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Name Composer Arranger
T.S. Giuseppe Verdi
Taccato For Band Unknown
Take not Thy Thunder Daniel Price
Take The A Train Billy Strayhorn R. Lowden
Tales of Hoffmann Jacques Offenbach Frank Wright
Tales of the North Sea Unknown
Tales of the Sea / Eiger - A Journey to the Summit / Simple Gifts: Four Shaker Songs Unknown
Tallis Variations 1999 Philip Sparke
Tam O'Shanter [Arnold] Malcolm Arnold Alan Catherall
Tam O'Shanter [Round] Harry Round
Tam O'Shanter's Ride [Wright] 1956 Denis Wright
Tancredi - overture (unknown arranger) Gioachino Rossini
Tancredi [arr. Round] 1895 Gioachino Rossini Harry Round
Tango (Por Una Cabeza) 2012 Carlos Gardel Peter Graham
Tannhauser (arrRound) / Italiana (Devlin) Unknown
Tannhauser / Beethovens Works (arr Owens) Unknown
Tannhäuser [arr. Gladney] Richard Wagner John Gladney Jnr
Tannhäuser [arr. Grélat] Richard Wagner Hervé Grélat
Tannhäuser [arr. Jones] Richard Wagner J. Sidney Jones
Tannhäuser [arr. Round] 1887 Richard Wagner Harry Round
Tannhäuser [arr. Swift] Richard Wagner Edwin Swift
Tannhäuser [unknown arranger] Richard Wagner
Tanodd Y Castell Brian Hogg
Tantum Ergo Unknown Michael Forsyth
Tanz der Rohrflöten Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky James Gourlay
Tates Creek Overture Unknown
Taylor Made Goff Richards
Tchaikovsky [arr. W. Rimmer] Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky William Rimmer
Tchaikovsky's Works [arr. Reynolds] Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Walter Reynolds
Te Deum [unknown arranger] George Frideric Handel
Tea for Two Vincent Youmans Elgar Howarth
Telestai Andrew Boss
Temperamental 2017 Fendall Hill
Ten Minutes wi' Burns James Ord Hume
Ten Minutes with Wagner Richard Wagner James Ord Hume
Terezín 2019 Mario Bürki
Terra Australis 2005 Martin Ellerby
Terra Decora John Philip Hannevik
Terra Incognita Jan de Haan
Terra Nova 2017 David Chaulk
Terra Pacem 2013 Mario Bürki
Teyrnasoedd y Ddaear Pedr Alaw
Thames 2023 Callum Au
Thames Journey Nigel Hess
Thames Valley Suite Henry Geehl Frank Wright
Thanet Seascapes Kenneth Cook
Thanks Be to God 1879 George Frideric Handel
Thanksgiving 1945 Eric Ball
That's Entertainment A. Schwartz Derek Broadbent
The 39th Parallel 2017 Peter Graham
The 94th Psalm Unknown
The Accursed Huntsman Cesar Franck Edrich Siebert
The Aeronauts 1978 Goff Richards
The Alchymist's Journal 2002 Kenneth Hesketh
The Amber Witch [arr. W. Rimmer] William Vincent Wallace William Rimmer
The Amber Witch [unknown arranger] William Vincent Wallace
The Ancient Mariner Michael Laurent
The Ancient Temple 1970 Eric Ball
The Angel of the North Richard Grantham
The Arcadians Unknown Arthur Wood
The Armed Man Karl Jenkins Tony Small
The Baltic Way 2020 Jan de Haan
The Band Plays The Classics Unknown
The Bandsman's Challenge 1998 Bertrand Moren
The Barber of Seville - selection Gioachino Rossini
The Baron of Dedem 2010 Carl Wittrock
The Battle of Athens Philip Harper
The Beacons 1987 Ray Steadman-Allen
The Beatles Unknown Higgins
The Beauties of Scotland 1897 Edward Newton
The Belle of Brittany Unknown
The Belmont Variations 1963 Arthur Bliss Frank Wright
The Best Of Buddy Holly Allison Holly Johnnie Vincent
The Best of Jule Styne Unknown
The Big Top Paul Lovatt-Cooper
The Binding of the Wolf Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen
The Black Prince J. A. Greenwood
The Blue & the Gray Unknown Clare Grundman
The Bohemian Girl (arr. Rimmer) Michael William Balfe William Rimmer
The Bohemian Girl [arr. Round] 1886 Michael William Balfe Harry Round
The Bohemian Girl [unknown arranger] Michael William Balfe
The Bohemians E. le Duc
The Bold and the Brave 2012 Richard Rock
The Bondman Michael William Balfe
The Brave Brian Hogg
The Bristol Waltzes 1859 John Enderby Jackson
The Bronze Horse Unknown William Rimmer
The Caliph of Bagdad Unknown
The Call of the Colliery Unknown
The Call of the Righteous 1966 Leslie Condon
The Call of Youth J. A. Greenwood
The Carnival of Flowers E. le Duc
The Cavendish Suite Iain Rayner
The Challenge 1887 Harry Round
The Champion (Grand Fantasia) A. Hartmann Richard Smith
The Charge of Ghaza Larry Keane
The Chieftain [Greenwood] J. A. Greenwood
The Children of Sanchez Chuck Mangione Reid Gilje
The Chronicle of Anne Bonny 2019 Jared McCunnie
The City and The Stars Jacob Vilhelm Larsen
The Comber Suite 1999 Darrol Barry
The Comfort Knitters 2023 Nadje Noordhuis
The Conquerors 1951 Eric Ball
The Cordell Suite Unknown
The Corsair 1969 Hector Berlioz Geoffrey Brand
The Cosmographic Mystery Ingebjørg Vilhelmsen
The Court Jester Dean Jones
The Cowboys John Williams
The Craftsman Unknown Christian Bouthier
The Created Eirik Molnes Husabø
The Creation [arr. C. Godfrey] 1904 Joseph Haydn Charles Godfrey Jnr
The Creation [unknown arranger] Joseph Haydn
The Crimson Star Unknown
The Crusaders 1932 Thomas Keighley
The Cry of the Warriors Ralph E. Pearce
The Crystal Tide Jim Wright
The Damnation of Faust Hector Berlioz
The Dark Side of the Moon 2007 Paul Lovatt-Cooper
The Dawn of Spring E. le Duc
The Day of the Lord Steven Ponsford
The Day Thou Gavest (St Clement) 1993 Clement Cotterill Scholefield Philip Wilby
The Day With the Huntsman Unknown
The Deep Bram Wiggins
The Defenders Rodney Newton
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 1992 Derek Bourgeois
The Devil's Bridge 2001 Darrol Barry
The Divine Right 2014 Philip Harper
The Don 1885 Harry Round
The Dong with a Luminous Nose 1975 Joseph Horovitz
The Dordistone Unknown
The Downfall of Lucifer Derek Bourgeois
The Dream Catcher William Francis McBeth
The Drop 2007 Simon Dobson
The Ellacombe Chronicles 2009 James Curnow
The Enchanted Castle 2019 Mario Bürki
The English Maiden 1948 Eric Ball
The English Suite Unknown
The Essence of Time 1989 Peter Graham
The Essential James Bond Unknown Darrol Barry
The Eternal Optimist Ed Huckeby
The Eternal Presence 1968 Eric Ball
The Explorers 1982 Peter Yorke
The Fair Maid of Perth Georges Bizet
The Fairy Polka Unknown
The Fall of the Year Bram Wiggins
The Fallen Bride 2015 Ludovic Neurohr
The Festival Waltz Unknown
The Festive City 1981 Eric Ball
The Final Frontier 2020 Geert Jan Kroon
The First Circle Boris Sergei Kalinnikov
The Fives Prevail Richard Saucedo
The Flight of the Wild Geese Robin Dewhurst
The Flint Knappers 1998 Stuart Johnson
The Flood 2018 Mario Bürki
The Flower Maiden James Ord Hume
The Flying Dutchman [arr. Hartmann] Richard Wagner A. Hartmann
The Flying Dutchman [arr. Lorriman] Richard Wagner Howard Lorriman
The Flying Dutchman [unknown arranger] Richard Wagner
The Folk Songs of Old England Unknown
The Forest Chief E. le Duc
The Forest Of Arden George Walter Selwyn Lloyd
The Forest of Dean 1991 Derek Bourgeois
The Forest Queen 1882 Harry Round
The Four Horsemen 1st, 2nd & 3rd Movements Unknown
The Four Noble Truths 2004 Philip Sparke
The Four Temperaments Robert Simpson
The Frogs of Aristophanes 1952 Granville Bantock Frank Wright
The Gael (Concert Item) Unknown
The Gay Delavals 1971 John Carr
The Gayest of the Gay 1912 D. Perorini
The Giddybug Gallop Duke Ellington Daniel Hall
The Glee Garland 1905 Harry Round
The God Particle 2014 Rolf Rudin
The Golden Age J. A. Greenwood
The Golden Dawn J. A. Greenwood
The Golden Hind Drake Rimmer
The Golden Lady Goff Richards
The Golden Sabre - Tales of the Hussar-Poet, Denis Davydov 2018 Kit Turnbull
The Golden Spur E. le Duc
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad Miklos Rozsa Leigh Baker
The Golden Web 1894 Arthur Goring Thomas Charles Godfrey Jnr
The Golden West 1985 Stuart Johnson
The Golden Year Alfred Reed
The Gondoliers [unknown arranger] Arthur Sullivan
The Gospel Trumpet 1881 Linter
The Graces of Love 2013 Oliver Waespi
The Great City (Suite) 1963 William Lovelock
The Great Escape Unknown
The Great Locomotive Chase Robert W. Smith
The Green Suite Øystein Sjøvaag Heimdal
The Harmonious Blacksmith Unknown
The Haslemere Suite 1998 Peter Graham
The Haunted Halls 2006 Paul Lovatt-Cooper
The Haunter of the Dark 1994 Franco Cesarini
The Headless Horseman Ron Goodwin
The Healing Stream (Meditation on Aberystwyth) Wilfred Heaton
The Heart that feels no sorrow Unknown
The Heavens are Telling [unknown arranger] Joseph Haydn
The Hero of Wales Harry Round
The Holy War 1965 Ray Steadman-Allen
The Holy Well Peter Graham
The Hornets Nest Ralph Hultgren
The Hounds of Spring Alfred Reed Robert Longfield
The Hounds of Spring / Suite of Old American Dances (Mvts 1,3,5) / 2nd Suite in F Unknown
The House on Haunted Hill 2013 Richard Rock
The Immovable Do Unknown Perry Grainger
The Impresario Overture Unknown
The Inn of Sixth Happiness Malcolm Arnold
The Isle of Avalon Philip Catelinet
The Jewess Jules Halevy
The Journal of Phileas Fogg 2012 Peter Graham
The Journeyman 1993 Ray Steadman-Allen
The Joy of Youth J. A. Greenwood
The Judges of the Secret Court (Les Francs Juges) 1961 Hector Berlioz Frank Wright
The King and I Unknown
The King of Elfland's Daughter 2003 Rodney Newton
The King of Kings Eric Ball
The King of Love My Shepherd Is 2013 Unknown Mike Kilmartin
The Kingdom Triumphant 1963 Eric Ball
The Knight's Trail Tony Cresswell
The Lady of Killarney Julius Benedict
The Land of the Fiery Young Unknown
The Land of the Long White Cloud - Aotearoa 1979 Philip Sparke
The Last Battle Unknown
The Last Judgement [arr. Godfrey] 1879 Louis Spohr Charles Godfrey Jnr
The Last Judgement [arr. Round] 1879 Louis Spohr Harry Round
The Last Post Jessica Curry Alan Catherall
The Last To Defend David Shaffer
The Legend of Hans Roth 2014 Howard Lorriman
The Legend Of Ida Glenn Ed Huckeby
The Legend of King Arthur 2010 Peter Meechan
The Legend of Pandora Benjamin Tubb-Hearne
The Liberty Bell [arr. Fernie] John Philip Sousa Alan Fernie
The Light Eternal James Swearingen
The Lily of Killarney [arr. Godfrey] Julius Benedict Charles Godfrey Jnr
The Lion and the Rose 2015 Philip Wilby
The Lion King Hans Zimmer Alan Fernie
The Lion King (Concert Item) Unknown Paul Lavender
The Loaded Dog Graham Lloyd
The Loin Of Lucerne James Curnow
The Lonely Hill Unknown
The Lonely Mill 1936 Handel Lancaster
The Lonesome Knight Saskia Apon
The Long Day Closes 1960 Arthur Sullivan Eric Ball
The Long Ships Rodney Newton
The Lord is King Ray Steadman-Allen
The Lord of the Dance Ronan Hardiman Gavin Somerset
The Lord Of The Rings Excerpts Johan de Meij Paul Lavender
The Lost Village of Imber Christopher Bond
The Love for Three Oranges [Prokofjev] Sergei S. Prokofjev
The Magic Flute [unknown arranger] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The Magic Garden & Empire of Light from the Venetian Collection Johan de Meij
The Magical Scarecrow Mark Saunders
The Magnificent Seven Unknown
The Maid of Orleans [Laurent] Michael Laurent
The Maid of Orleans [Smith] 2016 Todd Smith
The Maid of the Mountains Unknown
The Mandalorian Ludwig Goransson Paul Murtha
The Mansions of Glory 2015 Jonathan Bates
The March of the Princes Horatio Nicholls
The Margam Stones Gareth Wood
The Mariner Morris Harper
The Marriage of Figaro - selection Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The Martyrs Gaetano Donizetti
The Mastersingers (Die Meistersinger) Richard Wagner
The Mastersingers (Die Meistersinger) [arr. Shipley] Richard Wagner Frederic Charles Shipley Douglas
The Maunsell Forts 2002 John McCabe
The Mermaid of Zennor 2015 Philip Harper
The Merry Monarch 1946 Donald Bridger
The Merry Wives of Windsor [Keighley] 1927 Thomas Keighley
The Merry Wives of Windsor [military band] Otto Nicolai Dan Godfrey
The Merry Wives of Windsor [Nicolai] 1897 Otto Nicolai Charles Godfrey Jnr
The Mock Doctor Charles Gounod
The Moor of Venice 1956 William Alwyn Frank Wright
The Mountain Chief J. A. Greenwood
The Mountain Sylph 1907 John Barnett Frederic Charles Shipley Douglas
The Mountaineer 1904 Harry Round
The Murder in the Night Ben Hollings
The Music of Thy Name Brian Hogg
The Mysterious Bridge Darrol Barry
The New Age J. A. Greenwood
The New Anzacs Brian Hogg
The New Baroque Suite Unknown
The New Jerusalem 1989 Philip Wilby
The Night of the Tiger Petterik / Sullivan Philip Harper
The Night to Sing Bramwell Tovey
The Night's Gale Harold Moss
The Nutcracker Suite Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Paul Lavender
The Old Abbey Unknown
The Old Castle Suite Mr. Monk
The Old Matador David Bobrowitz
The Old Westminister Unknown
The Olympic Spirit 2002 John Williams Christian Jenkins
The Once and Future King Andrew Baker
The Other Side Of Silence 2021 Stephen Roberts
The Outlaw William Rimmer
The Overseer Overture Unknown
The Pacemakers 1970 Edward Gregson
The Pacific Riders 2002 Darrol Barry
The Padstow Lifeboat Op.94 Malcolm Arnold
The Passing Hours 1967 Denis Wright
The Pathetique Sonata (op 13) Unknown
The Patriots 2019 Jan de Haan
The Peaks of Otter James L. Hosay
The Phantom Menace John Williams Andrew Duncan
The Phantom of the Opera Medley Andrew Lloyd Webber Chris Wormald
The Pilgrim [Downie] Kenneth Downie
The Pilgrim [Walters] 2014 Josiah Walters
The Pilgrims Prayer Eric Ball
The Pilgrim's Progress 2023 Rodney Newton
The Pillars of Mankind 2023 Zoran Rosendahl
The Pines of Rome (Pini di Roma) [O. Respighi, arr. H. Snell] Unknown Howard Snell
The Pioneers 2005 Philip Sparke
The Pirates of Penzance (selection) Arthur Sullivan
The Planets Unknown
The Plantagenets 1972 Edward Gregson
The Ploughboy Unknown Edrich Siebert
The Porter of Havre Antonio Cagnoni James Ord Hume
The Power of Mega Tsunami Carl Wittrock
The Power of the Soul Maurice Hamers
The Power Within Jan Lynggaard Sørensen
The Present Age Leslie Condon
The Princess and the Poet 1960 Eric Ball
The Prizewinners 1975 Philip Sparke
The Promised Land 2006 Kenneth Downie
The Prophet Unknown
The Quay Unknown
The Raid 2014 Oliver Waespi
The Red Cross 1881 Harry Round
The Red Cross Knight 1888 H. R. Calcott
The Red Machine 2004 Peter Graham
The Red Novae Peter Graham
The Return of the Warrior Unknown
The Ring (arr Kelly) / Slavische Phantasy Unknown
The Ring of the Nibelung Franz Liszt
The Ring of the Nibelung / The Valkyrie Unknown
The Rising Generation 1971 Edrich Siebert
The Rivals 1962 Alfred Ashpole
The Robbers Unknown
The Rollright Stones Nigel Hall
The Rose of England Harry Round
The Royal Musketeers Unknown
The Royal Water Music George Frideric Handel Hamilton Harty
The Rustic Wedding Unknown
The Saga of Haakon the Good 2007 Philip Sparke
The Saga of Tyrfing Jacob Vilhelm Larsen
The Saint Unknown
The Saint and the City 2003 Jacob de Haan
The Sea (Thalassa) Denis Wright
The Sea Overture Denis Wright
The Seafarers Bruce Fraser
The Seasons [1885] 1885 T. A. Haigh
The Seasons [Can] John Can
The Seasons [Carr] 1971 John Carr
The Seasons [Wilby] 2000 Philip Wilby
The Sentinel [Round] 1882 Harry Round
The Seventh Night of July Itaru Sakai
The Severn Suite 1930 Edward Elgar
The Severn Suite [arr. Brand] Edward Elgar Geoffrey Brand
The Severn Suite [arr. Gay] 1996 Edward Elgar Bram Gay
The Shadow of the Demon Unknown
The Ship Builders /Little Suite No.1 for Brass /Viking Age Unknown
The Shipbuilders 1960 Peter Yorke
The Sicilian Vespers [unknown arranger] Giuseppe Verdi
The Silent Anzac 2018 Todd Smith
The Silver Chalice Unknown
The Sinfonians Clifton Williams Jay Bocook
The Sirenes Daniel Auber
The Slave Henry Rowley Bishop
The Slavonic Dances Antonin Dvorák
The Snaring of the Sun 2014 Stephen Roberts
The Soldier's Life 1902 W. J. Douglas Sherriff
The Son of Light 2014 Bertrand Moren
The Son of the Sun 2014 Bertrand Moren
The Songs they Took to War Unknown Dean Jones
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Paul Dukas
The Sound of Music Unknown
The Spirit of Puccini 2009 Herman Pallhuber
The Spirit of Youth J. A. Greenwood
The Spirit Within Les Taylor
The Spook - Eighth Avenue Brian Hogg
The Sport of Kings 2011 Brenton Broadstock
The Standing Tower Joop van Dijk
The Star of Dreams Robert W. Smith
The States of Water 2013 Mario Bürki
The Stone Guest Brian Hogg
The Stranger Gioachino Rossini
The Sun Unknown
The Symphonic Gershwin George Gershwin
The Symphonic Marches John Williams
The Talisman [Balfe, unknown arranger] Michael William Balfe
The Talisman [Hughes] 2009 Frank Hughes
The Taming of the Shrew 1908 Hermann Goetz Charles Godfrey Jnr
The Teddy Bears' Picnic [arr. Roberts] 2000 John Bratton Stephen Roberts
The Tempest 1944 Maurice Johnstone
The Territorials & Lavinia Unknown
The Territorians Bill McAllister
The Thievish Magpie (La Gazza Ladra) [arr. D. Wright] 1932 Gioachino Rossini Denis Wright
The Three Musketeers 1953 George Hespe
The Three Saints Goff Richards
The Three Towers Marc Jeanbourquin
The Torchbearer 2009 Peter Graham
The Tournament 1878 Harry Round
The Triumph of Peace 1939 Eric Ball
The Triumph of Time 2014 Peter Graham
The Troubadour 1890 Charles Liebert
The Trumpets of the Angels 2000 Edward Gregson
The Turing Test 2016 Simon Dobson
The Undaunted 1959 Eric Ball
The Unfortunate Traveller 2013 Imogen Holst Paul Hindmarsh
The United Kingdom William Rimmer
The Universal Judgement Camille De Nardis
The Unknown Journey Philip Sparke
The Unknown Warrior Drake Rimmer
The Untold Story 2018 Louis Kroni
The Valiant William Broughton
The Valkyrie Richard Wagner William Rimmer
The Valkyrie (arr Owens) / Etoile du Nord (arr Swift) Unknown
The Valkyrie / Freedom Unknown
The Valkyrie / Webers Works Unknown
The Veteran's March Graham Howard
The Vicar of Bray Frank Stokes
The Vicar of Dibley Howard Goodall Christopher Wiggins
The Viking [Greenwood] 1949 J. A. Greenwood
The Viking [Nichol] 1923 Joseph Weston Nichol
The Vikings [Sparke] Philip Sparke
The Viking's Daughter William Rimmer
The Village Bride William Rimmer
The Village Festival 1886 Harry Round
The Village Gala Unknown
The Von Braun Suite 2022 Stephen Bulla
The Wand of Youth (from Suites 1 & 2) [arr. Langford] Edward Elgar Gordon Langford
The Wand of Youth [arr. Gay] Edward Elgar Bram Gay
The Wanderers Unknown
The Water Carrier Luigi Cherubini
The Westerners Unknown
The White Company Norman Richardson
The White Horse 2023 Andrew Wareham
The White Rider 1927 Denis Wright
The Wind in the Willows Johan de Meij
The Winter's Tale Reginald Heath
The Witch & the Saint Steven Reineke
The Wolf 1891 Harry Round
The World Rejoicing (Variations on a Lutheran Chorale) 2020 Edward Gregson
The World's Greatest Storyteller Various Philip Harper
The Yarnmakers Unknown
The Year of the Dragon 1984 Philip Sparke
The Yeomen of the Guard Arthur Sullivan
The Yorkshire Waltzes 1856 John Enderby Jackson
The Young in Heart 1964 Eric Ball
Theme and Cooperation 1994 Joseph Horovitz
Theme and Eight Variations from Enigma 1984 Edward Elgar Eric Ball
Theme and Variations [Waespi] 2015 Oliver Waespi
Theme and Variations, Suite III, Op 5 [military band] Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Theme From 007 Unknown
Theme from Exodus Unknown
Theme from Lawrence of Arabia Unknown Alfred Reed
Themed Andreas Waldner
Thèmes et Variations Jean-Claude Kolly
Themes From Beethoven's 8th Symphony 1945 Ludwig van Beethoven Denis Wright
Themes From First Suite in Eb Gustav Holst
Themes from Greig Piano Concerto 1951 Edvard Grieg Kenneth Cook
Themes from Herold's Le Pre aux Clercs Unknown
Themes From New World Symphony [arr. D. Rimmer] Antonin Dvorák Drake Rimmer
Themes From Othello Unknown
Themes From Symphony No,1 Ludwig van Beethoven
Themes from Symphony No. 5 [Beethoven] Ludwig van Beethoven Denis Wright
Themes from Symphony no. 5 [Tchaikovsky, arr. Ball] 1948 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Eric Ball
Themes from Symphony no. 9 [Beethoven] 1947 Ludwig van Beethoven Eric Ball
Themes from the First Symphony [Beethoven] 1964 Ludwig van Beethoven Eric Ball
Themes from the Italian Symphony Felix Mendelssohn Dean Goffin
Themes from Tschaikowsky [arr. Rimmer] Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Rimmer
Themes Valley Suite Unknown
Then round about the starry throne George Frideric Handel
Theodora Unknown Harry Round
Thev Comber Suite Darrol Barry
They that go down to the sea in ships 1885 James Frost
They Went That Way Unknown
Third Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals 1968 Eric Ball
Third Suite Unknown Robert Jager
Third Symphony For Band Frank Erickson
Third Symphony Op.89 James Barnes
This England Unknown
This Happy Island Gareth Wood
This Island Home Drake Rimmer
Thou Alone Art Holy Ludwig van Beethoven Harry Round
Three Ancient Customs 2012 Richard Huw Cole
Three Bavarian Dances Unknown
Three Bears Phantasy [military band] Eric Coates
Three Brass Band Studies Philip Catelinet
Three Characteristic Pieces 1961 Adam Carse
Three Chinese Miniatures Robert Jager
Three Dale Dances Arthur Wood
Three Days William Rimmer
Three Diversions for Band Robert Washburn
Three English Pictures Adam Carse
Three Extraordinary Journeys 2005 Philip Sparke
Three Figures 1960 Herbert Howells
Three Folk Song Settings for Band 2014 Andrew Boysen Jnr Mike Kilmartin
Three Gentle Giants Svein Henrik Giske
Three Haworth Impressions 1979 Gordon Langford
Three Impressions For Brass Op. 36 1968 Arthur Butterworth
Three Impromptus for Brass Band 1985 Christopher Boodle
Three Inventions 1968 Pi Scheffer
Three Jazz Pieces 1995 James Harper Peter Graham
Three Kings Swing William Himes
Three Kletzmer Miniatures Philip Sparke
Three London Miniatures Mark Camphouse
Three Memories for Brass 1988 William Relton
Three Miniatures [Powell] Thomas James Powell
Three Miniatures [Sparke] 1994 Philip Sparke
Three Movements of Temperament of Man Unknown
Three Nation Suite Stuart Johnson
Three Negro Spirituals Unknown
Three Part Invention 2005 Kenneth Downie
Three Pieces for Brass Dave Chapman
Three Places in Italy 2002 Brenton Broadstock
Three Sacred Preludes Kenneth Cook
Three Saints 1996 Goff Richards
Three Sketches for Brass Band Philip Catelinet
Three Songs From Sussex Unknown Hugh . M. Stuart
Three Songs without Words 1947 Eric Ball
Three Spanish Impressions [Fernie] 2007 Alan Fernie
Three Tasmanian Sketches Lyall McDermott
Three Times A Tune Jan Hadermann
Three Words without Song Eric Ball
Threnody Ben Hollings
Threshold 1967 Frank Wright
Throne of the North 2017 Mathias Wehr
Through a Soldiers Eyes Graham Lloyd
Thyellene - The Battle on the Heath Kevin Houben
Till Eulenspiegel Unknown Hicks
Till Eulenspiegel's lustige Streiche Richard Strauss
Time for Outrage! 2018 Marco Pütz Paul McGhee
Time Machine Thomas Doss
Times Passed Alan Fernie
Tintagel (Symphonic Suite) 1930 Denis Wright
TinTin - Prisoners of the Sun Dirk Brosse Johan de Meij
Titania 1896 Harry Round
Titan's Progress Herman Pallhuber
Titus Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
To A New Dawn Philip Sparke
To Boldly Go 2015 Peter Graham
To Challenge The Sky And Heavens Above Robert W. Smith
To Serve and to Save Dudley Bright
To The Sky Dwayne Bloomfield
To The Summits 2011 Pierre Etienne Sagnol
To Thee, Oh Lord Unknown
Tocatta & Fugue Unknown
Toccata (Wallin) Rolf Wallin
Toccata [Benz] Unknown
Toccata [Heaton] 1973 Wilfred Heaton
Toccata e Corale 2012 John Brakstad
Toccata e Fantasia Thomas Doss
Toccata Festiva 1993 Jan Van der Roost
Toccata For Band Unknown
Toccata For Band [Erickson] Frank Erickson
Toccata in D Minor Unknown
Toccata in Rock Derek Broadbent
Toccata, Elegy and Scherzo 2006 Darrol Barry
Toccatina Olivier Marquis
Tombstone Arizona Gareth Wood
Tone Poem Unknown
Tone Poem - Fearless Andrew Wainwright
Top Gun Robert W. Smith
Torquato Tasso [arr. Round] 1895 Gaetano Donizetti Harry Round
Torquato Tasso [unknown arranger] Gaetano Donizetti
Torsion 2009 Simon Dobson
Tournament Stephen Bulla
Tournament for Brass 1954 Eric Ball
Towcester 917 2017 Jonathan Bates
Tracing Time 2017 Oliver Waespi
Trafalgar 1892 Harry Round
Tragic Overture 2023 Tobias Broström
Trajectum 2018 Unknown Rob Goorhuis
Tramp, Tramp o'er Moss and Fell Unknown
Trance 2014 Thomas Doss
Transfigurations James Curnow
Traversada 2013 Oliver Waespi
Treasures from Tchaikovsky [Coles] Bramwell Coles
TRIBUTE Mark Camphouse
Tribute to Canterbury Unknown
Tribute To irving Berlin Unknown
Trilogy 1987 Joseph Turrin
Trimbeka Carl Wittrock
Triple Dutch 2002 Derek Bourgeois
Triptych [Sparke] 1990 Philip Sparke
Triptych [Waespi] 1994 Oliver Waespi
Tristan & Isolde / Selections from Liszt (arr. McAnally) Unknown
Tristan & Isolde / The Valkyrie Unknown
Tristan & Isolde Rhapsody Fantasy Unknown
Tristan / Beethoven Symphony Unknown
Tristan and Isolde Richard Wagner
Tristan Encounters 1998 Martin Ellerby
Trittico [Curnow] 1988 James Curnow
Trittico [Schoonebeek] Kees Schoonenbeek
Triumph Of Ishtar Unknown
Triumphal Brass Jan de Haan
Triumphal Overture Unknown
Triumphant Fanfare Richard Saucedo
Triumphant Rhapsody 1965 Gilbert Vinter
Triumphant Spirit James Swearingen
Troglodyte Transition Craig Farr
Troheaul Gareth Churcher
Trois Fresques Chromatiques 2005 Etienne Crausaz
True Briton 1889 John Jubb
True Friendship George A. Webb
Trust in Me 2020 Sherman / Sherman Philip Harper
Truth in Marchera Unknown
Tschaikowsky (arr Rimmer) / Eroica (arr Rimmer) Unknown
Tschaikowsky [arr. Rimmer] Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Rimmer
Tschaikowsky 5th Symphony Unknown
Tuba Mirum Gareth Wood
Tulsa Don Gillis Maurice Ford
Turning Torso 2023 Magnus Hylander
Turris Fortissima Steven Ponsford
Tutti in Maschera [arr. Godfrey] 1902 Carlo Pedrotti Charles Godfrey Jnr
Twelfth Mass - selection [unknown arranger] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Twelfth Night Alfred Reed
Twenty-Five Rock 2014 Mario Bürki
Twinkling Brass Jeremy Dibb
Twist Jodie Blackshaw
Two Faces Under a Hood Thomas Dibdin
Two Guitars Unknown Frank Bryce
Two Hymn Tunes (Lloyd and The Old 100th) Howard and Bourgeois Alan Fernie
Two Kinds of Happiness Unknown Andreas Ludwig Schulte
Two Pieces for Young Bands 1983 Stuart Johnson
Two Places 2004 Simon Reade
Two Worlds 2021 Philip Harper
Tyne 2023 Andrew Wareham
Tyrolean Scenes Drake Rimmer

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