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Name Composer Arranger
A Balkan Tale Rob Richardson
A Barchester Suite 1984 Derek Bourgeois
A Bayside Portrait 1984 Robert Sheldon
A Bernstien Tribute Leonard Bernstein
A Big Band Explosion Alan Fernie
A Billy Joel Portrait Billy Joel Jay Bocook
A Bournemouth Suite 2005 Benjamin Tubb-Hearne
A Boy's Dream Jay Bocook
A Brand New Day 2012 Alan Fernie
A Breathless Gnu Kiss! 2006 Idar Torskangerpoll
A Brief Symphony of Time 2018 Simon Dobson
A Brisbane Journey Benjamin Tubb-Hearne
A British Isles Suite 2012 Jonathan Bates
A Brussels Requiem 2017 Bert Appermont
A Brussels Requiem (amended version) 2018 Bert Appermont
A Buoy 2019 Stan Nieuwenhuis
A Caledonian Journey 1998 Alan Fernie
A Caledonian Suite 1980 Buxton Orr
A Cambrian Suite 2001 Michael Ball
A Cambrian Tour 1911 Harry Round
A Castle Suite 1974 Stuart Johnson
A Cathedral Suite Stuart Johnson
A Celebration of Youth Philip Harper
A Celt in Jerusalem Ian McElligott
A Celtic Suite 1985 Philip Sparke
A Childhood Hymn David Holsinger
A Children's Overture Roger Quilter Denis Wright
A Circus Suite 1979 Stuart Johnson
A Colwell Suite 2012 Philip Harper
A Continental Tour Harry Round
A Cornish Festival 1998 Goff Richards
A Cotswold Suite Denzil Stephens
A Czech Fantasy 1970 Albert H. Jakeway
A Dales Suite 1965 Arthur Butterworth
A Day At The Zoo James Curnow
A Day in the Life of a Knight Philip Lawrence
A Day wi Robbie Burns James Ord Hume
A Dedicatory Overture Clifton Williams
A Disney Fantasy 1989 Goff Richards
A Divine Comedy - 4 Mvt - Paradiso Unknown Smith
A Downland Suite 1932 John Ireland
A Fanfare of Daffodils Unknown
A Fantasy on Welsh Airs Unknown
A Festival Overture Alfred Reed
A Festival Overture [Fernie] 2001 Alan Fernie
A Festival Prelude Unknown
A Figlir Incanta from 'Maria Padilla' [unknown arranger] Gaetano Donizetti
A Flowing Friction 2022 Lode Violet
A Folksong Rhapsody 1971 Patrick Rivers
A French Comedy Overture Unknown
A French Suite 1982 Alexandre Boely Eric Ball
A Frontier Overture Bruce Broughton
A Gabrieli Fantasy 2021 Bert Appermont
A Gallimaufry Suite 2004 Philip Harper
A Garland of Classics Unknown William Rimmer
A Garland of Song Harry Round
A Gem of Wagner Unknown
A Gershwin Portrait John Higgins
A Glenn Miller Collection Glenn Miller Alan Fernie
A Handelian Suite 1941 Denis Wright
A Happy Suite Henry Geehl
A Hebridean Suite Andrew Duncan
A Highland Fling Unknown Warren Barker
A Holiday Suite 1952 Eric Ball
A Huntingdon Celebration Philip Sparke
A Journey to the Bermuda Triangle 2017 Pimpanit Karoonyavanich
A Joyful Noise 1970 Gordon Jacob
A Jubilant Overture Alfred Reed
A Jubilant Tribute Anne McGinty
A Kensington Concerto 1972 Eric Ball
A King's Lie 2012 Stan Nieuwenhuis
A Lament for Wellington Unknown
A Leadsman, a Lady and a Lord David Stanhope
A Lenda do Curupira 2014 Stephan Hodel
A Life for the Czar Mikhail Glinka Enoch Round
A Little Concert Suite Alfred Reed
A Little French Suite Unknown Pierre LaPlante
A Little Light Music 2002 Philip Wilby
A Little Star Went Out Philip Harper
A London Overture 1984 Philip Sparke
A Louis Chappuis Suite Louis Chappuis Roy Newsome
A Lowry Sketchbook 1992 Philip Wilby
A Malvern Suite 1984 Philip Sparke
A March Overture Stuart Johnson
A Mendip Celebration 2004 Darrol Barry
A Midsummer Night's Dream [Keighley] 1926 Thomas Keighley
A Midsummer Night's Dream [unknown composer] Unknown
A Moonlit Eve Unknown
A Moorside Suite 1928 Gustav Holst
A Musical Bouquet Unknown Harry Round
A Musical Switch Kenneth J. Alford
A New Buckenham Suite 1987 Andrew Jackman
A Nightingale Still Singing 2001 Joop van Dijk
A Nordic Trilogy 2006 Darrol Barry
A Northampton Celebration Mike Sheppard
A Northern Rhapsody 1935 Thomas Keighley
A North-Norwegian Fantasy 1991 Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen
A Northumbrian Suite 1977 Stuart Johnson
A Nursery Rhyme Fantasy Unknown Iain Rayner
A Pastoral Symphony 1993 Robert Redhead
A Pittsburgh Overture 1992 Philip Sparke
A Portrait In Time 2022 Jacob Vilhelm Larsen
A Psalm for all Nations 1970 Eric Ball
A Psalm of Praise 1979 James Curnow
A Purcell Suite 1952 Henry Purcell Denis Wright
A Road Less Travelled By 2020 Philip Sparke
A Royal Mile Suite Alan Fernie
A Rural Suite 1963 Charles Woodhouse Eric Ball
A Saddleworth Festival Overture 1985 Goff Richards
A Saddleworth Suite Dave Chapman
A Salford Sinfonietta 1992 Darrol Barry
A Salute To American Jazz Sammy Nestico
A Savannah Symphony Philip Sparke
A Savoy Suite Arthur Sullivan Stuart Johnson
A Schumann Suite 1962 Robert Schumann Howard Stephens
A Scots Miscellany 2009 Alan Fernie
A Singapore Experience Hardy Mertens
A Slaidburn Festival Overture 1997 Beverley Ann Stoll
A Sleighride in Summer 2003 Stefan Märki
A Souvenir of Gounod [arr. Godfrey] 1913 Charles Gounod Charles Godfrey Jnr
A Souvenir of Grieg [arr. Godfrey] 1908 Edvard Grieg Charles Godfrey Jnr
A Souvenir of Shakespeare 1933 William Rimmer
A Souvenir of Sir Henry Bishop 1910 Henry Rowley Bishop Charles Godfrey Jnr
A Souvenir of the Opera William Rimmer
A Spa Suite 1983 Philip Lane
A Space Suite 2015 Marcel Saurer
A Spin Through Moscow Dmitri Shostakovich Gareth Westwood
A String of Pearls Richard Smith
A Stroll in the Park 2007 Philip Sparke
A Suite for Switzerland 1979 Roy Newsome
A Sullivan Fantasy 1976 Arthur Sullivan Gordon Langford
A Sullivan Souvenir Unknown
A Summer Day J. A. Greenwood
A Summer Rhapsody Kerry Thomas
A Sunrise Impression [de Haan] 1996 Jacob de Haan
A Sunrise Impression [Swearingen] James Swearingen
A Swiss Excursion 1992 Darrol Barry
A Swiss Festival Overture [Sparke] 1988 Philip Sparke
A Swiss Folk Fantasy Goff Richards
A Symphonic Requiem 2001 Thomas Trachsel
A Symphony of Colours 2011 Simon Dobson
A Tale as yet Untold 2010 Philip Sparke
A Tale of Sorcerers 2014 Olivier Marquis
A Tameside Overture 1981 Philip Sparke
A Tchaikowsky Suite [arr. Cook] Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Kenneth Cook
A Theme Fading 2018 Jack Bewley
A Time for Celebration 2012 Fredrick Schjelderup
A Tribute to Henk Badings 2000 Rob Goorhuis
A Tribute To Stephen Foster Unknown Sammy Nestico
A Victorian Rhapsody 1967 Gordon Jacob
A Village Carnival Unknown
A Village Pastoral James Ord Hume
A Vision of Majesty James Swearingen
A Vision of the Lost 2001 Brenton Broadstock
A Waltz Overture Leighton Lucas
A Wealden Rhapsody Anthony Spurgin
A Weekend in New York Philip Sparke
A Welsh Fantasy 1945 Richard Maldwyn Price
A Wessex Suite 1991 Derek Broadbent
A Western Suite Andreas Ludwig Schulte
Abaddon: The Dark Angel 2013 Kevin Houben
Abba Gold Unknown Ron Sebregts
Abduction from 'Seraglio' Unknown
Abide With Me [arr. Holz] Erik Leidzen Ronald Holz
Abiquiu / Circus Ring David Cunningham
Abracadabra Frank Ticheli
Absalon 2019 Yannis Maes
Abstractions 1989 Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen
Academic Festival Overture 1936 Johannes Brahms Denis Wright
Acclamation James Curnow
Accolade Unknown Fisher Tull
Accolades Roger Derongé
Accrington 1928 Donald Munro
Acis and Galatea [arr. Godfrey] 1910 George Frideric Handel Charles Godfrey Jnr
Acolastus Dudley Bright
Across the Great Divide Rob Remeyn
Actaeon Gareth Wood
Activate Matthew Hall
Ad Astra [Larsen] Jacob Vilhelm Larsen
Ad Astra [Loeffler] Willi Loeffler
Ad Optimum 1999 Peter Graham
Ad Undas - To The Waves 2012 Gareth Churcher
Adagio from Concierto de Aranjuez Joaquín Rodrigo Kevin Bolton
Adanta Hans Ulj'ee
Adelia Gaetano Donizetti
Adelson e Salvini Vincenzo Bellini James Ord Hume
Admiral Spirit Timothy Travis
Adrenaline Engines Randall Standbridge
Adventures for Band Unknown
Adventures In Brass 1989 Ray Farr
Aeneid Impressions Michael Forsyth
Affirmations Mark Williams
Africa Ceremony Song & Ritual Robert W. Smith
African Connection 2004 Carl Wittrock
Africana Unknown
After the Embers Jonathan Bates
Afterburn Randall Standbridge
Afterlife 2023 Stijn Aertgeerts
Age of Innocence Howard Lorriman
Agnes Sorrel 1882 Unknown
Agor Dy Lygaid 2023 John Rutter Andrew Austin
Agrabah Sunrise 2023 Jonathan Bates
Ahab Stephen Mellilo
Aida [arr. Godfrey] 1876 Giuseppe Verdi Charles Godfrey Jnr
Aida [military band] Giuseppe Verdi
Air and Chorus: 'Behold and See, Lift Up Your Heads' (Messiah) 1884 George Frideric Handel Harry Round
Air For Band Frank Erickson
Air from Suite in D Johann Sebastian Bach
Air Varie Hollingside Frederic Charles Shipley Douglas
Airs and Dances 2004 Alan Fernie
Airs from Der Wildschutz Unknown
Airs from Italian Opera Unknown
Airs from Wagner Unknown
Ajanta (The Forgotten Maiden) 1955 Hans Ulj'ee Drake Rimmer
Akhnaton 1946 Eric Ball
Aladdin Alan Menken Michael Sweeney
Albinus Variations 2021 Etienne Crausaz
Albion 2001 Jan Van der Roost
Alea Iacta Est (The Die is Cast) Michael Forsyth
Alexander's Feast Michael Laurent
Alhambra Jan de Haan
Alice in Wonderland [Hanmer] 1974 Ronald Hanmer
Alice in Wonderland [Moren] Unknown Bertrand Moren
All Glory Told James Swearingen
All Hail the Queen of the Night 1889 Unknown
All I Ask of You Andrew Lloyd Webber
All in the April Evening 1958 Hugh Stevenson Roberton Eric Ball
All Night Long (Concert Item) Unknown
All through the Night Unknown
All We Like Sheep George Frideric Handel
Allegro Animato Frank Erickson
Allegro from Music for the Royal Fireworks George Frideric Handel Ivan Meylemans
Allegro from Violin Concerto in D Minor Felix Mendelssohn Leigh Baker
Alliance Gary Clarke
Alloway Tales 1996 Peter Graham
Alma Unknown
Alone with my Thoughts Erik Spence Brenden Wheeler
Alpha 1896 James Hager Warwick Williams
Alpina Brass 2019 Jan Van der Roost
Alpine Variations 2000 Bertrand Moren
Alt legger för din fot (Love Song) Halfdan Kjerulf Tom Brevik
Alta Vista Bruce Fraser
Alva Mar Overture Unknown
Amaranth 1992 Ray Steadman-Allen
Amarosa Unknown
Amazing Grace 1984 Unknown William Himes
Amen! Frank Ticheli
Ameretton Tanze Unknown
American Airs 1861 Unknown
American Barndance Richard Saucedo
American Beauties J. A. Greenwood
American Civil War Fantasy Jerry Bilik William Himes
American Folk Rhapsody Unknown
American Folk Rhapsody No.3 Clare Grundman
American Folk Song Trilogy Claude T. Smith
American Folk Songs Suite Anne McGinty
American Overture Hayato Hirose
American River Songs Pierre La Plante
American Sketches 1969 Eric Ball
American Variations 1995 Alan Fernie
Americana [Cordner] 2014 Martin Cordner
Americana [Greenwood] Phillip Greenwood
Amoretten 1903 Unknown
Amoroso R. Hargreaves
Amphion Charles Anderson
Amsterdam Rob Goorhuis
Amundsen Jonathan Bates
Amusing Brass E. De Cloedt
An Alberta Suite Derek Broadbent
An American Elegy Frank Ticheli
An American in Paris George Gershwin
An American Tale Daniel Price
An American Tour Harry Round
An American Trilogy 2003 Unknown Goff Richards
An American Weekend Unknown
An Australian Fantasy 1979 Gordon Langford
An Australian Rhapsody Ralph Hultgren
An Elgar Portrait 2007 Daniel Price
An English Garland Unknown J. A. Greenwood
An English Pastorale 2013 Dean Jones
An English Suite [M. Ball] 1999 Michael Ball
An Epic Symphony 1926 Percy Fletcher
An Essex Overture 1965 Gordon Jacob
An Irish Folk Song Suite O'Carolan Ord Hume
An Irish Tribute & Hymn Tune - Chorale and Hosanna Unknown
An Italian Carnival 1911 Daniele Pecorini
An Original Suite Gordon Jacob
An Outdoor Overture Aaron Copland
An Ouverture for Spring Roy Newsome
An Overture for Spring Unknown H. Newsome
Ancient Monuments 2005 Bertrand Moren
And From The Darkness 2007 Paul Lovatt-Cooper
And My Soul Overflow David Chaulk
And The Angels Called James Swearingen
And the Multitude With One Voice Spoke Unknown
Andalucia 1976 Bryan Kelly
Andalucia [Granados] Enrique Granados Howard Snell
Andante in G Édouard Batiste
Andromeda Unknown
Angelic Festival Richard Saucedo
Angels and Demons 2014 Peter Graham
Angels in the Architecture Frank Ticheli
Angles 1999 Kenneth Downie
Anglian Dances 1999 Alan Fernie
Anna Bolena [arr. Round] Gaetano Donizetti
Anna Bolena [unknown arranger] Gaetano Donizetti
Anna Spray Unknown
Annfield Unknown
Anniversary Music 1997 Bertrand Moren
Anniversary Suite Bill Willis
Another Fine Mess! Hatley/Carroll/Shield/Hill Sandy Smith
Another Journey 2024 Philip Sparke
Antarctica 1989 Carl Wittrock
Antarès 2003 Olivier Marquis
Anthem For Wind & Percussion Unknown
Anthem of Praise Ralph Hultgren
Antigone, fille d'Oedipe 2004 Pierre Etienne Sagnol
Antigua Bay Ed Huckeby
Antiphonies on Themes by William Byrd 2023 Oliver Waespi
Antipodean Fantasy Unknown Mervyn Allis
Antruras 2013 Gion Andrea Casanova
Any Liverpool Journal Piece Unknown
Any Wright and Round Waltz Unknown
ANZAC Ceremonial Processional & Recessional Brendan Collins
Anzac Suite Brendan Collins
Anzac Variations Phillip Rutherford
Apocalypse [Bourgeois] 2002 Derek Bourgeois
Apocalypse for Brass (Symphony for Brass Band) [Gordon] William Gordon
Apocalypse II Piet Swerts
Apollo William Rimmer
Appalachian Mountain Folk Song Suite 1986 James Curnow
Appalachian Overture James Barnes
Ar Hyd Y Nos Unknown Christopher Bond
Arabesque Unknown
Arabesque [Neurohr] 2013 Ludovic Neurohr
Arabian Dance Roland Barrett
Arabian Nights 2013 Stephen Roberts
Arcadia Unknown
Arcana 2006 Kevin Houben
Arctic Fire Robert Buckley
Arctic Funk 1991 Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen
Are We Dark Inside? 2022 Ludovic Neurohr
Arena 1903 Unknown
Argos 2009 Stephan Hodel
Argovia Armin Kofler
Aria: Softly Sighs [unknown arranger] Carl Maria von Weber
Aria's Commetia Unknown
Arioso Johann Sebastian Bach Jacob de Haan
Aristotle's Air Christopher Bond
Arkansas 2009 Jacob de Haan
Arlington Overture Anne McGinty
Armenian Dances No.1 Alfred Reed
Armenian Dances No.2 Alfred Reed
Armorette 1924 William Rimmer
Aroldo [arr. Godfrey] 1899 Giuseppe Verdi Charles Godfrey Jnr
Aroldo [unknown arranger] Giuseppe Verdi
Art in the Park Robert Sheldon
As a Wind from the North Robert Sheldon
As If A Voice Were In Them 2014 Oliver Waespi
As If On Wings Tracy Behrman
As the Deer Unknown
Ascending - Learning how to fly Stig Nordhagen
Ascendit in Coeli 1992 Elgar Howarth
Ascension [Schjelderup] 2014 Fredrick Schjelderup
Ascension [Wilby] 2015 Philip Wilby
Ascentium Ed Huckeby
Ash Grove Unknown
Ash Wednesday 1983 Barry McKimm
Ashford Celebrations Ralph Ford
Ashland Park Ed Huckeby
Aspects of Praise William Himes
Aspen Jubilee Ron Nelson
Asphalt Cowboy John Mackey Jim Grey
Aspirations 1983 Derek Bourgeois
Astralis 2023 Philip Wilby
At Dawn They Slept Jay Bocook
At Kitty O'Shea's Johan de Meij
At the Edge of Time 1982 Ray Steadman-Allen
At The Gates of Asgard Unknown
At the Portals of the Palace Gatty Sellars
Atala Blancheteau
Atlantic [Wilby] 2001 Philip Wilby
Atlantic [Wright] 1950 Denis Wright
Atlantis Harrie Janssen
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Gordon Goodwin
Attila Giuseppe Verdi Harry Round
Attila - cavatina [unknown arranger] Giuseppe Verdi
Attila [arr. Round] Giuseppe Verdi Harry Round
Attila [unknown arranger] Giuseppe Verdi
Attleborough Suite 1961 Malcolm Arnold
Aubade (Dawn Songs of the Fabulous Birds) 2003 Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen
Auber's Grand Selection Unknown
Auber's Works 1879 Daniel Auber Alexander Owen
Audivi Media Nocte 2011 Oliver Waespi
Auf Weidersehn Unknown
August Joshua Tyler Jameson
Aurora 2023 Joel Engström
Aurora [Citherlet] 2015 Loïc Citherlet
Aurora [Round] Unknown Harry Round
Aussie Medley No.1 Unknown Ed. Wilson
Aussie Medley No.5 Unknown Ed. Wilson
Austerlitz Unknown
Austral Unknown
Australian Festival Unknown Ronald Hanmer
Australian Rhapsody Ralph Hultgren
Australian Variant Suite James Curnow
Automation 1966 Peter Yorke
Autumn Celebrations Unknown Dean Sorenson
Autumn Echoes J. A. Greenwood
Autumn Flowers Harry Round Harry Round
Avalon [Richardson] Norman Richardson
Avalon Rhapsody [Dance] Colin Dance
Avatara Mike Lechrone
Aventura James Swearingen
Avolda [unknown composer] Unknown
Awake Aeolian Lyre Unknown
Axon Jared Spears

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