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Name Composer Arranger
Rachmaninov Rhapsody 2020 Steven Ponsford
Radio Rhythm Unknown
Rag for Igor Martin Winter
Ragtimes and Habaneras 1975 Hans Werner Henze
Raiders March (from Indiana Jones) John Williams
Raiders Of The Lost Ark Medley John Williams
Rainbow River Liz Lane
Rainton Newcarrow
Raise the Dragon Colin Cowles
Ramajana Suite 1986 Rob Goorhuis
Raveling, Unraveling 2016 Philip Sparke
Ravenhill Suite 2007 Dorothy Gates
Ravenscroft Variations Jacob Vilhelm Larsen
Raymond Overture Ambroise Thomas
Rays of Sunshine Unknown
Reach for the Stars 1999 Goff Richards
Realms of Asgard 2014 Daniel Price
Recitative and Chorus: 'The Heavens are Telling' from The Creation [unknown arranger] Joseph Haydn
Recitative: 'Comfort ye my people' and Chorus: 'And the Glory of the Lord', from 'The Messiah' George Frideric Handel
Recollections from the Opera Unknown
Recollections of Auber Daniel Auber
Recollections of Balfe Michael William Balfe William Rimmer
Recollections of Beethoven [arr. Greenwood] Ludwig van Beethoven J. A. Greenwood
Recollections of Bellini (arr. Basquit) Vincenzo Bellini W. Basquit
Recollections of Bellini [arr. Rimmer] Vincenzo Bellini William Rimmer
Recollections of Carl Rosa Harry Round
Recollections of Donizetti Gaetano Donizetti
Recollections of England William Rimmer
Recollections of Flotow Unknown Harry Round
Recollections of Handel 1908 Harry Round
Recollections of Ireland Unknown William Rimmer
Recollections of Mendelssohn Felix Mendelssohn J. A. Greenwood
Recollections of Meyerbeer [arr. Greenwood] Giacomo Meyerbeer J. A. Greenwood
Recollections of Meyerbeer [arr. Woods] Giacomo Meyerbeer Thomas Woods
Recollections of Meyerbeer [unknown arranger] Giacomo Meyerbeer
Recollections of Rossini William Rimmer
Recollections of Schubert [arr. Rimmer] Franz Schubert Rimmer
Recollections of Schumann Robert Schumann William Rimmer
Recollections of Scotland Richard Blagrove
Recollections of Verdi [arr. Rimmer] Giuseppe Verdi William Rimmer
Recollections of Wales Harry Round
Recollections of Wallace William Vincent Wallace William Rimmer
Recollections of Weber Carl Maria von Weber J. A. Greenwood
Recuerdos de la Alhambra Francisco Tarrega Sandy Smith
Red Earth 1993 Roland Wiltgen
Red Mountain 2012 Marc Jeanbourquin
Red October Jonathan Bates
Red Poppies Unknown
Red Priest 2010 Philip Wilby
Redbad Jan de Haan
Redline Tango John Mackey
Reflection of Colours 2009 Thomas Trachsel
Reflections John Brakstad
Reflections in Nature Robert Redhead
Reflections on Swan Lake 2015 Stephen Roberts
Reformers 2007 Philip Wilby
Refrains and Cadenzas 1973 Thomas Wilson
Regatta For Winds David Shaffer
Rejoice, The Lord is King Kenneth Downie
Rejouissance James Curnow
Relativo Robert W. Smith
Relentless Advance Kerry Thomas
Rembrandt Rodney Newton
Remembering Jutland Bramwell Tovey
Remembrance 2004 Bertrand Moren
Reminiscence of Donizetti Unknown
Reminiscences of All Nations Unknown Adolphus Godfrey
Reminiscences of Auber Daniel Auber
Reminiscences of Donizetti [arr. Smith] Gaetano Donizetti Richard Smith
Reminiscences of England Dan Godfrey Frederic Charles Shipley Douglas
Reminiscences of Erin Jacob Kappey
Reminiscences of Gounod Charles Gounod
Reminiscences of Haydn Unknown
Reminiscences of Mendelssohn Felix Mendelssohn
Reminiscences of Meyerbeer / Reminiscences of Donizetti (arr Smith) Unknown
Reminiscences of Meyerbeer [unknown arranger] Giacomo Meyerbeer
Reminiscences of Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Reminiscences of Offenbach 1912 William Winterbottom
Reminiscences of Rossini 1883 Unknown Harry Round
Reminiscences of Tschaikowsky [arr. Godfrey] Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Dan Godfrey
Reminiscences of Verdi Giuseppe Verdi Richard Smith
Reminiscences of Weber [arr. Bulch] 1894 Carl Maria von Weber Thomas Bulch
Reminiscences of Weber [arr. Godfrey] Carl Maria von Weber Charles (jr) Godfrey
Reminiscencia Gitana Unknown André Waignein
REM-Scapes 2013 Thomas Doss
Renaissance 2003 Peter Graham
Renaissance Suite 2008 Franco Cesarini
Rendezvous with the Other Side Richard Saucedo
Repton [C. H. Hastings Perry, arr. Maunder] Unknown Peter Maunder
Repton Fantasy 2018 Jonathan Bates
Requiem for a City Matthew Hindson
Requiem for Brass Band 1998 David Bedford
Requiems 2010 Darrol Barry
Résilience: le jour d’après 2023 Adrian Perera
Restormel Castle Roy Newsome
Resurgam 1950 Eric Ball
Resurgance Sam Fisher
Return Of The Jedi Joseph Jennings Paul Lavender
Revelation 1995 Philip Wilby
Reves D' Enfants (Infant Dream) John Golland
Rêves d'Enfants (Infant Dreams) John Golland
REWrite RElapse 2017 Stan Nieuwenhuis
Rhapsodia Robert Finn
Rhapsodic Concertante Lennie Niehaus
Rhapsodic Prelude David Lyon
Rhapsodic Symphony 1982 Frank Hughes
Rhapsodic Variations - My Strength, My Tower 1961 Dean Goffin
Rhapsodie voor Brassband 1982 Jan Van der Roost
Rhapsody Unknown Brodstock
Rhapsody Fantasy Unknown
Rhapsody for Brass Band Peter Cabus
Rhapsody for Brass Band - The Valley of the Kings Jacob Vilhelm Larsen
Rhapsody from the Low Countries Unknown
Rhapsody in Black Andi Cook
Rhapsody in Blue George Gershwin
Rhapsody in Brass 1942 Dean Goffin
Rhapsody on a theme by Purcell Kevin Norbury
Rhapsody on American Gospel Songs 1972 Eric Ball
Rhapsody on British Sea Shanties 1977 Donald Osgood
Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals 1949 Eric Ball
Rhapsody on Sea Shanties Gordon Langford
Rhapsody on St. Francis 2022 Andrew Wainwright
Rhapsody on the Hymn Tune 'St. Aelred' 1981 Brenton Broadstock
Rhineland 1903 Unknown
Rhythm Dance Richard Saucedo
Rhythmicals 1995 Urs Heri
Rich and Rare 1894 Harry Round
Richard Coeur de Lion Julius Benedict
Rienzi Richard Wagner Haydn Johns
Rienzi [arr. Cope] 1908 Richard Wagner Sam Cope
Rienzi [arr. Ord Hume] Richard Wagner James Ord Hume
Rienzi [arr. Rimmer] Richard Wagner Rimmer
Rienzi [arr. Round] 1882 Richard Wagner Harry Round
Rienzi [unknown arranger] Richard Wagner
Riffs and Interludes 1998 Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen
Rifleman Quadrilles Unknown
Right Away Unknown
Rigoletto [arr. Godfrey] 1898 Giuseppe Verdi Charles Godfrey Jnr
Rigoletto [arr. Round] 1881 Giuseppe Verdi Harry Round
Rigoletto [arr. Trussell] Unknown Charles Trussell
Rigoletto [unknown arranger] Giuseppe Verdi
Rikudim - Four Israeli Dances Unknown
Rip van Winkle 1883 Robert Planquette
Rise Again Trent Philip Taylor
Rise of the Phoenix 2006 Darrol Barry
Rise up, Arise Unknown
Rising Dragons Robert W. Smith
Rival W.E.M. Pettee
River City Suite James Curnow
River of the Ancients Michael Sweeney
Rivercrest Overture David Graham
Riverdance Bill Whelan Ray Farr
Riverside Unknown Henrik L
Riverside (arr. Henrik Lützen) Unknown
Roach Unknown
Roaring Days George Dreyfus
Rob Roy Harry Round
Robbie Burns 1910 Unknown
Robert Devereux Gaetano Donizetti William Rimmer
Robert il Diavolo [unknown arranger] Giacomo Meyerbeer
Robert le Diable [arr. Smythe] 1862 Giacomo Meyerbeer James Smythe
Robert le Diable [arr. Waterson] 1868 Giacomo Meyerbeer James Waterson
Robert the Devil (arr. Moreton) Giacomo Meyerbeer H. R. Moreton
Robin Hood , Prince of Thieves M Harman Paul Lavender
Robin Hood [Geehl] 1936 Henry Geehl
Robin Hood [MacFarren arr. Godfrey] 1907 Sir George Alexander MacFarren Charles Godfrey Jnr
Robin Hood [MacFarren, unknown arranger] Sir George Alexander MacFarren
Robin Hood Highlights M. Kamen
Rock Music I 1991 Goff Richards
Rock Music III 1991 Goff Richards
Rockall 2023 Sam Every
Rococo Variations - Theme [arr. Gregson] Unknown
Rococo Variations [Gregson] 2008 Edward Gregson
Rococo Variations on a Theme of Tchaikovsky [Street] 1967 Allan Street
Roland a Ronceveaux Auguste Mermet Renault
Roller Coaster 1979 Bjorn Garsegg Roy Newsome
Roman Triptych 2007 Leigh Baker
Romans 8 1985 Ray Steadman-Allen
Romantic Rhapsody Willy Hautvast
Romantique (Suite) Robert Schumann
Romantische Ouverture 1948 Stephan Jaeggi
Romeo & Juliet [Gounod arr. Hawkins] Charles Gounod George Hawkins
Romeo & Juliet [Gounod arr. Rimmer] Charles Gounod William Rimmer
Romeo and Juliet [Bellini arr. Round] 1890 Vincenzo Bellini Harry Round
Romeo and Juliet [Tchaikovsky, arr. D. Rimmer] Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Drake Rimmer
Romeo and Juliet [Tchaikovsky, unknown arranger] Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Romeo and Juliet [unknown composer, unknown arranger] Unknown
Romeo et Juliette [Gounod arr. Godfrey] 1878 Charles Gounod Charles Godfrey Jnr
Rondo für Brass Band 1973 Albert Benz
Rosalind Unknown
Rosamunde 1891 Franz Schubert
Rose Bloom Unknown William Rimmer
Rose d'Amour Richard Smith
Rose of Castille Michael William Balfe Harry Round
Rose of England Unknown James Ord Hume
Rose Queen H. Round
Roses for a Princess Unknown Andrew Duncan
Rosini Works Gioachino Rossini Harry Round
Ross Roy 1997 Jacob de Haan
Rossini (arr. Round) / Selection from 2nd & 5th Symphonies (arr. Round) Unknown
Rossini [arr. Round] 1891 Gioachino Rossini Harry Round
Rossini [arr. Swift] Gioachino Rossini Edwin Swift
Rossini's Works Gioachino Rossini Alexander Owen
Rossini's Works (arr Owens) / Heroic (Weber arr Owens) Unknown
Rossini's Works / Rossini Fantasia / Reminiscences of Rossini [arr. Owen] 1882 Gioachino Rossini Alexander Owen
Rossini's Works / Verdi's Works (Rimmer) Unknown
Roumanian Rhapsody Unknown
Round the Camp Fire C. Maynard
Round the Capstan Unknown
Round The Clock Donald Osgood
Round the World Harry Round
Rousseau's Dream Unknown
Royal Border Bridge from Three Impressions 1968 Arthur Butterworth
Royal Christies T. Metcalfe
Royal Coronation Dances Unknown Rob Margolis
Royal Emblem Overture James Swearingen
Royal Escapades Unknown
Royal Fire Works Overture Unknown
Royal Parks 1985 George Walter Selwyn Lloyd
Royal Windsor J. A. Greenwood
Ruckus Randall Standbridge
Ruddigore Arthur Sullivan Harry Round
Rufford Abbey Drake Rimmer
Rumble on the High Plains Michael Sweeney
Runnymede Alfred Ashpole
Rush Hour 2012 Etienne Crausaz
Russian Christmas Music Alfred Reed
Russian Christmas Music from Armenian Dances No 2 (Hammersmith) Unknown
Russian Easter Festival Overture [arr. B. Moren] 2014 Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Bertrand Moren
Russian Impressions Patrick Wilson
Russian Master Suite Unknown
Russian Melodies 1943 Unknown Granville Bantock
Russian Pageant Rimsky Korsakov
Russian Sailors Dance R Gliere Robert Longfield
Russlan and Ludmilla 1981 Mikhail Glinka Peter Parkes
Rustic Suite William Rimmer
Ruszta - 4 Hungarian Dances Jan Van der Roost
Rutherford Variations 1990 Brenton Broadstock
Ruy Blas Felix Mendelssohn
Rychemont Chronicles Unknown Kit Turnbull

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