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Name Composer Arranger
Pacific Dreams 1999 Jacob de Haan
Pagan Dances James Barnes
Paganini Variations 1991 Philip Wilby
Pageantry 1934 Herbert Howells
Paintings Derek Broadbent
Pale Blue Dot Jan de Haan
Palisade's Overture Unknown
Pandemic Paul McGhee
Pandora Quadrilles George A. Webb
Pantheon [Amos] Keith Amos
Pantheon [Larsen] 2014 Jacob Vilhelm Larsen
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers Leon Jessell Leigh Baker
Paradiso Robert W. Smith
Paradisum 2016 Thomas Doss
Paragon Jerry Nowak
Parakletos 2000 Robert Redhead
Parapet Crenellations Greg Butcher
Parifal Unknown
Paris Sketches Martin Ellerby
Paristicherie Alan Fernie
Parliament Street Blues Unknown
Parnassius Apollo Cedric Fuhrer
Parnassus 2012 Jan Van der Roost
Parsifal Richard Wagner
Partita [Gregson] 1970 Edward Gregson
Partita [Heaton] 1986 Wilfred Heaton
Partita [Kelly] 1983 Bryan Kelly
Partita [Sparke] 1989 Philip Sparke
Partita [unknown composer] Unknown
Partita for Band - Postcards from Home 1993 Philip Wilby
Partita Jubilante Kjell Marcussen
Partita on St. Theodulph Kevin Norbury
Partita Piccola Gerard Boedijn Albert H. Jakeway
Paseo Burlesco for Brass Band Fritz Voegelin
Pasmo Titus van der Woude Klaas van der Woude
Passacaglia 2001 Oliver Waespi
Passacaglia on a Theme of Brahms 1991 Arthur Butterworth
Passage of Arms - Invocation & Joust (Concert Item) Unknown
Passing By 1946 Wilfred Heaton
Passing Moods Thomas James Powell
Pastime with Good Company - Henry VIII. 2003 Unknown Philip Sparke
Pastorale & Contrapunct Elliot Del Borgo
Pastorale [unknown Composer] Unknown
Pastorella Ernest Villiers
Pathetique Ludwig van Beethoven
Patience Arthur Sullivan
Patriotic Unknown
Patterns 1974 Edward Gregson
Paul Jones 1887 Robert Planquette
Pay It Forward 2023 Liz Lane
Peace and War Harry Round
Peddars Way 1944 Kenneth A. Wright
Peer Gynt Suite Edvard Grieg
Peme Du Feu Ida Gotkovsky
Peniel 1976 Eric Ball
Penlee 2007 Simon Dobson
Pennine Moors 1996 Darrol Barry
Pentacle 2007 Graham Cole
Pequena Suite Unknown Luis Serrano Alarcon
Per Ardua (Lindsay Aked) & Sussex Mummers Xmas Carol (Percy Grainger) Unknown
Perceval 2014 Mario Bürki
Percival Unknown
Percy Grainger Suite Unknown
Perdita Quadrilles Harry Round
Perihelion - Closer to the Sun 2013 Philip Sparke
Perseverance 2016 Andrew Baker
Persian Rosebud Horatio Nicholls
Persistence Richard Saucedo
Peter Pan: Happily Never After 2023 Neil Brand Ian McElligott
Peter Schmoll 1961 Carl Maria von Weber Drake Rimmer
Petite Suite de Ballet 1949 Eric Ball
Pevensey Castle / Imaginarium / Danzon / Sci - Fi Unknown
Phaeton 1999 Eddy Debons
Phaeton [Hallam] Adrian Hallam
Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack Highlights Andrew Lloyd Webber Paul Murtha
Philomila Unknown
Phoenicia - Symphonic Sketches For Brass Band 2018 Stephan Hodel
Phoenix (5th Mov. from War of the Worlds) Peter Graham
Phoenix [Holling] David Holling
Phoenix [Rütti] 2005 Carl Rütti
Phoenix Overture James Curnow
Phoenix’ Chant 2021 Daniel Möllås
Phyllis 1895 William Rimmer
Piano Concerto No 3 - Finale [Rachmaninov] Sergei Rachmaninov Philip Harper
Piccadilly 2008 Stephan Hodel
Pictures at an Exhibition [Mussorgsky] Modest Mussorgsky
Pictures of Aotearoa Fraser Bremner
Piece Of Mind Dana Wilson
Pilatus Mountain of Dragons / Dances of a Shimmering Spirit Unknown
Pilatus: Mountain of Dragons Steven Reineke
Pillars Of The Earth Frank Erickson
Pinafore Arthur Sullivan
Pineapple Poll Arthur Sullivan
Pirates of the Caribbean (Concert Item) Unknown
Pirates of the Caribbean [arr. Ted Ricketts] Klaus Badelt Ted Ricketts
Pit Stop at Purgatory 2014 Ludovic Neurohr
Plantasjesanger Edward B. Nilsen
Plantation Melodies Douglas
Platform to the Heavens 2013 Paul Lovatt-Cooper
Pluie-d'-Or 1897 Unknown
Plus Ultra Andrew Stevenson
Plymouth Hoe [military band] John Ansell
Poem Zdenek Fibich
Poeme Montagnard Jan Van der Roost
Poet & Peasant Franz von Suppé
Poet Peasant (Macbeth) Giuseppe Verdi
Poetic Fancies Michael Laurent
Poetry of Motion Unknown
Points Leon Vliex
Polaris Marc Jeanbourquin
Polednice the Noon Witch Antonin Dvorák
Polished Brass Edrich Siebert
Poliuto (arr. Edwin Swift) Gaetano Donizetti Edwin Swift
Poliuto [unknown arranger] Gaetano Donizetti
Poliuto Suite [arr. Hawkins] Gaetano Donizetti George Hawkins
Polka & Fugue (from the Opera 'Swanda the Bagpiper') Jaromir Weinberger Cliffe Bainum
Polonaise Unknown
Polovtsian Dances Alexander Borodin
Pomona Unknown Harry Round
Pompeji 2006 Mario Bürki
Pomposo Unknown
Pop & Rock Legends Unknown
Pops for Brass 1992 Goff Richards
Popular Airs Unknown
Porta Alpina 2008 Gion Andrea Casanova
Portrait of a City [Barry] 1988 Darrol Barry
Portrait of a City [Sparke] 2002 Philip Sparke
Portrait of Brunel 1970 Patrick Rivers
Portrait of Perth Unknown R. Johns
Portraits from St. Paul's Epistles Bramwell Coles
Pot Pourri Hill
Pot Pourri (arr. Haydn Millars) Daniel Auber Haydn Millars
Pot Pourri of Country Airs Unknown
Pot Pourri of National Airs Unknown
Pound the Streets 2010 Paul Lovatt-Cooper
Practical Arrangement Sting
Praetorius Variations James Curnow
Prague Judith Bingham
Prairie Queen Unknown
Prairie Reflections Unknown
Praise Jerusalem Alfred Reed
Pray of Thanksgiving William Himes
Preciosa [arr. Ord Hume] Carl Maria von Weber James Ord Hume
Preciosa [unknown arranger] Carl Maria von Weber
Prelude & March Kenneth Young
Prelude & Paragrams Robert Washburn
Prelude & Rondo David Holsinger
Prelude and Celebration James Curnow
Prelude and Choral Stijn Roels
Prelude and Fugue - Arise, My Soul, Arise! Dean Goffin
Prelude and Fugue: The Spitfire 2003 William Walton Elgar Howarth
Prelude and Jubilate Darrol Barry
Prelude et Danse 2007 Jean-François Michel
Prélude et Danse Rituelle 2008 Jean-François Michel
Prelude for an Occasion 1970 Edward Gregson
Prelude for Band Claude T. Smith
Prelude on Laudes Domini 1997 Douglas Court
Prelude on Lavenham Geoffrey Nobes
Prelude on Tallis 2001 Peter Graham
Prelude On Three Welsh Hymn Tunes Carl Hammond
Prelude Sicilano & Rhondo Malcolm Arnold
Prelude to a Festival Alan Fernie
Prelude to a Hero Joop van Dijk
Prelude to a New Age 1984 Peter Graham
Prelude to Hansel & Gretel [arr. Ball] 1972 Engelbert Humperdinck Eric Ball
Prelude to La Traviata [arr. D. Rimmer] Giuseppe Verdi Drake Rimmer
Prelude to Pageantry Eric Ball
Prelude To Revelry 1984 Gordon Jacob
Prelude to the Mastersingers (Die Meistersinger) 1968 Richard Wagner Frank Wright
Prelude, Song and Dance 1990 John Golland
Preludes and Rhapsodies Unknown
Prevision 2004 Jan de Haan
Pride of England Unknown Harry Round
Pride of Ireland Harry Round
Pride of Race 1935 Kenneth A. Wright
Pride of Scotland 1876 Harry Round
Pride of the Forest J. A. Greenwood
Pride of Wales Harry Round
Pride of Youth 1970 Gordon Jacob
Prillar-Guri - The Voice of the Valley Gustav Øistensen Aaberg
Prima Luce 2015 Jan Van der Roost
Primavera 1984 Bryan Kelly
Primordial Overture Unknown Jenkins
Prince Albert Unknown
Prince and Peasant 1903 Harry Round
Prince Bishops Rodney Newton
Prince Igor Overture Alexander Borodin Roger Barsotti
Prince of Wales Harry Round
Princess Ida Arthur Sullivan Richard Smith
Princess Nada 1933 Denis Wright
Princethorpe Variations Kenneth Downie
Prins 'Equus Laboris Brabanticus' Johan Evenepoel
Prismatic Light 2012 Alan Fernie
Prismatic Light / The Brave /Voices of Youth Unknown
Prisms 1986 Peter Graham
Prize Waltzes S. Tilley
Pro Tempore Unknown
Procession Of The Sardar Unknown
Processional Philip Sparke
Proclamations Unknown
Proclamattion & Symphonic Decree Ed Huckeby
Prologue & Dance Unknown
Promenade 1969 Frank Bryce
Prometheus (Sinfonische Dichtung Nr. 5) Unknown
Prometheus Unbound 1933 Granville Bantock
Promises Promises Unknown
Prophecies 2017 Gavin Higgins
Prophecy [Roh] Julien Roh
Provence Bryan Kelly
Psalm: A Stronghold Sure Brian Hogg
Psalms and Alleluias 2008 Philip Wilby
Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs James Curnow
Psyche 2008 Ludovic Neurohr
Pulsation Richard Saucedo
Punga Aaku Unknown Keith Wilson
Punkfantasi Unknown
Purcell Variants [Meechan] Peter Meechan
Purcell Variations [Downie] 1995 Kenneth Downie
Purcellian Fantasia 2017 Jan de Haan
Purcellian Suite 1965 Henry Purcell Frank Wright
Pure of Heart Tom Davoren
Purpose Paul Sharman
Pursuing Horizons Dudley Bright
Push 2011 Robert W. Smith
Puszta - Four Gypsy Dances Jan Van der Roost
Pyramids 2004 Pascal Gendre
Pyrotechnic Variations on 1812 Christian Overhead

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