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Name Composer Arranger
Wagner [arr. Round] 1886 Richard Wagner Harry Round
Wagners Works Unknown
Waipiro Gareth Farr
Waiting for a Pain Hit Paul McGhee
Wales Unknown James Ord Hume
Walking in the Labyrinth Unknown Karlin Greenstreet Love
Wall of Sound Paul Lovatt-Cooper
Waltz: Amorette William Rimmer
Waltz: Ariadne Unknown
Waltz: Cornelia Unknown
Waltz: Dreams of the Past Unknown
Waltz: Endymion Unknown
Waltz: Estudiantina Unknown
Waltz: Ever True Unknown
Waltz: Georgie Unknown
Waltz: Hearts Desire Unknown
Waltz: Homage Aux Domeo Unknown
Waltz: Jeuness D'Oree Emile Waldteufel
Waltz: Krolls Baliklange Unknown
Waltz: La Chatelaine 1900 Unknown
Waltz: La Sang Romain Unknown
Waltz: Les Aleurs d'Australia Unknown
Waltz: Marguerite Unknown
Waltz: Queen of Emeralds Unknown
Waltz: Reign of Beauty Unknown
Waltz: River of Pearls Unknown
Waltz: Rosebud 1896 Unknown
Waltz: Rosen Unknown
Waltz: Shades of Evening Unknown
Waltz: Sylvan Echoes Unknown
Waltz: Tendres Baisers Unknown
Waltz: Tessoro Mio Unknown
Waltz: The Choristers Unknown
Waltzing Matilda Unknown
War Dave Collins
War March of the Priests (Athalie) [arr. Round] 1896 Felix Mendelssohn Harry Round
War March of the Priests (Athalie) [unknown arranger] Felix Mendelssohn
Warp and Weft 2023 Dani Howard
Warragul Barry McKimm
Water Witch 1909 William Rimmer
Waverley Hector Berlioz Howard Snell
Wayside Scenes J. A. Greenwood
We Are Family Edwards & Rodgers Christopher Bond
Wearside Suite Dennis Taylor
Weber (arr Round) / Liszt (arr. Short) Unknown
Weber Fantasia [arr. Gladney] Carl Maria von Weber John Gladney Jnr
Webers Works Unknown
Weber's Works Carl Maria von Weber
Weber's Works / Faust (arr Hume) Unknown
Wedding Day [unknown composer] Unknown
Wedding March [arr. Round] 1885 Felix Mendelssohn Harry Round
Wedding March [unknown arranger] Felix Mendelssohn
Well of Love 1911 Michael William Balfe
Welsh Fantasia Land of Song Ian Parrott
Welsh Fantasy Richard Maldwyn Price
Welsh Melody Unknown James Ord Hume
Wendiesh Weizen Joseph Gungl
West Country Fantasy 1985 Gordon Langford
West Highlands Sojourn Robert Sheldon
West Side Story Selection Leonard Bernstein
West Sou' West 1981 Denzil Stephens
Western Land 1970 William Lovelock
Whealdon Rhapsody 1973 Anthony Spurgin
Wheatlands 1982 Bram Wiggins
Wheel of Fortune Harry Round
When Angels Weep David Shaffer
When Kings Go Forth James Swearingen
When the Saints Mark Freeh
When Thunder Calls 2011 Paul Lovatt-Cooper
When Time Will Be No More James Curnow
When winds breathe soft Unknown
When Worlds Collide 2011 Nigel Clarke
Where Angels Fly 2016 Kevin Houben
Where the Blackhawk Soars Robert W. Smith
Where The Sun Breaks Through The Mist Michael Sweeney
White Water Festival Unknown David Shaffer
Whitsun Wakes 1997 Michael Ball
Wideawake Bailey
Wiener Philharmoniker Fanfare Richard Strauss Alan P. Marlow
Wild Nights Frank Ticheli
Wild Rose Jamboree Robert Buckley
Wilderness Scenes Michael Sweeney
Wildflower Waltz [unknown composer, unknown arranger] Unknown
Wilfred Sanderson's Songs Unknown
Will o' the Wisp J. D. Clements
William Byrd Suite Unknown
William Tell (arr Swift) / Rossini (arr Round) Unknown
William Tell [arr. Gladney] 1874 Gioachino Rossini John Gladney Jnr
William Tell [arr. Owen] 1895 Gioachino Rossini Alexander Owen
William Tell [arr. Rimmer] Gioachino Rossini William Rimmer
William Tell [arr. Round] 1894 Gioachino Rossini Harry Round
William Tell [arr. Swift] Gioachino Rossini Edwin Swift
William Tell [unknown arranger] Gioachino Rossini
William Tell Overture Unknown Ord Hume
William Tell Overture [arr. Grant] 1936 Gioachino Rossini Gregor Grant
William Tell Overture [military band] Gioachino Rossini Sommer
Willow Pattern 2009 Philip Harper
Wind and Wave H. Round
Windermere Maurice Rayner
Windjammer Robert Buckley
Windom Ridge Rhapsody Lennie Niehaus
Windows of the World Peter Graham
Winds of Change 2000 Brenton Broadstock
Windsor Variations 2016 Gavin Somerset
Windstar Claude T. Smith
Winter Music 1978 Arthur Butterworth
Winter Roses Unknown
Wired! Lucy Pankhurst
With A Little Help From My Friends Lennon & McCartney Leigh Baker
With My Swag Unknown Sean Thorne
Within Blue Empires 2009 Paul Lovatt-Cooper
Within the Paths of Righteousness Jonathan Bates
Woodland Blossoms Unknown
Woodland Pictures 2013 Percy Fletcher Nigel Hall
Woodland Revels E. le Duc
Woodland Whispers Unknown Harry Round
Works of Auber [arr. Round] Daniel Auber Harry Round
Works of Haydn [J. Ord Hume] Unknown J. Ord Hume
World Tour 2010 Rodney Newton
Worthy is the Lamb [Trigg] Roger Trigg
Would They Like It Rob Goorhuis
Wounded Knee 2001 Pascal Favre
Wuthering Heights Austin Rayner

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