1
Maple Leaf Brass Band Canada 3
Mapperley Colliery Midlands 5
Marananga Brass Band Australia 142
Marazion Town Band West of England 19
Marcellin College (Randwick) Australia 15
March Area Music Centre London and Southern Counties 2
March Brass 2000 London and Southern Counties 50
March Imperial London and Southern Counties 3
March Town London and Southern Counties 12
March Volunteers London and Southern Counties 2
Mardy Wales 15
Mardy House Secondary School Band Wales 6
Mareeba and District Band Australia 8
Mareeba Brass Australia 9
Mareham le Fen Victory Silver Band Midlands 4
Marion City Band Australia 94
Marist Brass Band Australia 88
Marist Brothers College -- Burnie Australia 6
Marist Brothers College (Vic) Australia 0
Marist College Concert New Zealand 1
Marist College North Shore (Sydney) Australia 1
Mark Hall Comprehensive School London and Southern Counties 1
Market Drayton Midlands 1
Market Harborough Volunteers Midlands 9
Market Lavington West of England 25
Market Rasen (RESDEV) Band Midlands 192
Market Weighton Yorkshire 3
Market Weighton Reformatory Boys Yorkshire 1
Markham and District Band Wales 384
Markham and District Youth Wales 7
Markham Main Colliery Band Yorkshire 234
Mark's Stag Band London and Southern Counties 17
Marlborough College (Blenheim NZ) New Zealand 1
Marlborough District Brass New Zealand 108
Marlborough First Class Brass New Zealand 2
Marlborough Mounted Rifles New Zealand 2
Marlborough Silver West of England 14
Marley Hill North of England 27
Marley Hill Band North of England 1
Marlow Town Band London and Southern Counties 68
Marlyn Homes Great Britain 9
Marong Municipal (Hopetoun) Brass Band Australia 16
Maroochy District Band Australia 14
Maroon 25 Unknown 1
Maroon Brass Scotland 4
Maroondah Brass Australia 28
Maroubra District Australia 1
Marple Band North West 389
Marple Secondary School North West 1
Marquis of Lothian Scotland 1
Marr College Scotland 4
Marrickville District Australia 2
Marrickville Municipal Australia 28
Marriner's Juvenile Band Yorkshire 4
Marriott Brass Band Midlands 1
Marryatville High School (SA) Australia 2
Marsden (Yorkshire) Yorkshire 1
Marsden Colliery North of England 56
Marsden Juniors Yorkshire 1
Marsden Moor (Barnsley) Yorkshire 8
Marsden Moor Church Midlands 4
Marsden Senior School Yorkshire 25
Marsden Silver Prize Band Yorkshire 627
Marsden St. Andrews North of England 10
Marsh Gibbon Silver Band London and Southern Counties 85
Marshall's Monway Works Brass Band Midlands 3
Marsham London and Southern Counties 1
Marshfield Band West of England 102
Marshside Brass Band North West 7
Marske Brass North of England 149
Marske Operatic North of England 8
Marston Valley Band London and Southern Counties 35
Martini Brassband Netherlands 30
Martlesham Band London and Southern Counties 14
Martlesham Brass Intermediate Band London and Southern Counties 5
Marton Institute North West 1
Marton Junction New Zealand 2
Marton Municipal Brass New Zealand 22
Marton Royal Rifles New Zealand 5
Marwood Juniors London and Southern Counties 7
Maryborough [Ireland] Republic of Ireland 1
Maryborough Boys Australia 10
Maryborough Brass [Queensland] Australia 61
Maryborough City Band [Queensland] Australia 89
Maryborough City Band [Victoria] Australia 66
Maryborough City Juniors [Queensland] Australia 5
Maryborough Excelsior [Queensland] Australia 49
Maryborough Excelsior Boys Australia 22
Maryborough Excelsior City Band [Queensland] Australia 46
Maryborough Federal [Queensland] Australia 63
Maryborough Naval Band [Queensland] Australia 68
Maryborough Naval Juniors Australia 9
Maryborough Regional College (Vic) Australia 1
Maryport Albion North of England 26
Maryport Artillery North West 8
Maryport Drum and Fife North of England 1
Masham North of England 1
Massanutten Brass Band United States of America 7
Massingham Crown Brass Band London and Southern Counties 2
Masson Mills Midlands 8
Masterton District Brass Band New Zealand 81
Masterton District Youth Band New Zealand 1
Masterton Municipal Silver New Zealand 0
Matamata Citizens' Band New Zealand 12
Mataura Town Band New Zealand 4
Match of the Day (Scratch) Great Britain 6
Mather and Platt Social Club North West 1
Mathew Flinders Anglican College Australia 1
Matlock Band Midlands 413
Matlock Junior Midlands 7
Mattmark Saas-Almagell Switzerland 2
Maybloom (Borough of Greenwich) London and Southern Counties 2
Maybloom Silver London and Southern Counties 1
Maybole Burgh Scotland 25
Mayfield Band London and Southern Counties 102
Mayford Industrial School London and Southern Counties 2
Mazeikiu (Seda) Brass Band Lithuania 1
Mazenod / St.Brigid's Schools Combined Concert Perth (WA) Australia 1
Mazenod College Concert (Vic) Australia 6
Mbale Schools Band Uganda 1
McLaren's Workmen Wales 18
ME Sachseln Switzerland 2
Meadowlands Corps Band Canada 0
Mealsgate Rechabite North West 2
Medstead West of England 1
Medway Band London and Southern Counties 176
Medway Concert Brass London and Southern Counties 44
Medway Imperial London and Southern Counties 21
Medway Youth London and Southern Counties 1
Meersbrook Brass Band Yorkshire 20
Meir and Longton RBL Potteries Band Midlands 0
Melbourne Advent Brass Australia 27
Melbourne Baptists Midlands 9
Melbourne Fire Brigade Australia 14
Melbourne Fire Brigade Australia 23
Melbourne High School Cadets Australia 9
Melbourne Staff Band of the Salvation Army Australia 0
Melbourne Town Midlands 31
Melbourne Town Band Midlands 0
Melbourne Tramways Australia 40
Melbourne Uni Eng Music Soc Symphonic Winds (Vic) Australia 1
Melbourne Veterans' Band Australia 0
Melbourne Vice Regal (Vic) Australia 4
Melbourne Wesleyan Midlands 1
Melbourne Youth Symphonic (Vic) Australia 2
Meling og Våge Samarbeidskorps Norway 1
Melingriffith 2 Band Wales 59
Melingriffith 3 Band Wales 19
Melingriffith 4 Band Wales 5
Melingriffith Beginners Wales 5
Melingriffith Cadet Corps Wales 3
Melingriffith Community Band Wales 7
Melingriffith Volunteer Wales 1
Melingriffith Works Wales 0
Melksham Amateur West of England 1
Melksham Coronation West of England 13
Melling North West 4
Mellor North West 1
Meltham & Meltham Mills Junior Yorkshire 1
Meltham & Meltham Mills Training Yorkshire 1
Meltham and Meltham Mills Band Yorkshire 725
Meltham Mills Junior Yorkshire 1
Melton Band Midlands 108
Melton Mowbray Rifle Corps Midlands 4
Melton Town Silver Midlands 11
Melton Wind Symphony Australia 1
Melville A F A Brass Australia 10
Membury West of England 1
Menai Bridge Brass Band Wales 107
Menai Bridge Training Wales 4
Mendip Brass Band West of England 0
Mentone Grammar School Australia 1
Meols Green North West 1
Merbein Public Brass Australia 2
Mercator Brass Rupelmonde Belgium 17
Mercer High School (USA) United States of America 1
Mercer Island High School Concert (USA) United States of America 1
Mercia Brass Midlands 42
Mercian Brass Unknown 2
Mercian Volunteers Midlands 2
Mere Manor West of England 101
Meredith Youth West of England 1
Mereside Brass North West 13
Mereweather District Australia 0
Mereweather District Australia 0
Merewether Municipal Australia 15
Meriden School Concert (Strathfield) Australia 7
Merrylands High School (NSW) Australia 4
Mersey Brass Australia 2
Mersey Junior Brass Australia 2
Merthyr Tydfil Wales 10
Merthyr Vale Hibernia Wales 8
Merthyr Vale Town Wales 48
Merthyr Volunteer Wales 6
Merton Abbey London and Southern Counties 1
Messina Brass Band Italy 1
Messrs. Bolckow and Vaughan's Band (Middlesbrough) North of England 4
Messrs. M. Oldroyd & Sons (Dewsbury) Yorkshire 2
Messrs. Porritt and Withams (Armley) Yorkshire 2
Messrs. Towgood and Evans' band (Sawston) London and Southern Counties 3
Methil Town Scotland 34
Methilhill Scotland 8
Methley Yorkshire 11
Methwold Secondary School London and Southern Counties 1
Metro Ford Porirua City New Zealand 14
Metronom 66 Norway 10
Metropole Brass Band Belgium 27
Metropolitan (Sydney) Australia 10
Metropolitan Area Juniors Australia 1
Metropolitan Brass [SA] Australia 47
Metropolitan Cable Works London and Southern Counties 5
Metropolitan Fire Brigade -Melbourne Australia 1
Metropolitan Silver Band Canada 0
Metropolitan West Schools (NSW) Australia 3
Metropolitan Works (Birmingham) Midlands 69
Mexborough Yorkshire 17
Mexborough Chromatic Concertina Yorkshire 11
Mexborough Great Central Yorkshire 35
Mexborough Music Centre Brass Yorkshire 14
Mexborough Plant Yorkshire 0
MG Alpengruss Embd Switzerland 7
MG Alpenrose Albinen Switzerland 21
MG Alpenrösli Safien Switzerland 4
MG Altishofen Switzerland 24
MG Andeer Switzerland 8
MG Badenia Switzerland 21
MG Bargen Switzerland 21
MG Beinwil (SO) Switzerland 8
MG Beinwil/Freiamt Switzerland 21
MG Benken Steg Switzerland 22
MG Berlingen Switzerland 1
MG Bettwil Switzerland 9
MG Biglen Switzerland 16
MG Birrwil Switzerland 16
MG Boltigen Switzerland 22
MG Boniswil Switzerland 11
MG Brass Band Auw Switzerland 24
MG Brass Band Lengnau Switzerland 36
MG Brass Band Münsingen Switzerland 24
MG Brass Band Rehetobel Switzerland 32
MG Brass Band Wilen Switzerland 17
MG Brülisau Switzerland 12
MG Concordia Filisur Switzerland 4
MG Concordia Fischingen Switzerland 8
MG Dietwil Switzerland 27
MG Därstetten Switzerland 33
MG Echo Raronia Switzerland 12
MG Emmetten Switzerland 4
MG Ennetbürgen Switzerland 4
MG Eriswil Switzerland 25
MG Fafleralp Blatten Switzerland 28
MG Farnern Switzerland 13
MG Frohsinn Neuendorf Switzerland 2
MG Gals Switzerland 22
MG Geiss Switzerland 28
MG Gettnau Switzerland 33
MG Gipf-Oberfrick Switzerland 10
MG Grindel Switzerland 12
MG Grossdietwil-Altbüron Switzerland 21
MG Gurzelen Switzerland 8
MG Günsberg Switzerland 9
MG Hergiswil am Napf Switzerland 31
MG Herznach-Ueken Switzerland 11
MG Hildisrieden Switzerland 34
MG Hugelshofen Switzerland 20
MG Härkingen Switzerland 2
MG Höfen Switzerland 11
MG Hörhausen Switzerland 25
MG Kandersteg Switzerland 17
MG Kleinwangen-Lieli Switzerland 11
MG Koblenz Switzerland 8
MG Konkordia Balsthal Switzerland 2
MG Konkordia Mümliswil Switzerland 7
MG Lauduna Lalden Switzerland 37
MG Lenk Switzerland 13
MG Leuca Leuk-Stadt Switzerland 18
MG Meisterschwanden Switzerland 4
MG Minerva Ferden Switzerland 29
MG Mogelsberg Switzerland 21
MG Müswangen Switzerland 5
MG Niedergösgen Switzerland 2
MG Oberdiessbach Switzerland 11
MG Obervaz/Lenzerheide Switzerland 8
MG Orpund Switzerland 22
MG Pfaffnau Switzerland 36
MG Pfeffikon (LU) Switzerland 6
MG Rhodania Agarn Switzerland 20
MG Richenthal-Langnau Switzerland 34
MG Riggisberg Switzerland 17
MG Risch-Rotkreuz Senior Band Switzerland 4
MG Ronalp Bürchen Switzerland 25
MG Röthenbach Switzerland 8
MG Schwarzenbach Switzerland 21
MG Sonnenberg Törbel Switzerland 15
MG St. Stephan Switzerland 5
MG Tägerschen-Tobel Switzerland 8
MG Tödi Switzerland 2
MG Untersiggenthal Switzerland 9
MG Wald Switzerland 6
MG Wangen bei Olten Switzerland 1
MG Wohlenschwil Switzerland 2
MG Wölflinswil-Oberhof Switzerland 21
mgrr B-Band Switzerland 1
Michael Colliery Scotland 1
Michelin Works Midlands 5
Michelmersh Silver Band West of England 172
Michelmersh Youth Band West of England 1
Micklefield Brass Yorkshire 27
Mickleton Main Temperance Yorkshire 1
Mickley Collery Workmen's North of England 20
Mickley Temperance North of England 10
Mid Michigan Brass Band United States of America 1
Mid Oxon Brass London and Southern Counties 7
Mid Surrey Coy London and Southern Counties 1
Mid Sussex Brass London and Southern Counties 50
Mid Sussex Youth London and Southern Counties 1
Middlesbrough (Milburn's) North of England 89
Middlesbrough Alexandra North of England 3
Middlesbrough Borough North of England 95
Middlesbrough Boys Brigade North of England 1
Middlesbrough Brass North of England 15
Middlesbrough British Legion North of England 1
Middlesbrough Citadel Band North of England 0
Middlesbrough Comrades North of England 2
Middlesbrough Erimus North of England 12
Middlesbrough Temperance North of England 4
Middlesbrough Trades North of England 7
Middlesbrough Volunteer North of England 3
Middlesex Yeomanry (O.C.A.) London and Southern Counties 6
Middlesex Yeomanry (O.C.A.) 'B' London and Southern Counties 2
Middleton and Rhodes United North West 3
Middleton Band North West 426
Middleton Concert Band Republic of Ireland 1
Middleton Home Guard North West 1
Middleton in Teesdale Silver Band North of England 39
Middleton Junction Public North West 17
Middleton Training Band North West 1
Middleton Victoria Midlands 13
Middlewich Centenary Band North West 61
Middlewich Colliery North West 4
Midhurst London and Southern Counties 6
Midland Amateur Band (Leicester) Midlands 1
Midland Brewery (Birmingham) Midlands 0
Midland Loco. (Child's Hill) London and Southern Counties 3
Midlothian Perc Ensemble Scotland 1
Midlothian Perc Training Scotland 1
Midlothian Schools Band Scotland 1
Mid-Rhondda Juniors Wales 11
Midsomer Norton and Radstock Silver West of England 43
Midsomer Norton Silver West of England 26
Midsomer Norton Town West of England 18
Midtre Sotra Skulekorps Norway 10
Mihashi Elementary School (Saitama) Japan 1
Mikrobrasseriet Norway 1
Milburn Leeds Yorkshire 6
Mildenhall British Legion London and Southern Counties 4
Mildura District Brass Australia 64
Mildura Stubbs Brass Band Australia 0
Mildura Town (Vic) Australia 1
Mile End Scattered Homes London and Southern Counties 1
Miles Aircraft Works London and Southern Counties 5
Miles Platting Mission North West 39
Milford Haven Junior Town Band Wales 9
Milford Haven Town Band Wales 2
Mill Bank (Ripponden) Yorkshire 1
Mill Creek Colliery Band Canada 0
Millbrook North West 2
Miller & Richard's Scotland 2
Millers Point Australia 1
Millfield School West of England 1
Millgate North West 81
Millom Ironworks North of England 1
Millom Town North of England 2
Millom Wesleyans North of England 6
Millward's (Sheffield) Yorkshire 1
Milngavie Scotland 8
Milnrow Band North West 288
Milnrow Public Band North West 147
Milnsbridge Socialist (Huddersfield) Yorkshire 24
Milnthorpe Miners Band North of England 0
Milnthorpe Volunteer North West 1
Milnwood 2nd L.R.E Scotland 70
Milnwood and Mossend Scotland 1
Milnwood Town Scotland 1
Milton New Zealand 6
Milton (Staffordshire) Midlands 2
Milton Keynes Brass London and Southern Counties 151
Milton Keynes Development London and Southern Counties 12
Milton Keynes Intermediate London and Southern Counties 1
Milton Keynes Music Hub Unknown 1
Milton Keynes Young Brass Hoppers London and Southern Counties 1
Milwaukee Festival Brass United States of America 16
Minde Brass Norway 2
Minde Skoles Musikkorps Norway 36
Minde Skoles Musikkorps Aspirantkorps Norway 7
Minehead Town West of England 4
Mini Brass Birmenstorf Switzerland 3
Minlaton & District Juniors Australia 1
Minlaton Brass Band Australia 23
Minlaton Junior Brass No.1 Australia 4
Minlaton Junior Brass No.2 Australia 4
Miramar Silver New Zealand 4
Miranda R S L Youth Australia 8
Mirani Brass Australia 11
Mirfield Old Yorkshire 68
Mirfield Silver Band Yorkshire 5
Mirrlees Works Band North West 88
Misendew Yorkshire 1
Misjonssalens Hornorkester Norway 1
Mission Hill Band Canada 0
Mission Peak Brass Band United States of America 0
Missionskyrkans Musikkår - Gnosjö Sweden 1
Mississauga Temple Band Canada 0
Mississippi River Brass Band United States of America 4
Mitcham Brass Juniors Australia 6
Mitcham City Brass Australia 101
Mitcham City Juniors Australia 1
Mitcham Gas Works London and Southern Counties 1
Mitcham Youth Australia 1
Mitcheldean West of England 1
Mitchell & Darfield Miners' Institute Yorkshire 1
Mitchell Park Boys Tech High School Australia 17
Mitchell Shire Concert Band (Vic) Australia 1
Mitchell Town New Zealand 4
Mitropa Brass Band Italy 1
Mittagong Town Australia 2
Mixenden Yorkshire 1
Mjølkeråen og Lone Skolemusikklag Norway 3
Mjølkeråen Skolemusikklag Norway 19
Mjølkeråen skolemusikklag aspiranter Norway 2
MK Muthmannshofen Germany 1
Mlod. Orkiestra Wreczyca Wielka Poland 1
Mlodz. Orkiestra Deta Gminy Kleszczow Poland 1
Mlodziezowa Orkiestra Deta Lipka Poland 1
Mlodziezowa Orkiestra Deta OSP Zakrzewo Poland 1
Modbury West of England 1
Modbury High School Brass Band Australia 1
Moderna Blanket Works Yorkshire 37
Moeltryfan Wales 9
Moen Musikkforening Norway 17
Moffat Scotland 2
Mogg's Military West of England 4
Moira Colliery Midlands 43
Mold Green United Yorkshire 9
Molde Brass Band Norway 59
Molde Janitsjar Norway 2
Mole Valley Silver London and Southern Counties 20
Mond Silver Wales 23
Monk Bretton Yorkshire 1
Monk Bridge Yorkshire 1
Monkland Brass Australia 15
Monklands Youth Concert Brass Scotland 153
Monks Risborough London and Southern Counties 6
Monktonhall Colliery Silver Scotland 75
Monkwearmouth North of England 6
Monkwearmouth Engine Works North of England 1
Monkwearmouth Harmonic North of England 1
Monkwearmouth Lodge North of England 34
Monmouth Band Wales 0
Monmouth School Band Wales 4
Monmouthshire Youth Wales 1
Monotype Works London and Southern Counties 9
Mons St. Georges Brassband Belgium 11
Monsanto Chemical Works Wales 15
Monte' Sant Angelo Junior Band Australia 5
Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College (North Sydney) Australia 3
Monte Sant' Angelo Wind Ensemble (North Sydney) Australia 9
Montebello Brass Norway 23
Montrose Town Scotland 13
Montsaye School Midlands 2
Moonee Valley Brass Australia 72
Moonta Australia 1
Moor Row Old North of England 41
Moorabbin Brass Australia 48
Mooroopna Band (Vic) Australia 4
Moorside County Secondary School North West 1
Morawa District High School Senior Brass Band Australia 6
Moray Concert Brass Scotland 6
Mordialloc City (Vic) Australia 4
Mordialloc Jazz Orchestra Australia 0
Morecambe Brass Band North West 201
Morecambe Grammar School North West 2
Morecambe Youth North West 9
Moree & District Band Australia 53
Moree District Juniors Australia 3
Moreland City Band Australia 101
Moresby North of England 2
Moresby Colliery North of England 7
Moreton Bay Band Australia 3
Moreton Bay Juniors Australia 3
Moreton Youth Concert Ensemble (Qld) Australia 1
Morewell Shire (Vic) Australia 1
Morgan's Cwmtawe Ystalyfera Wales 67
Moriah College Symphonic Wind Ensemble (Sydney) Australia 1
Morley Borough Yorkshire 108
Morley British Legion Yorkshire 4
Morley Concertina Yorkshire 1
Morley Textile Yorkshire 1
Morley Wing ATC Yorkshire 1
Mornington New Zealand 4
Mornington Youth & Citizens Australia 18
Morpeth Borough North of England 4
Morris Motors Band London and Southern Counties 169
Morrison Busty Colliery North of England 0
Morriston Wales 0
Morsø Garden Denmark 3
Mortdale Citizens Australia 3
Moruya and District Band Australia 0
Morvah Band West of England 1
Morwell Citizens (Vic) Australia 6
Mosborough Yorkshire 1
Moseley Brass Midlands 16
Mosgiel Brass New Zealand 34
Mosman Municipal Australia 6
Moss Bank North West 6
Moss Rose Community Brass Band North West 0
Mossend Emmet Scotland 1
Mossend St. Vincent Scotland 3
Mossley Band North West 809
Mossley Brass Band North West 2
Mossley Brow North West 1
Mossley Hollins High School Band North West 262
Moster Skulekorps Norway 31
Mosterøy og Rennesøy Skolekorps Norway 4
Mosterøy Skolekorps Norway 1
Mostly In Black Brass Unknown 1
Moston & Beswick Band North West 203
Moston Band North West 45
Moston Temperance North West 1
Mostyn & Llanerch Y Mor Wales 3
Motala Musikskolas Stora Brassensemble Sweden 1
Motherwell & Palace Colliery Scotland 4
Motherwell and Wishaw Scotland 34
Motherwell League of the Cross Scotland 5
Motherwell R.C. Scotland 1
Motherwell Town Scotland 16
Motor City Brass Band United States of America 27
Motor City Youth Brass Band United States of America 7
Mottram North West 1
Mottram & Broadbottom North West 3
Motueka Municipal Band New Zealand 36
Moulton '77 Band Midlands 86
Moulton Verdin Institute Midlands 5
Mount Beauty Concert (Vic) Australia 1
Mount Carmel North West 1
Mount Carmel Cornet Band United States of America 1
Mount Charles Brass Band West of England 285
Mount Charles Youth Band West of England 102
Mount Druitt District Australia 5
Mount Eden Brass New Zealand 2
Mount Gambier Band Australia 86
Mount Gambier Juniors Australia 2
Mount Gerezim 55th Co B.B. Yorkshire 2
Mount Isa Concert (Qld) Australia 2
Mount Isa Silver Band Australia 40
Mount Morgan Brass Band Australia 22
Mount Morgan Citizens Australia 17
Mount Sion Radcliffe North West 1
Mount Sion Works North West 2
Mountain Ash Hibernian Wales 33
Mountain Ash Volunteers Wales 100
Mountain Citadel Band Canada 0
Mountain Creek State High School Concert (Qld) Australia 1
Mountain State Brass Band United States of America 1
Mountaineers Wales 1
Mountains Youth Australia 9
Mouthpiece Brass Great Britain 4
Mow Cop North West 12
Mowbray College Concert (Vic) Australia 8
Mowbray College Wind Orchestra (Vic) Australia 2
Moxley Midlands 1
Moxley Victoria Midlands 1
MPV Brass Australia 2
Mr W. Thompson's Band (Guiseley) Yorkshire 3
Mr. Jackson's Band (Norwich) London and Southern Counties 9
Mr. Widdow's Saxhorn (Norwich) London and Southern Counties 1
Mt Roskill Municipal New Zealand 1
Mt. Roskill Municipal New Zealand 6
Mt.Roskill Municipal New Zealand 5
Much Hadham London and Southern Counties 1
Mudgee Town Australia 4
Muirkirk Parish Scotland 7
Muker Silver North of England 26
Mullingar Town Band Republic of Ireland 1
Mullion West of England 1
Mullsjö Brasskvintett Sweden 2
Mumbles Wales 3
Mumbles Concert London and Southern Counties 2
Munno - Para Concert (Sth Aust) Australia 1
Murgon Town Australia 23
Murley Silver Band Northern Ireland 80
Murray Brass Australia 2
Murray Bridge Town Australia 7
Murton Colliery Band North of England 339
Murton Colliery Junior North of England 2
Murwillumbah District Australia 2
Murwillumbah Excelsior (NSW) Australia 3
Musica Concordia Müstair Switzerland 5
Musica da Domat Switzerland 15
Musica Giuvenila Aspermont Sagogn Switzerland 2
Musica giuvenila Lumnezia Switzerland 4
Musica Greina Vrin Switzerland 3
Musica Instrumentala Savognin Switzerland 12
Musig Gähwil Switzerland 27
Musig Lenggenwil Switzerland 20
Musik Frohsinn Oberburg Switzerland 62
Musik Gähwil Switzerland 1
Musikgesellschaft Abtwil Switzerland 18
Musikgesellschaft Aesch-Mosen Switzerland 21
Musikgesellschaft Alpenrose Kippel Switzerland 26
Musikgesellschaft Alpenrösli Safien Switzerland 1
Musikgesellschaft Alpina Churwalden Switzerland 7
Musikgesellschaft Auenstein Switzerland 15
Musikgesellschaft Beinwil am See Switzerland 15
Musikgesellschaft Bernhardzell Switzerland 22
Musikgesellschaft Bettmeralp Betten Switzerland 2
Musikgesellschaft Bonaduz Switzerland 12
Musikgesellschaft Brass Band Ermensee Switzerland 26
Musikgesellschaft Brass Band Hauptwil Switzerland 30
Musikgesellschaft Brass Band Hilterfingen Switzerland 4
Musikgesellschaft Brass Band Lommiswil Switzerland 21
Musikgesellschaft Brass Band Märwil Switzerland 17
Musikgesellschaft Brunnadern Switzerland 9
Musikgesellschaft Brünisried Switzerland 6
Musikgesellschaft Buchs Switzerland 10
Musikgesellschaft Bühler Switzerland 3
Musikgesellschaft Bünzen Switzerland 13
Musikgesellschaft Concordia Therwil Switzerland 4
Musikgesellschaft Detligen Switzerland 39
Musikgesellschaft Doppleschwand Switzerland 18
Musikgesellschaft Dürrenäsch Switzerland 22
Musikgesellschaft Döttingen Switzerland 2
Musikgesellschaft Eggenwil Switzerland 1
Musikgesellschaft Eggersriet Switzerland 17
Musikgesellschaft Eich Switzerland 23
Musikgesellschaft Eintracht Wisen Switzerland 16
Musikgesellschaft Elite Niedergampel Switzerland 20
Musikgesellschaft Ennetbühl Switzerland 5
Musikgesellschaft Enzian Erschmatt Switzerland 27
Musikgesellschaft Felsberg Switzerland 2
Musikgesellschaft Ferenbalm Switzerland 3
Musikgesellschaft Flims Switzerland 14
Musikgesellschaft Flühli Switzerland 34
Musikgesellschaft Full Switzerland 28
Musikgesellschaft Gais Switzerland 12
Musikgesellschaft Galmihorn Münster Switzerland 17
Musikgesellschaft Geuensee Switzerland 19
Musikgesellschaft Gondiswil Switzerland 24
Musikgesellschaft Grub (AR) Switzerland 6
Musikgesellschaft Grub (SG) Switzerland 12
Musikgesellschaft Harmonie Beromünster Switzerland 19
Musikgesellschaft Haslen Switzerland 24
Musikgesellschaft Hohenrain Switzerland 21
Musikgesellschaft Holderbank Switzerland 3
Musikgesellschaft Immensee Switzerland 2
Musikgesellschaft Isenthal Switzerland 3
Musikgesellschaft Jenaz Switzerland 28
Musikgesellschaft Kaiserstuhl Switzerland 9
Musikgesellschaft Knutwil Switzerland 28
Musikgesellschaft Konkordia Aedermannsdorf Switzerland 50
Musikgesellschaft Krauchthal Switzerland 16
Musikgesellschaft Leibstadt Switzerland 1
Musikgesellschaft Leissigen Switzerland 13
Musikgesellschaft Leuggern Switzerland 14
Musikgesellschaft Lonza Gampel Switzerland 4
Musikgesellschaft Lyss Switzerland 1
Musikgesellschaft Madrisa Klosters-Dorf Switzerland 7
Musikgesellschaft Menzberg Switzerland 8
Musikgesellschaft Mettau Switzerland 20
Musikgesellschaft Mühlau Switzerland 19
Musikgesellschaft Mägenwil-Wohlenschwil Switzerland 2
Musikgesellschaft Niederbuchsiten Switzerland 0
Musikgesellschaft Niederhelfenschwil Switzerland 16
Musikgesellschaft Nuglar-St. Pantaleon Switzerland 8
Musikgesellschaft Oberhelfenschwil Switzerland 27
Musikgesellschaft Oberhofen Switzerland 6
Musikgesellschaft Oberkirch Switzerland 31
Musikgesellschaft Oberrüti Switzerland 25
Musikgesellschaft Obersaxen Switzerland 3
Musikgesellschaft Oberwil b. Büren BE Switzerland 58
Musikgesellschaft Oberwil i.S. (BE) Switzerland 14
Musikgesellschaft Oeschgen Switzerland 7
Musikgesellschaft Reussbühl Switzerland 2
Musikgesellschaft Risch Rotkreuz Junior Switzerland 17
Musikgesellschaft Risch-Rotkreuz Switzerland 68
Musikgesellschaft Rodersdorf Switzerland 5
Musikgesellschaft Rohr Switzerland 1
Musikgesellschaft Romoos Switzerland 13
Musikgesellschaft Rumisberg Switzerland 12
Musikgesellschaft Ruti bei Buren Switzerland 3
Musikgesellschaft Römerswil Switzerland 17
Musikgesellschaft Schattdorf Switzerland 4
Musikgesellschaft Schiers Switzerland 0
Musikgesellschaft Schlierbach Switzerland 16
Musikgesellschaft Schongau Switzerland 27
Musikgesellschaft Schöftland Switzerland 1
Musikgesellschaft Seengen Switzerland 15
Musikgesellschaft Staffelbach Switzerland 10
Musikgesellschaft Stein Switzerland 10
Musikgesellschaft Sörenberg Switzerland 23
Musikgesellschaft Trimbach Switzerland 0
Musikgesellschaft Trogen Switzerland 22
Musikgesellschaft Täuffelen Switzerland 1
Musikgesellschaft Ufhusen Switzerland 31
Musikgesellschaft Untervaz Switzerland 13
Musikgesellschaft Vals Switzerland 6
Musikgesellschaft Viktoria Turtmann Switzerland 32
Musikgesellschaft Vilters Switzerland 1
Musikgesellschaft Walchwil Switzerland 1
Musikgesellschaft Walkringen Switzerland 5
Musikgesellschaft Waltenschwil Switzerland 17
Musikgesellschaft Wauwil Switzerland 23
Musikgesellschaft Werthenstein Switzerland 5
Musikgesellschaft Wichtrach Switzerland 19
Musikgesellschaft Winznau Switzerland 27
Musikgesellschaft Wittnau Switzerland 8
Musikgesellschaft Zernez Switzerland 2
Musikgesellschaft Zetzwil Switzerland 4
Musikgesellschaft Ziefen Switzerland 11
Musikgesellschaft Zuckenriet Switzerland 16
Musikgesellschaft Zwieselberg (BE) Switzerland 8
Musikklaget Bergshorn Norway 6
Musikklaget Brage Norway 1
Musikklaget Fjellklang Norway 2
Musikklaget Ulf Norway 1
Musikkorps Basel 1 Switzerland 0
Musikkorps der Heilsarmee Zürich Zentral Switzerland 0
Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn Norway 82
Musikkorpset Heimdal Norway 31
Musikkorpset Tempo Norway 1
Musikverein Arisdorf Switzerland 5
Musikverein Berg am Irchel Switzerland 17
Musikverein Birmenstorf Switzerland 21
Musikverein Blauen Switzerland 16
Musikverein Bleiken Switzerland 8
Musikverein Bottenwil Switzerland 16
Musikverein Brass Band Henggart Switzerland 66
Musikverein Brass Band Liesberg Switzerland 26
Musikverein Brass Band Röschenz Switzerland 11
Musikverein Brislach Switzerland 15
Musikverein Buch Switzerland 5
Musikverein Buckten Switzerland 39
Musikverein Duggingen Switzerland 11
Musikverein Eptingen Switzerland 4
Musikverein Hofstetten Switzerland 4
Musikverein Lausen Switzerland 13
Musikverein Läufelingen Switzerland 12
Musikverein Metzerlen Switzerland 24
Musikverein Niederdorf Switzerland 7
Musikverein Obermumpf Switzerland 18
Musikverein Reitnau Switzerland 19
Musikverein Ruswil Switzerland 0
Musikverein Rünenberg Switzerland 6
Musikverein Schachen Switzerland 1
Musikverein Schmitten Switzerland 5
Musikverein Vordemwald Switzerland 12
Musikverein Wahlen Switzerland 17
Musique de Diesse Switzerland 2
Musique Fanfare Les Pommerats Switzerland 3
Musique Militaire de Rougemont Switzerland 10
Musique Orvin Switzerland 2
Musique Territoriale France-Belgique (Salvation Army) France 0
Musique-Fanfare Saignelégier Switzerland 7
Musselburgh & District Scotland 3
Musselburgh & Fisherrow Trades Scotland 177
Musselburgh St. Augustine's Scotland 1
Musselburgh Town Scotland 12
Muswellbrook Shire Australia 43
Muswellbrook Shire Juniors Australia 7
Muswellbrook Town Australia 3
Muta - In Brass Denmark 1
Muziekkorps Brunssum-Treebeek Netherlands 0
Muziekvereniging Advendo Diever Netherlands 1
Muziekvereniging Amicitia Randwijk Netherlands 0
Muziekvereniging Binnenmaas Netherlands 0
Muziekvereniging Brassband 'Prijst den Heer' Tzum Netherlands 3
Muziekvereniging Deo Dicatus Netherlands 0
Muziekvereniging Ulicoten Netherlands 0
Muziekvereniging Valuas Netherlands 0
MV BB Schlattingen Switzerland 6
MV Eintracht Bellikon-Hausen Switzerland 3
MV Frohsinn Pfyn Switzerland 6
MV Gretzenbach Switzerland 10
MV Harmonie Triengen Switzerland 4
MV Herbetswil Switzerland 9
MV Jonen Switzerland 17
MV Konkordia Kleinlützel Switzerland 10
MV Konkordia Wolfwil Switzerland 2
MV Künten Switzerland 28
MV Lauwil Switzerland 3
MV Maschwanden Switzerland 6
MV Rorschacherberg Switzerland 0
MV Rothrist Switzerland 24
MV Schlatt Switzerland 1
MV Sommeri Switzerland 15
MV Speicher Switzerland 21
MV Thurtal Hüttlingen Switzerland 12
Mynydd-y-Garreg Wales 148
Myssionskyrkan Varenarmo Sweden 1
Mystic Brass West of England 6

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