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Name Composer Arranger
Facets of Glass 1984 Gordon Langford
Facets of the Heart 2014 Tom Davoren
Fair and Faithful 1888 Harry Round
Fair Rosamond Unknown
Fairest of the Fair Unknown Harry Round
Fairy Love Waltz Unknown
Fairy-light and others Unknown
Fallen Leaves K. V. Keller
Falstaff Unknown
Fancy Free 1969 John Carr
Fandango 2021 Joseph Turrin Mark Freeh
Fanfare & Allegro Clifton Williams
Fanfare & Festival Celebrations David Shaffer
Fanfare & Hymn of Brotherhood Unknown
Fanfare & Hymn Of Celebration Paul Lavender
Fanfare & Intermezzo Robert Sheldon
Fanfare & Processional Brian Hogg
Fanfare & Processional / 1812 Overture Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Brian Hogg
Fanfare & Soliloquy for Band Trevor Sharpe
Fanfare & Variations Unknown Darryl Barry
Fanfare and Flourishes 1991 James Curnow
Fanfare and Funk 2006 Oliver Waespi
Fanfare and Jubilate Darrol Barry
Fanfare and Soliloquy Trevor Sharpe
Fanfare and Song 1992 Dennis Wilby
Fanfare and Variations 1986 Darrol Barry
Fanfare Diversions John Golland
Fanfare for a Festival Peter Meechan
Fanfare for a Jubilee 1994 Jan Hadermann
Fanfare for a New Era 2022 Edward Gregson
Fanfare For The Third Planet Richard Saucedo
Fanfare in Iubilo Thomas Doss
Fanfare, Ballad & Jubilee Claude T. Smith
Fanfare, Romance & Finale 1981 Philip Sparke
Fanfare, Theme & Finale for HPs! Mark Ford
Fanfares [Woodcock] David Woodcock
Fanfares and Love Songs 2009 Gavin Higgins
Fanny's Song Anders Beijer
Fansa da matasa 2.0 Reid Gilje
Fantasia Ludwig van Beethoven
Fantasia [Segers] 1981 Jan Segers
Fantasia Espanol John Higgins
Fantasia For Band Vittorio Giannini
Fantasia from Mercadante's Operas Saverio Mercadante
Fantasia in F 1946 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Malcolm Sargent
Fantasia Irish Selection Unknown
Fantasia on 17th Century English Songs 1977 Michael Kenyon
Fantasia On A Southern Folk Hymn James Curnow
Fantasia on English Airs M. L'Couturier
Fantasia on Irish Airs Unknown Stanislau Elliott
Fantasia on Popular Melodies 1881 Unknown
Fantasia on 'Tico Tico' Unknown
Fantasia 'Over The Hills' J. A. Greenwood
Fantasia Souvenir Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Fantasia sur Conta Tudi Gion Andrea Casanova
Fantasie L'Almee Unknown
Fantasie Operatic Unknown
Fantasies On A Theme Unknown
Fantasie-Variationen Ruedi Renggli
Fantasticks Unknown
Fantasy [van Dijk] 1997 Joop van Dijk
Fantasy for Brass Band [Arnold] 1974 Malcolm Arnold
Fantasy for Brass Band [Favre] Pascal Favre
Fantasy for Brass Bands [Wiggins] 1980 Bram Wiggins
Fantasy on a Gaelic Hymnsong David Holsinger
Fantasy on a Swiss Folksong Unknown
Fantasy on an American Sailing Song Unknown
Fantasy on an English Folksong Thomas Trachsel
Fantasy On British Sea Songs 1969 Gordon Langford
Fantasy on London Nursery Rhymes Daniel Price
Fantasy On Waltzing Matilda Carl Hammond
Fantasy on Yankee Doodle Mark Williams
Fantasy Tales Piet Swerts
Fantasy Variations James Barnes
Fantasy Variations on a Theme Niccolo Paganini
Far Horizons: Sailing West 2012 Philip Wilby
Fascination Unknown
Fata Morgana 1998 Kees Schoonenbeek
Fate Of The Gods Steven Reineke
Fatherland 1888 K. V. Keller
Fauchette W.C. Levey
Faust - selection (Berlioz, unknown arranger) Hector Berlioz
Faust (Berlioz arr Owens) / Beethoven (arr Owens) Unknown
Faust / Tristan & Isolde Unknown
Faust [Berlioz arr. Ord Hume] Hector Berlioz James Ord Hume
Faust [Berlioz arr. Owen] 1888 Hector Berlioz Alexander Owen
Faust [Berlioz arr. Swift] 1889 Hector Berlioz Edwin Swift
Faust [Berlioz, unknown arranger] Hector Berlioz
Faust [Gounod arr. Douglas] Charles Gounod Frederic Charles Shipley Douglas
Faust [Gounod arr. Hawkins] Charles Gounod George Hawkins
Faust [Gounod arr. Ord Hume] Charles Gounod James Ord Hume
Faust [Gounod, unknown arranger] Charles Gounod
Faust [Spohr arr. Godfrey] 1874 Louis Spohr Charles Godfrey Jnr
Faust [unknown, arr. J. O. Hume] Unknown J. Ord Hume
Faust no. 1 [military band] Unknown
Feather Theme Alan Silvestri Sandy Smith
Fedora Unknown
Feed the Birds Richard Sherman Jonathan Bates
Feeling Young 2000 Bertrand Moren
Felicity Unknown
Fernando Cortez 1906 Gaspare Luigi Pacifico Spontini Charles Godfrey Jnr
Fest Espagnol Unknown
Festa Paesana Jan de Haan
Feste Romane (L'Ottobrata and La Befana) [O. Respighi, arr. H.Snell] Unknown Howard Snell
Festival & Romance from Divertimento for Brass [Barry] Darrol Barry
Festival March - Milestone William Himes
Festival March - Universal Message Leslie Condon
Festival Music (Symphonic Suite) 1956 Eric Ball
Festival Music For Band Elliot Del Borgo
Festival Overture [Geehl] Henry Geehl
Festival Overture [Shostakovitch] Unknown
Festival Prelude Stephen Bulla
Festival Proclamation Claude T. Smith
Festival Suite 1969 Stuart Johnson
Festival Variations Claude T. Smith
Festive Celebration David Graham
Festive Fireworks Unknown
Festive Overture [military band] Alfred Reed
Festivity Leslie Condon
Festmusik der Stadt Wien Richard Strauss
Fete Musicale Richard Smith
Fiddler on the Roof Unknown
Fidelio [unknown arranger] Ludwig van Beethoven
Fieavalianas Unknown
Field of the Cloth of Gold Victor Bout
Fiero Stephen Hodges
Fierrabras Franz Schubert
Fiesta de la Vida Philip Sparke
Fifth Suite For Band (International Dances) Alfred Reed
Fight for Liberty 2009 Mario Bürki
Fill the Shining Goblet Unknown
Final Dance from Three Cornered Hat Manuel de Falla Keith Wilkinson
Finale from Carmen Georges Bizet
Finale from 'Symphony No. 3' Camille Saint-Saens Frank Renton
Finale from Symphony No.1 (Titan) [G. Mahler] Unknown
Finale from the Ballet Faust Charles Gounod Ray Woodfield
Finale from the New World Symphony [arr. Leidzen] Antonin Dvorák Erik Leidzen
Fincastle Overture Jan Bosveld
Fingal's Cave Felix Mendelssohn
Finlandia Unknown
Finlandia [military band] Jean Sibelius F. Winterbottom
Fire Dance David Shaffer
Fire In The Blood 2011 Paul Lovatt-Cooper
Fire in the Sky Peter Meechan
Firebrand David Gorham
Firefox James Barnes
Firestorm Stephen Bulla
Fireworks 1975 Elgar Howarth
Fireworks Music Unknown
First Flight Armin Kofler
First Suite For Band Alfred Reed
First Suite For Military Band Alfred Reed
First Suite in Eb [arr. Herbert] 1921 Gustav Holst Sydney Herbert
First Suite in Eb [Holst] Gustav Holst
First Suite in Eb for Military Band [Longfield] Gustav Holst Robert Longfield
Five Blooms in a Welsh Garden Gareth Wood
Five French Masters Chris North
Fix'd in His Everlasting Seat George Frideric Handel
Flamborough Seascapes 2010 Darrol Barry
Flame of Freedom Unknown
Flandria Nostra Werner van Cleemput
Flashback Jan de Haan
Flashes for Band Jan Segers
Flashlight 1990 Jan Van der Roost
Flight 2006 Mario Bürki
Flight Of The Griffin Unknown Brian Balmages
Flight of the Thunderbirds Richard Saucedo
Flight to Freedom Graham Lloyd
Flourishes & Meditations On A Renaissance Theme Michael Gandolfi
Flow! 2014 Mario Bürki
Flowers of Beauty Unknown
Flowers of Spring Unknown
Flowers of the Forest Richard Rodney Bennett
Flowers of Youth Unknown Roger Nixon
Flying (Concert Item) Unknown
Focus [Vargas] Leon Vargas
Focus [Voegelin] 2023 Fritz Voegelin
Folk Song Heritage 1987 Michael Kenyon
Folk Song Suite Unknown
Folkmusic Keith Wardle
Folksong Suite Unknown
Folksongs for Band No. 3: Three Ships and Lisbon 1990 David Stanhope
Fonteijo Hans Hjutten
For Always 2013 John Williams Steven Verhaert
For Broyarde 1998 Jean-Pierre Hartmann
For King and Country William Rimmer
For The Love of A Princess James Horner Andrew Duncan
Ford’s Machine Jess Turner
Foresta - Fantaisie héroïque Bertrand Curchod
Forever Shining James Swearingen
Forth Suite Bruce Fraser
Fortissimo 1887 Unknown
Fortuna Brenton Broadstock
Four Cities Symphony 2007 Rodney Newton
Four Corners of the World 1971 Ronald Hanmer
Four Dance Episodes Gary Gilroy
Four Dances for Brass 1975 Stuart Johnson
Four Dances from Checkmate 1978 Arthur Bliss Eric Ball
four Dances from West Side Story Unknown Polster
Four Episodes for Band Idar Torskangerpoll
Four Fancies Bram Gay
Four Fors for Brass William Relton
Four Impressions for Brass William Relton
Four Little Maids 1962 John Carr
Four Old Dances 1986 Jan Van der Roost
Four Preludes 1947 Eric Ball
Four Scottish Dances Malcolm Arnold Ray Farr
Four Spanish Impressions [Newton] 1997 Rodney Newton
Four Winds Overture Robert Sheldon
Fourth Suite for Band Alfred Reed
Fourth Symphony Alfred Reed
Fowey River Suite 1946 Eric Ball
Fox River Festival Unknown James Curnow
Fra Diavolo [arr. Round] 1895 Daniel Auber Harry Round
Fra Diavolo [unknown arranger] Daniel Auber
Fracopo a me Unknown
Fragile Oasis 2013 Peter Meechan
Fragments for Brassband Jan Segers
France Unknown
Fraternity 2015 Thierry Deleruyelle
Free Fantasia 1946 Eric Ball
Free World Fantasy 1987 Jacob de Haan
Freedom (Brass Band Symphony No. 1) 1922 Hubert Bath
Freedom Overture Lennie Niehaus
Freedom's Light James Swearingen
Freefall Dean Jones
Freischütz Overture [arr. Wüthrich] Carl Maria von Weber Beni Wüthrich
French Fantasia 1884 Unknown
Friendly Takeover 2016 Oliver Waespi
Froissart Overture 1981 Edward Elgar Eric Ball
From A Dark Millenium Schwantner
From Ancient Times 2009 Jan Van der Roost
From Dawn to Dusk Graham Lloyd
From Ethius Unbound Unknown
From Planets [Holst] Gustav Holst
From San Marco Quarter Joop van Dijk
From Source to Sea Roger Derongé
From the Core Graham Lloyd
From The Eye of the Storm Ayatey Shabazz
From The Highest Point Robert Buckley
From the New World [arr. D. Rimmer] Antonin Dvorák Drake Rimmer
From the North Drake Rimmer
Frontier Vision 2017 Stephen Bulla
Frontier! 1984 Michael Ball
Frost and Sun Unknown
Funeral Symphony Unknown
Funk Engine 2015 Ryan Howells
Fusions 1986 Howard Blake

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