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Name Composer Arranger
Gabriella 1896 Emilio Pizzi Charles Godfrey Jnr
Gabriel's Oboe 1996 Ennio Morricone David Bertie
Gaelforce 2000 Peter Graham
Gaget Randall Standbridge
Gala Overture 2020 Steven Verhelst
Galantia H. Scull
Galatea Quadrilles 1891 Harry Round Harry Round
Galaxies Carl Davis Ray Farr
Galaxy 2023 François Rousselot
Galaxy of Beauties Unknown
Galconda Unknown
Galdhøppigen Simon Kerwin
Galerie des Quatriemes David Chaulk
Galleons Reach 1959 Peter Yorke
Gallery 2015 Howard Snell
Gallimaufry Unknown
Gallipoli 2014 Barry McKimm
Gandalf & Hobbits Unknown
Garland of Roses Unknown
Garland of Song Unknown
Gathering of the Clans John Finney
Gaudium Unknown
Gee, Officer Krupke 2009 Leonard Bernstein Simon Kerwin
Geisterstunde 2016 Urs Heri
Gemini 2011 Darrol Barry
Gemma di Vergy [arr. Smith] Gaetano Donizetti Richard Smith
Gemma di Vergy [unknown arranger] Gaetano Donizetti
Gems from Maritana William Vincent Wallace George Hawkins
Gems from Rossini [unknown arranger] Gioachino Rossini
Gems from Sir H. Bishop Henry Rowley Bishop
Gems from Sullivan's Operas No. 1 1900 Arthur Sullivan James Ord Hume
Gems from Sullivan's Operas No. 2 Arthur Sullivan James Ord Hume
Gems from Sullivan's Operas No. 3 Arthur Sullivan James Ord Hume
Gems from the Great Masters Edward Newton
Gems from Wagner [arr. Kappey] Richard Wagner Jacob Kappey
Gems from William Tell [arr. Hawkins] Gioachino Rossini George Hawkins
Gems of Albion Unknown Harry Round
Gems of Auber Unknown
Gems of British Song [arr. Round] Harry Round
Gems of Cambria Unknown Harry Round
Gems of Chopin [arr. Catelinet] Frederic Chopin Philip Catelinet
Gems of Chopin [arr. Short] 1906 Frederic Chopin W. M. Short
Gems of Columbia 1896 Harry Round
Gems of Erin 1892 Harry Round
Gems of Evergreen Melody Harry Round
Gems of Harmony James Ord Hume
Gems of Haydn [arr. W. Rimmer] Joseph Haydn William Rimmer
Gems of Irish Melody James Ord Hume
Gems of Italian Opera 1916 Unknown William Rimmer
Gems of Melody Franz Liszt
Gems of Melody No.1 Franz Liszt
Gems of Melody No.2 Franz Liszt
Gems of Mendelssohn 1904 Felix Mendelssohn Charles Godfrey Jnr
Gems of Meyerbeer Unknown
Gems of Modern Melody Unknown H. Round
Gems of Mozart [arr. T. Wright] 1875 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Thomas Wright
Gems of Mozart [arr. W. Rimmer] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart William Rimmer
Gems of Old England Unknown William Rimmer
Gems of Operatic Melody Unknown
Gems of Schubert [arr. Rimmer] 1910 Franz Schubert William Rimmer
Gems of Schumann 1907 Robert Schumann W. M. Short
Gems of Schumann Unknown
Gems of Schumann No. 2 Robert Schumann
Gems of Scotch Melody Unknown James Ord Hume
Gems of Scotia Unknown Harry Round
Gems of Sir Henry Bishop Harry Round
Gems of Song [arr. W. Rimmer] 1906 Unknown William Rimmer
Gems of Tchaikovsky [arr. Johnstone] Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Maurice Johnstone
Gems of the Old Days Edward Newton
Gems of Tschaikowsky [arr. Swift] Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Edwin Swift
Gems of Verdi Giuseppe Verdi
Gems of Victorian Melody Unknown Harry Round
Gems of Wagner Richard Wagner
Gems of Wagner No. 2 Richard Wagner
Gems of Weber 1888 Unknown
Gems of Welsh Melody James Ord Hume
Genesis 2010 Martin Ellerby
Geneva Variations Stephen Bulla
Geometric Dances Roger Cichy
Geralda Unknown
Germania 1897 K. V. Keller
Gershwin Unknown Warren Barker
Gershwin for Brass 1970 George Gershwin Stephen Duro
Ghosts, Goblins, Witches & Wizards Darrol Barry
Giles Barnaby Suite Unknown
Ginnungagap - ...seeming emptiness Johan Evenepoel
Gipsy Life Unknown
Gipsy Queen Unknown
Gipsy Revels Unknown
Giralda [arr. Godfrey] 1893 Adolphe Adam Charles Godfrey Jnr
Giralda [unknown arranger] Adolphe Adam
Giulietta e Romeo [Vaccai, unknown arranger] Nicola Vaccai
Give Us This Day David Maslanka
Glasgow Overture Alan Fernie
Glass 2018 Simon Dobson
Glasshouse Sketches Barrie Gott
Glastonbury 1953 Denis Wright
Gleams of Gold Unknown
Glen Miller in Concert Unknown Paul Murtha
Glitch 2021 Daniel Hall
Glockenstrahl Ben Waeber
Gloria from Mozart's 12th Mass Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Gloria in Excelsis Unknown
Glorifico Aeternum Dean Jones
Glorioso Ed Huckeby
Glory Fanfare Otto M. Schwarz
Glory to God Unknown
Glow Eric Whitacre Jacob Vilhelm Larsen
God Of Our Fathers Claude T. Smith
God Save the King/Queen [unknown arranger] Unknown
Goddness of Fire Steven Reineke
Godspell Medley Unknown
Golconda Unknown
Goldberg 2012 2011 Svein Henrik Giske
Golden Casket William Rimmer
Golden Jubilee Alfred Reed
Golden Key Jean-Pierre Hartmann
Golden Memories 1958 Kenneth Haynes
Golden Rose (Overture) 1888 Edward Newton
Golden Septre Unknown
Golden Star Unknown
Golden Sunbeams Unknown
Golden Valley George Hawkins
Goldhorn Overture 2020 Simon van Hoecke
Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky) Unknown Adrian Hallam
Good Humour Unknown
Gospels and Spirituals Unknown Ray Woodfield
Gothic Dances 2006 Alan Fernie
Gotthard - Präludium Hugo Käch Josef Brun
Gounod [arr. W. Rimmer] Charles Gounod William Rimmer
Gozbert 2011 Marco Nussbaumer
Graffiti Knut Vaage
Grand Contest March 1864 M. W. Perry
Grand Duchess Unknown James Ord Hume
Grand Fantasia Felix Mendelssohn Charles Godfrey Jnr
Grand Parade March Jones
Grand Prize Waltz 1860 John Enderby Jackson
Grand Selection - Berlioz Hector Berlioz
Grand Selection from Balfe's Operas Michael William Balfe Harry Round
Grand Selection: Haydn Joseph Haydn William Rimmer
Grand Selection: Mendelssohn's Works [arr. Godfrey] 1898 Felix Mendelssohn Charles Godfrey Jnr
Grand Selection: Mendelssohn's Works [arr. Rimmer] Felix Mendelssohn William Rimmer
Grand Selection: Spohr Louis Spohr Harry Round
Grand Selection: Wagner's Works Richard Wagner
Grand Selection: Works of Liszt Franz Liszt William Rimmer
Granite Variations Darrol Barry
Great and Glorious, with introduction from Mozart's 'Sanctus' [unknown arranger] Joseph Haydn
Great Britain Harry Round
Great is the Lord Unknown
Great Themes From Italian Movies John Cacaras
Grecian Goddess Unknown
Greeacres Overture Unknown
Greek Folk Song Suite Op. 25 Franco Cesarini
Green 2020 Tjeerd Nijhof
Green Hills Fantasy Thomas Doss
Greensleeves Claude T. Smith
Gregoritas 2002 Philip Lawrence
Greg's Piano Concerto Unknown Kenneth Cook
Grieg Variations 2020 Jonathan Bates
Groovey Shade of Grey Graham Lloyd
Ground Pavan Bruce Fraser
Guovssahasat Per-Anders Emilsen
Gustavus 1909 Daniel Auber Harry Round
Guy Mannering 1887 Unknown
Gwalia Unknown
Gwent Rhapsody Jon Hall
Gypsy Baron Unknown Frank Wright
Gypsy Bride Unknown
Gypsy Dance Joseph Compello

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