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Name Composer Arranger
Caesar and Cleopatra Gerard Boedijn Albert H. Jakeway
Cajun Folk Song Frank Ticheli
Caledonia Harry Round
Caledonian Melodies Unknown
Caliban 1973 Arthur Butterworth
Caliber (Concert Item) Unknown
California Legend Bruce Broughton
Call of the Clans Kevin Houben
Call of the Cossacks 2002 Peter Graham
Call of the New Sun Théo Schmitt
Call of the Sea 1953 Eric Ball
Call of the Youth A. Greenwood
Call to Arms H. Round
Calling Cornwall 1995 Goff Richards
Calon Lân Unknown
Cambrian Plume Unknown
Cambridge Variations 1992 Philip Sparke
Cambridgeshire Impressions Rieks van der Velde
Can I Have Some Troops Please? Allan Withington
Canadian Folk Song Suite Morley Calvert
Canadian Impressions Jan Segers
Candide Suite Leonard Bernstein Clare Grundman
Canite Tuba 2012 James MacMillan
Cantabile Philip Harper
Cantata 2014 Andrew Duncan
Canterbury Chorale 1991 Jan Van der Roost
Canticle Of The Creatures James Curnow
Canticles [Curnow] James Curnow
Canticles in Brass Stephen Bulla
Cantigas 2006 Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen
Cantus Jubilante David Shaffer
Canzon, Fugato & Hymn Mark Camphouse
Canzona in Echo 2015 Benedikt Hayoz
Cap Hoorn 2004 Mario Bürki
Cape Hoorn 2004 Mario Bürki
Capriccio [Downie] Kenneth Downie
Capriccio Espagnol [military band] Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Capriccio Espagnol [Rimsky-Korsakov, arr. B. Moren] 2017 Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Bertrand Moren
Capriccio Italien [arr. Broadbent] 2011 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Derek Broadbent
Capriccio Italien [arr. Wright] Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Denis Wright
Capriccio On Three Japanese Children Songs Unknown Yo Goto
Caprice 1978 Paul Huber
Caprice (Smith) Unknown
Caprice Brass Fair Geoffrey Winter
Capriol Suite 1987 Peter Warlock Geoffrey Brand
Captain Courageous Unknown
Caractacus [arr. Godfrey] 1903 Edward Elgar Charles Godfrey Jnr
Caravan Duke Ellington Steve Sykes
Cargoes Kenneth Cook
Caribbean Calypso Roland Kernen
Caribbean Hideaway James Barnes
Caribbean Variation on a Tune 1988 Jacob de Haan
Caribe Michael Camillo Philip Harper
Carillon from L'Arlesienne Suite Georges Bizet Denis Wright
Carl Rosa 1911 Unknown
Carmelite Reynaldo Hahn Sam Cope
Carmen Georges Bizet
Carmen No 2 Georges Bizet
Carmina Burana Carl Orff
Carnival [Perkin] Helen Perkin
Carnival of Venice [Harry James] Harry James Mark Freeh
Carnival Overture [Dvorák, arr. Brand] 1979 Antonin Dvorák Geoffrey Brand
Carnival Overture [Dvorák, arr. Newsome] Antonin Dvorák Roy Newsome
Carolina Legent Unknown J. Swearington
Cartoon Paul Hart
Cartoon for Brass Band Per Olav Paulsen
Cascade River Overture Douglas Akey
Cascades 2020 Samuel Loertscher
Casino Carnival 1961 Unknown
Casino Tanze 1891 Joseph Gungl
Casket of Gems Gaetano Donizetti Harry Round
Cassandra Unknown
Cassation 1988 Darrol Barry
Castle Woods Unknown
Castles by the Sea 2022 Magnus Hylander
Castles of Scotland Unknown James Pembleton
Cat Tales Peter Graham
Cataclysms 2019 Roland Szentpali
Catedrales Bert Appermont
Catharsis 2022 Kjetil Djønne
Cavalleria Rusticana [arr. D. Wright] 1939 Pietro Mascagni Denis Wright
Cavalleria Rusticana [arr. McMahon] Pietro Mascagni Hugh McMahon
Cavalleria Rusticana [unknown arranger] Pietro Mascagni
Cavatina Italia Unknown
Cavatina with variations [unknown arranger] Unknown
Cavatine 'Evening Bells' Unknown
Cave of the Winds Lennie Niehaus
Caverns 2015 Fabian Künzli
Cecilia Vespers Unknown
Celebration & Dance James Swearingen
Celebration (Phillip Sparke) Philip Sparke
Celebration [Ball] 1971 Eric Ball
Celebration [Michel] 2002 Jean-François Michel
Celebration [van Dijk] Joop van Dijk
Celebration and Song 2009 Robert Sheldon
Celebration of Life Ralph Hultgren
Celebration on Contemporary Gospel Songs Unknown
Celebrations Philip Sparke
Celebrations For Wind & Percussion James Swearingen
Celestial Prospect Wilfred Heaton
Celtic Air & Dance No.1 Michael Sweeney
Celtic Force 2019 Mario Bürki
Celtic Ritual (Overture For Band) John Higgins
Centivintennial Overture Greg Butcher
Centuria James Swearingen
Centuria Overture For Band James Swearingen
Century Philip Harper
Ceramic City Festival 1967 Stuart Johnson
Ceremonium John Moss
Ceremony 2000 Michael Ball
Cha das Caldeiras 2014 Pierre Schmidhäusler
Chain Piet Swerts
Chal Romano 1971 Albert Ketelby
Challenging Brass 1966 Gilbert Vinter
Chamarita Unknown
Champion [unknown composer] Unknown
Champion Challenge Unknown
Champion March Medley No. 1 Unknown
Champion of the Seas Unknown Matt Klohs
Changing Cells Fritz Voegelin
Chanson du Soir Eugene Verner
Chant Rituals Elliot A. del Borgo
Chanteys Robert Sheldon
Chaplinesque (Concert Band) Cliff Reese
Chaucer's Tunes 1998 Michael Ball
Cheerful Chums William Rimmer
Cherchebi 2000 Goff Richards
Chesford Portrait James Swearingen
Chessboard Suite Unknown
Chick Corea Ole Unknown
Children of Time 2021 Mathias Wehr
Chinese Folk Suite Warren Barker
Chivalry 2003 Martin Ellerby
Choice between different Test Pieces (see below Results) Various Various
Chopin [arr. Greenwood] Frederic Chopin J. A. Greenwood
Chorale Ray Steadman-Allen
Chorale & Allegro Unknown
Chorale & Capriccio Unknown
Chorale & Finale from 1812 Overture Unknown
Chorale & March Unknown
Chorale & Rockout Ted Huggins
Chorale & Shaker Dance Unknown
Chorale and Toccata Stephen Bulla
Chorale and Variations [Lucas] 1968 Leighton Lucas
Chorale and Variations [Sparke] 2004 Philip Sparke
Chorale Tangents Kenneth Downie
Chorale Variations Jan de Haan
Choreography Robert Sheldon
Chorus: Achieved is the Glorious Work (from 'The Creation') Joseph Haydn
Chorus: Amen [Handel] George Frideric Handel
Chorus: Judex Charles Gounod Frank Wright
Chorus: 'The Heavens are Telling' from The Creation [arr. Round] 1883 Joseph Haydn Harry Round
Chorus: We Bow Our Heads (St Matthew Passion) Johann Sebastian Bach
Chorus: 'We Never Will Bow Down' from 'Judas Maccabeus' George Frideric Handel
Christchurch Alive Unknown
Christmas Morn Unknown
Christy's Songs Unknown
Chromascope 1974 Paul Patterson
Chronicle Unknown Calvin Custer
Ciacona Seria Henk Badings
Cinderella Unknown
Cinq Mars [arr. Godfrey] 1881 Charles Gounod Charles Godfrey Jnr
Cinq Mars [arr. Round] 1887 Charles Gounod Harry Round
Circius 1988 Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen
Circles Rob Goorhuis
Circus King Paul Hart
City by the Sea Wesley Johnstone
City of Spires Trevor Ford
City of the Last Unicorn Rossano Galante
City of Waters Concert Suite Phillip Rutherford
Cityscapes [Bulla] 1985 Stephen Bulla
Cityscapes [de Haan] 2009 Jan de Haan
Civil War Suite Unknown
Clans Collide Philip Harper
Clarendon 1951 J. A. Greenwood
Clash Hypnotic Brass Simon Dobson
Classic Gems No 2 William Rimmer
Classic Gems No. 1 William Rimmer
Classic Suite in D Cyril Jenkins
Classical Favourites Unknown Harry Round
Classical Hymn Nicholas Avinee
Classical Moments William Rimmer
Cleopatra Harry Round
Clive of India 1939 Joseph Holbrooke
Cloak and Dagger Jonathan Bates
Cloudcatcher Fells 1985 John McCabe
Clouds 2010 Bertrand Moren
Clouds and Sunshine Unknown
Clough Top March Unknown
Clowning Around (Concert Item) Unknown
Cluster of Classics Unknown
Coal River 1996 Barry McKimm
Coast To Coast Ib Glindemann Jacob Moth-Poulsen / Michael Aaberg Thomsen
Cobb Country Festival Unknown John O'Reilly
Colas Breugnon Dmitri Kabalevsky
Cole Porter Selection Unknown
Cole Porter Symphony Portrait Unknown
Coliseum Gareth Wood
Colonial Scenes Lyall McDermott
Colonnade Bernard Schulé Roger Mermet
Colorado Springs Philip Sparke
Colors Bert Appermont
Colosseo 2014 Pierre Schmidhäusler
Colours Roger Cichy
Colours & Configurations Lennie Niehaus
Columbus 2005 Rob Goorhuis
Come Follow The Band Cy Coleman Matthew Ruddock
Comedy Overture 1934 John Ireland
Comfort Ye and The Glory of the Lord 1885 George Frideric Handel Harry Round
Compendium Unknown
Compostela Thierry Deleruyelle
Comrades in Arms Adolphe Adam
Concert Overture for Brass Band Vilem Tausky
Concert Prelude [Dibb] Jeremy Dibb
Concert Prelude [Sparke] 1975 Philip Sparke
Concert Regalia Unknown
Concert Suite [Cui] César Cui
Concert Suite [Mealor] Paul Mealor
Concert Suite op. 60 1999 Urs Heri
Concertante for Band Stephen Bulla
Concertante Music 1979 Bryan Kelly
Concertino [Lane] 1979 Philip Lane
Concertino for Brass Band [Downie] Kenneth Downie
Concertino for Brass Band [Gross] 1987 Eric Gross
Concerto [Szentpali] 2017 Roland Szentpali
Concerto D'Amore 1995 Jacob de Haan
Concerto for Band [Golland] 1991 John Golland
Concerto for Band [Lloyd] Graham Lloyd
Concerto for Band No 1 (1999 revised Edition) Derek Bourgeois
Concerto for Band No 1 [Bourgeois] 1974 Derek Bourgeois
Concerto for Brass [unknown composer] Unknown
Concerto for Brass Band [Downie] Kenneth Downie
Concerto for Brass Band [Josephs] 1974 Wilfred Josephs
Concerto for Euphonium 1996 Philip Wilby
Concerto for Orchestra [Bartok] Béla Bartok Sébastien Pasche
Concerto for Trumpet [James] Harry James Elgar Howarth
Concerto Grosso [Bourgeois] 1979 Derek Bourgeois
Concerto Grosso [Gregson] Edward Gregson
Concerto Grosso No. 1 [Furber] Lewis Furber
Concerto No. 1 for Brass Band [Venables] 2013 Marcus Venables
Concordia Fantasia Richard Smith
Concretola Gaetano Donizetti
Configurations on B.A.C.H. 1993 Fritz Voegelin
Confluence for Brass Band William Himes
Connotations 1976 Edward Gregson
Constable Country 2000 Derek Broadbent
Contest Day 1961 Eric Ball
Contest Music 1973 Wilfred Heaton
Contonary Variations Unknown
Contrasten Jan de Haan
Contrasts (Barry) 2001 Darrol Barry
Contrasts (Moren) Unknown
Contrasts in Brass 1971 Stuart Johnson
Convergence John Moss
Convergents 1990 Franco Cesarini
Conversions 2020 Reto Naef
Coomber Suite Darrol Barry
Coppelia Leo Delibes
Coral of the Bells Unknown
Corale & Variations Leighton Lucas
Corale For Brass Unknown
Cordelia Harry Round
Cordell Suite 1959 Helen Perkin
Corelli Gavotte Corelli
Corineus Christopher Bond
Coriolan Overture Ludwig van Beethoven T. Conway Brown
Coriolanus 1914 Cyril Jenkins
Coriolanus / Souvenir of the Opera Unknown
Cornflowers and Poppies Unknown
Cornish Festival Overture 1973 Eric Ball
Cornucopia Craig Farr
Corpus Christi 1994 Robert Redhead
Corsair's Landing Robert Sheldon
Cortege from Mlada 1978 Rimsky Korsakov Gordon Langford
Cosi Fan Tutte Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Cosi Fan Tutte [arr. Godfrey] 1905 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Charles Godfrey Jnr
Cotillon Arthur Benjamin
Count Down 1975 Paul Patterson
Country Life E. le Duc
Country Sketches Philip Catelinet
Countryside and Common People Alan Fernie
Court Minstrels Unknown
Courtly Airs & Dances Ron Nelson
Coventry Variations 1986 Bramwell Tovey
Crazy Twenties 2022 Thierry Deleruyelle
Credo Lorne Barry
Creed William Himes
Creole Carnivale Arnold Treed
Crescent Moon Grand Overture Jan Van der Roost
Crest Of Nobility Robert Sheldon
Crimson Star J. A. Greenwood
Crispino [arr. Round] 1878 Luigi and Federico Ricci Harry Round
Cristo Redentor Steven Ponsford
Croix d'Honneur M. Bleger
Cromorty 2023 Simon Dobson
Cross Patonce 1990 Goff Richards
Cross Rhythms 2017 Steven Ponsford
Crossgate Overture James Barnes
Crosswinds Unknown B. Fraser
Crown Cavalcade 1954 P. Beechfield Carver
Crown Diamonds 1896 Daniel Auber
Crown Imperial William Walton
Crown of Gold Unknown
Crown of Honour Charles Richards
Crown of Love William Rimmer
Crown of Merit Unknown
Crown of Scottish Song 1906 Unknown
Crown of Victory John Carter
Crunchy Starter Marc Jeanbourquin
Crusade Rieks van der Velde
Cry of the Falcon Kevin Houben
Cry of the Last Unicorn Rossano Galante
Cry of the Mountain 2012 Howard Lorriman
Cu Chulainn Daniel Hall
Cuban Overture 2010 George Gershwin Philip Sparke
Cuban Pete (Concert Item) Unknown
Cujus animam [unknown arranger] Gioachino Rossini
Culloden Moor 1978 Gareth Wood
Curtain Call Peter Meechan
Cycles 2015 Stan Nieuwenhuis
Cynthia Harry Round

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