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Bands starting with R

Showing 463 of 12,627 bands. This is a list of current or last known names, previous band names can be found by searching.

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Name Region Contest Results
R A A F Bradfield Park (NSW) Australia 2
R.A.M.C. Treboeth Wales 2
R.A.O.B. Clydach Wales 1
R.A.O.B. Swindon London and Southern Counties 2
R.A.S.C. 150th Northumberland Transport North of England 1
R.C.J.Alliance Great Britain 1
R.E. Assoc. (Brighton) London and Southern Counties 1
R.E.T. Brass Band Austria 9
R.N.A.S. Yeovilton West of England 1
R.S.L. Concert Australia 0
R.W.B.Brass Midlands 0
Raans County Secondary School Amersham Bucks London and Southern Counties 2
Radcliffe (Northumberland) North of England 1
Radcliffe Brass Band North West 126
Radcliffe Excelsior North West 2
Radcliffe Good Templars North West 1
Radcliffe Old Band North West 75
Radcliffe Public North West 106
Radcliffe Temperance Band North West 21
Radcliffe-on-Trent Midlands 4
Radford Free Church Midlands 11
Radlett London and Southern Counties 2
Radley Band London and Southern Counties 0
Radstock Silver Prize Band West of England 52
Radstock Town Band West of England 2
Radviliškio r. Šeduvos Gimnazijos Brass Band Lithuania 3
Radøy Brass Norway 82
RAF Kinloss Voluntary Brass Scotland 8
RAF St. Athan Voluntary Band Wales 186
Raffine Brass Band Japan 0
Railfreight Systems Brass New Zealand 16
Railway Foundry Leeds Yorkshire 8
Rainford Band North West 296
Rainham Working Men's Club London and Southern Counties 23
Rainton North of England 2
Rame Cross West of England 2
Ramsbottom North West 20
Ramsbottom Rifle North West 29
Ramsbury Silver West of England 39
Ramsden Band London and Southern Counties 0
Ramsey Town [Cambridgeshire] Midlands 14
Ramsey Town Band [Isle of Man] Isle of Man 56
Ramsgate Rangers London and Southern Counties 0
Ramsgate Schools London and Southern Counties 1
Ramsnest Rangers London and Southern Counties 5
Randaberg Musikkorps Norway 53
Randaberg Skolemusikkorps Norway 20
Randstad Brass Adventure Netherlands 1
Randwick District (NSW) Australia 30
Randwick High School Australia 1
Rangiora Brass New Zealand 56
Rangitikei College Brass New Zealand 2
Rank Taylor Hobson Midlands 7
Ransome Band Midlands 267
Ratby Co-operative Band Midlands 329
Ratby Co-operative Mid Band Midlands 121
Ratby Co-operative Youth Midlands 51
Rathfriland Silver Band Northern Ireland 3
Ratho Blue Ribbon Scotland 4
Raunds Temperance Band Midlands 263
Raunds Town Midlands 5
Ravenhead Silver North West 25
Ravenhead St. John's North West 1
Ravens Ing Mill Yorkshire 1
Ravensthorpe Subscription Yorkshire 64
Ravensworth (Kibblesworth) North of England 3
Ravensworth Collieries North of England 32
Ravnanger brass aspiranter Norway 1
Rawdon Silver Yorkshire 6
Rawmarsh & Parkgate Youth Band Yorkshire 5
Rawmarsh Prize Band Yorkshire 207
Rawson Hall Australia 1
Rawtenstall Borough North West 109
Rawtenstall Public North West 15
Rawyards Silver Scotland 5
Rayleigh Brass London and Southern Counties 0
RBAI School Northern Ireland 3
RBL Victory Brass West of England 37
Read and Simonstone North West 28
Reading Borough London and Southern Counties 5
Reading Central Band London and Southern Counties 0
Reading Excelsior London and Southern Counties 1
Reading Mechanics London and Southern Counties 1
Reading Military London and Southern Counties 2
Reading Retired Fellowship Band London and Southern Counties 0
Reading Spring Gardens Brass Band London and Southern Counties 139
Reading Temperance London and Southern Counties 28
Reading Wesleyan London and Southern Counties 2
Red Admiral Music Academy North West 22
Red Admiral Music Academy Training Band North West 2
Red Rose Youth Band North West 3
Red Shield Brass Band United States of America 0
Red White and Blue Ribbon Army West of England 2
Redbridge (Southampton) Concert West of England 4
Redbridge Brass London and Southern Counties 227
Redbridge Youth London and Southern Counties 15
Redcar Ironworks North of England 6
Redcliffe R S L & Municipal (Qld) Australia 30
Reddish & Stockport Band North West 7
Reddish Band North West 43
Reddish Band North West 8
Reddish Brass Ensemble North West 17
Reddish Church North West 1
Redditch & Bromsgrove New Town Midlands 1
Redditch Holyoake Midlands 3
Redfern Municipal Australia 7
Redgate Boys Silver North West 9
Redheugh Colliery North of England 12
Redhill Farm School London and Southern Counties 7
Redhill Men's Own London and Southern Counties 8
Redhill Town London and Southern Counties 31
Redland City Australia 1
Redland City Concert (Qld) Australia 1
Redland City Wind Ensemble (Qld) Australia 1
Redlands Shire Concert (Qld) Australia 1
Redlands Wind Ensemble (Qld) Australia 1
Rednock School West of England 3
Redruth Town West of England 193
Redruth Youth West of England 9
Reepham Juniors London and Southern Counties 1
Reeth Brass North of England 21
Reeth Volunteer North of England 10
Regent Brass London and Southern Counties 225
Regent Community Brass London and Southern Counties 40
Regent Hall Band of the Salvation Army London and Southern Counties 0
Regent Hall Methodist Church North West 3
Regente Feijo Brass Band Brazil 0
Regional Brass Band Bern Switzerland 52
Regionale Jeugd Brassband Centraal Nederland (Salvation Army) Netherlands 0
Regionale Jeugd Brassband Noord Nederland (Salvation Army) Netherlands 0
Regionale Jeugd Brassband Noordoost Nederland (Salvation Army) Netherlands 0
Regionale Jeugd Brassband Zuid Nederland (Salvation Army) Netherlands 0
Regionale Jugend Brass Band Luzern Switzerland 14
Regionale Jugend Brass Band Sursee Switzerland 1
Reid Memorial Silver Band Northern Ireland 56
Reigate Town London and Southern Counties 44
Reindeer Brass North West 9
Rejoice Band Switzerland 3
Renfrew Burgh Band Scotland 198
Renfrew Schools Scotland 3
Renishaw & Oxcroft Collieries Midlands 8
Renmark Citizens Silver Australia 4
Renmark Municipal (Sth Aust) Australia 3
Rennesøy skulekorps Norway 1
Renton Scotland 16
Republic of Fiji Military Forces Band Fiji 0
Residentie Brass Band Netherlands 0
Resolven Wales 17
Retford Volunteer Midlands 2
Return Soldiers Memorial (Tas) Australia 12
Return Soldiers Memorial Juniors (Tas) Australia 9
Revesby D L S College (NSW) Australia 14
Revo Works Midlands 23
Rhins School Cluster Scotland 1
Rhiwderin Wales 6
Rhodes Bleach Works North West 18
Rhodian Brass Midlands 144
Rhondda Fach Youth Wales 14
Rhosddu and Acton Wales 5
Rhosesmor Voel Gaer Wales 1
Rhosrobin Wales 9
Rhostryfan Wales 1
Rhostyllen Wales 3
Rhosynberem Wales 17
Rhyl Silver Band Wales 185
Rhyl Silver Youth Wales 4
Rhymney Town Wales 33
Rhymney Youth Silver Band Wales 38
Ribchester Subscription North West 10
Richard Johnson & Nephew Ltd North West 20
Richardshaw Lane Band Yorkshire 22
Richmond (Yorks) Silver Yorkshire 10
Richmond Band London and Southern Counties 134
Richmond Band London and Southern Counties 8
Richmond Borough North of England 3
Richmond City Australia 27
Richmond Corporation North of England 5
Richmond Hill North West 1
Richmond Juvenile Band (Vic) Australia 2
Richmond on Thames Schools London and Southern Counties 15
Richmond Youth Brass (VIC) Australia 2
Richmond Youth Brass Band London and Southern Counties 2
Rickinghall London and Southern Counties 4
Riddings Band Midlands 256
Ridgeway Yorkshire 1
Rietavo Oginskio Meno Mokyklos Brass Band Lithuania 2
Riggs Gawler Australia 0
Ringland London and Southern Counties 3
Ringley Sunday School North West 1
Ringmer School London and Southern Counties 15
Ringmer School Juniors London and Southern Counties 1
Ringstead Midlands 1
Ringstead Temperance Midlands 3
Ringsted Blæserne Denmark 0
Ringwood & Burley West of England 61
Ringwood City Australia 19
Ringwood Town West of England 11
Ripley Primitive Midlands 8
Ripley Town Midlands 1
Ripley United Silver Prize Band Midlands 74
Ripon City Band North of England 191
Ripon Temperance North of England 0
Rippin (Boston) Midlands 1
Ripponden Yorkshire 6
Ripponden Carriers Brass Yorkshire 10
Risca Military Wales 8
Risca Salvation Army Band Wales 0
Rise Carr North of England 48
Rishton Public North West 19
Rishworth and Ryburn Yorkshire 72
Rishworth Subscription Yorkshire 20
Riska Musikkorps Norway 17
Rissa Brass Norway 1
Rist's Cable Works Midlands 51
Rivelin Brass Unknown 6
River Brass United States of America 13
River City Brass Band United States of America 0
River City Youth Brass Band United States of America 1
Riverina Concert Band Australia 4
Riverland Brass Australia 42
Riverside British Brass Japan 0
Riverside Girls High School Concert Australia 1
Riverside Youth Band Scotland 11
Riverside Youth Band (Training Band) Scotland 1
Riverton Town Australia 16
Riviera Concert Brass West of England 0
Rivington & Golborne Band North West 3
Rivington and Adlington Band North West 329
RML Power Brass Switzerland 3
RNCM Brass Band North West 21
RNR (Tay Division) Dundee Scotland 42
RNVR (Clyde Division) Scotland 24
Roade Secondary School Midlands 1
Roadwater Brass Band West of England 0
Roaldsøy Skolekorps Norway 15
Roberts Bakery Band North West 182
Robin Hood (Chester) North West 1
Robin Hood Public Midlands 10
Robin Hood Rifles Midlands 12
Rocester Midlands 3
Rochdale Band North West 226
Rochdale Borough North West 69
Rochdale Borough Youth North West 206
Rochdale British Legion North West 5
Rochdale Cadets North West 2
Rochdale Citadel Salvation Army Band North West 0
Rochdale Metropolitan Youth North West 61
Rochdale Old North West 154
Rochdale Police North West 1
Rochdale Public North West 89
Rochdale Subscription North West 4
Roche Brass West of England 27
Rochester City London and Southern Counties 11
Rock (Wellington) Midlands 3
Rock British Legion Midlands 1
Rock Village Midlands 0
Rockdale District Australia 26
Rockdale District Boys Australia 5
Rockford Temple Band United States of America 0
Rockhampton Boys Australia 4
Rockhampton Citizen Junior Band Australia 8
Rockhampton City (42nd Battalion) Australia 55
Rockhampton City Boys Australia 15
Rockhampton City Brass Band Australia 110
Rockhampton City Juniors Australia 3
Rockhampton City Juniors Australia 9
Rockhampton City No.2 Australia 3
Rockhampton Excelsior Australia 5
Rockhampton Federal Australia 24
Rockhampton High School Australia 6
Rockhampton Junior Military Australia 6
Rockhampton Labour Australia 6
Rockhampton Municipal Australia 4
Rockhampton Railway Australia 17
Rockingham Band Yorkshire 452
Rockingham High School & Community Australia 1
Rockland and District London and Southern Counties 4
Rockville Brass Band United States of America 13
Rocky Mountain Brassworks United States of America 0
Rode Hall Silver Band North West 137
Rode Heath Midlands 2
Rogerstone Band Wales 275
Rogerstone Youth Wales 13
Roke and Benson Brass Band London and Southern Counties 1
Rokko Brass Band Japan 0
Rolleston Midlands 0
Rolleston Brass New Zealand 1
Rolls Royce (Crewe Division) North West 5
Rolls Royce (Derby) Band Midlands 191
Rolls Royce(Barnoldswick) Yorkshire 3
Roman Festival Brass Band United States of America 2
Romford London and Southern Counties 174
Romford Youth London and Southern Counties 1
Rommetveit Skulekorps Norway 16
Ron Musikklag Norway 1
Rong Brass Norway 88
Rong og Toftøy Skulemusikkorps Norway 11
Rooden Lane North West 1
Rookwood Borough Australia 3
Roose North West 0
Ropley West of England 1
RosAlp Brass Band Switzerland 10
Rose Bay High School Concert Band (Tas) Australia 2
Rosedale North of England 7
Rosendal Musikklag Norway 58
Rosendal Skulekorps Norway 23
Rosendale Australia 6
Roseville Girls College Australia 1
Rosewell Scotland 5
Rosewood Citizen Australia 2
Roskilde Garden Denmark 6
Roslyn Mills New Zealand 1
Roslyn Mills Kaikorai New Zealand 0
Ross Town Midlands 4
Rosseland Skulekorps Norway 11
Rossington Colliery Yorkshire 3
Rossland Skulekorps Norway 26
Ross-on-Wye Town Band Midlands 0
Rostrevor College -- Adelaide Australia 4
Rosyth Scotland 2
Rother Vale Community Band Yorkshire 0
Rother Valley Brass Yorkshire 0
Rother Valley Youth Yorkshire 1
Rotherham and Masborough Junior Yorkshire 2
Rotherham and Masbrough Yorkshire 9
Rotherham Borough Yorkshire 113
Rotherham Debut Band Yorkshire 1
Rotherham Main Colliery Yorkshire 23
Rotherham Schools Youth Yorkshire 9
Rotherham Schools Youth Yorkshire 41
Rotherham Temperance Yorkshire 100
Rotherham Town Yorkshire 9
Rotherham Town Brass Band Yorkshire 14
Rotherham Volunteers Yorkshire 8
Rotherhithe Men's Own London and Southern Counties 9
Rothervale Yorkshire 20
Rothwell Albion Silver Midlands 17
Rothwell Chapel Midlands 2
Rothwell National School Yorkshire 0
Rothwell Old Yorkshire 47
Rothwell Rifles Midlands 11
Rothwell Saxhorn Midlands 2
Rothwell Temperance Band Yorkshire 295
Rothwell Town [Northamptonshire] Midlands 24
Rotorua Brass New Zealand 27
Rotterdam East SA Band Netherlands 0
Rough Lea North of England 8
Roughan Silver Band Northern Ireland 64
Roughdale's (St. Helens) North West 7
Roundwood Park Secondary School London and Southern Counties 5
Rowlands Gill North of England 2
Rowntree Mackintosh Youth North of England 4
Rowntree's (York) Yorkshire 0
Roxburgh Municipal New Zealand 2
Roxburgh Pioneer Generation Brass New Zealand 10
Royal Agricultural Society of WA Brass Australia 30
Royal Air Force Association (Sale) North West 2
Royal Air Force Sealand North West 1
Royal Albert Midlands 1
Royal Artillery Amateur (Hull) Yorkshire 1
Royal Artillery Association Leeds Yorkshire 3
Royal Buckley Town Band Wales 244
Royal Buckley Youth Wales 13
Royal Cardigan Wales 1
Royal Conservatoire of Birmingham Great Britain 1
Royal Conway Wales 5
Royal Denbigh Volunteer Wales 1
Royal Engineers 43 Wessex Div T.A West of England 2
Royal Engineers Llanelly Wales 6
Royal Engineers Manchester North West 4
Royal George North West 50
Royal Gloucester Hussars (Territorial Army) Brass Band West of England 33
Royal Greenjackets Volunteers London and Southern Counties 1
Royal Hifofua Tongan Brass Australia 22
Royal Holloway London and Southern Counties 3
Royal Leamington Spa Silver Band Midlands 0
Royal Naval Association Ramsgate London and Southern Counties 1
Royal Naval Reserve (Tayport) Scotland 0
Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve New Zealand 2
Royal Oakeley Band Wales 260
Royal Ordnance Factory North West 3
Royal Park (Leeds) Yorkshire 1
Royal Regt. of Fulsiliers (TAVR) Great Britain 1
Royal Sherwood Foresters' Militia (Newark) Midlands 1
Royal Signals Regt T.A.(Chatham) London and Southern Counties 1
Royal Society of St.George - Brisbane (Qld) Australia 3
Royal Spa Brass Midlands 51
Royal Tonga Police Brass Band Tonga 0
Royal Tunbridge Wells Salvation Army Band London and Southern Counties 0
Royal Wear Yacht Club (Sunderland) North of England 8
Royal Welsh Warehouses Wales 1
Royal Wilts Militia West of England 1
Royston Drift Colliery Band Yorkshire 8
Royston New Monckton Colliery Institute Yorkshire 67
Royston Subscription Yorkshire 42
Royston Town London and Southern Counties 172
Royston Youth London and Southern Counties 3
Royton North West 82
Rozelle Australia 22
RSA Mosgiel Brass New Zealand 4
Ruabon Wales 12
Ruabon Volunteer Wales 1
Ruahine Battalion New Zealand 10
Ruardean West of England 1
Rubbestadneset/Svortland/Meling samarbeidskorps Norway 2
Ruddington Silver Midlands 13
Rudgwick London and Southern Counties 24
Rugby Mission Midlands 4
Rugby Steam Shed Midlands 28
Rugby Town Midlands 38
Rugeley Power Station Midlands 0
Rugeley Town Midlands 6
Rulang Primary School Brass Band Singapore 0
Rum City Silver Bundaberg Australia 10
Runanga Brass New Zealand 2
Runaway Bay District Australia 12
Runcorn Amateur North West 3
Runcorn Pioneer Band North West 16
Runcorn Silver North West 6
Runcorn St. Edward's North West 15
Runcorn Territorials North West 1
Rundhøj Blæserne Denmark 0
Runnymede Brass London and Southern Counties 60
Rupertsland Brass Band Canada 0
Ruscombe West of England 4
Rushall and Charlton West of England 13
Rushall Temperance Midlands 1
Rushden Colliery Midlands 0
Rushden Mission Band Midlands 46
Rushden National School Midlands 36
Rushden Town Band Midlands 88
Rushden Town Silver Prize Band Midlands 120
Rushden Windmill Band Midlands 410
Rushen Silver Band Isle of Man 14
Rusholme Temperance North West 1
Ruskington Town Midlands 1
Ruston and Hornby's (Grantham) Midlands 0
Ruston Bucyrus Midlands 18
Rustons Engineers Silver Prize Midlands 5
Rutherglen Burgh Scotland 27
Rutherglen Excelsior Temperance Scotland 11
Rutherglen I.N.F. Scotland 2
Ruthin Town Wales 19
Ruthin Town Band Wales 2
Rutland Mills Yorkshire 7
Rutland Terrace Ironworks Midlands 3
RWCMD Brass Band Wales 3
Ryburn and Blackburn Valley Yorkshire 20
Ryburn Brass Yorkshire 1
Ryde Borough London and Southern Counties 1
Ryde District Australia 5
Ryde Municipal Juniors Australia 1
Ryde Rifles West of England 2
Ryde Youth Concert West of England 11
Ryde Youth Concert (Sydney) Australia 1
Rye Town London and Southern Counties 10
Ryhill Silver Yorkshire 49
Ryhope and District North of England 5
Ryhope Colliery North of England 143
Ryhope South Bottle Works North of England 1
Ryttargårdskyrkans Brassband Sweden 4
Røyken Musikkorps Norway 4
Røyken Skoles Musikkorps Norway 10

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