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Name Composer Arranger
O Gymru Drake Rimmer
O Snatch me Swift Unknown
O Verona Craig Armstrong Philip Harper
Oasis 1964 Eric Ball
Oberon (arr. Round) / Stiffelio (arr. Gladney) Unknown
Oberon / Rossini's Works Unknown
Oberon [arr. Lorriman] 2004 Carl Maria von Weber Howard Lorriman
Oberon [arr. Owen] 1898 Carl Maria von Weber Alexander Owen
Oberon [arr. Round] Carl Maria von Weber Harry Round
Oberon [unknown arranger] Carl Maria von Weber
Occasion 1986 Edward Gregson
Oceans 1984 Goff Richards
Oceanscapes Rob Romeyn
October Eric Whitacre Brian Mayer
Odaliska Unknown
Ode to Spirit of Man James Curnow
Odin 1986 Arthur Butterworth
Odin, King Of Asgard 2011 Bertrand Moren
Odysseus 2001 Eric Crausaz
Odyssey [Engström] Joel Engström
Odyssey [Norbury] 1999 Kevin Norbury
Odyssey Variations 2020 Kevin Norbury
O'er Hill and Dale E. le Duc
Of Distant Memories 2012 Edward Gregson
Of Men and Mountains 1990 Edward Gregson
Of Pride & Celebration James Swearingen
Of Sailors and Whales Unknown William Francis McBeth
Of Sand and Stones Olivier Marquis
Oh, Father Whose Almighty Power Pover H. Round
Oklahoma Unknown Joseph Edmondson
Ol' Man River Jerome Kern Mark Freeh
Old Abbey William Rimmer
Old English Suite: Three Castles William Rimmer
Old Favourites 1908 Unknown William Rimmer
Old Licks Bluesed Up 2010 Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen
Old Memories William Rimmer
Old Palace Yard 1963 Francis Cameron Frank Wright
Old Wales 1920 Joseph Holbrooke
Oliver Cromwell 1923 Henry Geehl
Oliver Cromwell / An Epic Symphony Unknown
Oliver Cromwell / Pageantry Unknown
Oliver Cromwell / Selections from Liszt (arr Keighley) Unknown
Olympic Fanfare and Theme John Williams Peter Graham
Olympica Jan Van der Roost
Olympus 2011 Philip Harper
On Alderley Edge 1997 Peter Graham
On the Cornish Coast 1924 Henry Geehl
On the Pier Peter Yorke
On the Shoulders of Giants 2010 Peter Graham
On This Bright Morning David Maslanka
One Night Only 2022 Henry Krieger Christopher Bond
Oneiric Tales Eddy Debons
Opening Night on Broadway Michael Brown
Opera Gems Unknown
Operatic Beauties Unknown
Operatic Bouquet No. 1 Unknown
Operatic Fantasia Unknown John Gladney Jnr
Operatic Melodies J. A. Greenwood
Operatic Selection [unknown arranger] Unknown
Operation Invictus Amy Webb
Opus 87, The Story of a Soviet Genius 2019 Tom Gontier
Ora Pro Nobis Unknown
Oracles of the Sirocco / The Brave / Into the Clouds Unknown
Oregon: Fantasy for Band 1989 Jacob de Haan
Orenza 1891 George Wadsworth
Orfeo et Euridice Christoph Willibald Gluck
Orient Express 1986 Philip Sparke
Oriental Rhapsody 1930 Granville Bantock
Origan Unknown
Origenes 2015 Carlos Cardénas
Original Suite Unknown
Orion (Dramatic Overture) 1945 Granville Bantock
Orion [Bantock] 1935 Granville Bantock
Orion [Lovatt-Cooper] 2014 Paul Lovatt-Cooper
Orion [Van der Roost] Jan Van der Roost
Orpheus [unknown arranger] Jacques Offenbach
Orpheus in the Underworld [Military Band] Jacques Offenbach
Orpheus in the Underworld [unknown arranger] Jacques Offenbach
Orynthia 1855 James Alfred Melling
Os Justi Anton Bruckner
Othello Drake Rimmer
Othello: A Symphonic Portrait Alfred Reed
Other Lives 2019 Oliver Waespi
Our Boys Will Shine Tonight 1971 Gordon Langford
Our Darlings Unknown
Our Fallen Heroes Unknown
Our Hidden Language (Suite for Brass Band, Soloists and Percussion) 2018 Jacob Vilhelm Larsen
Ouroboros 2018 Todd Smith
Out Of Darkness Quincy C Hillard
Out of the Storm Clouds 2013 Jonathan Bates
Outcry 2023 Lucy Pankhurst
Ouverture Noire 2016 Stan Nieuwenhuis
Over The Devide Unknown Stephen Holgate
Over the Hills J. A. Greenwood
Overtura Unknown
Overture Unknown
Overture - The Barber of Seville [military band] Gioachino Rossini Ratford
Overture [Healing] William Healing
Overture Alfresco Jerry Bilik
Overture Belfagor [O. Respighi, arr.] Unknown
Overture Espanole Unknown Higgins
Overture Excelsior Ronald Hanmer
Overture For A Celebration Unknown Stephen Hodges
Overture for an Epic Occasion 1945 Denis Wright
Overture For Band Unknown
Overture from 'Gypsy' Jule Styne Ben Hollings
Overture from TRON: Legacy Daft Punk Espen Westbye
Overture Jubiloso Frank Erickson
Overture Metropolis Gordon Langford
Overture on an Early Swiss Folk Song Urs Heri
Overture On Break Forth Thou Wondrous Heavenly Light Calvin Custer
Overture Promenade Unknown
Overture Solenelle 1812 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Denis Wright
Overture Spiritoso Ralph Hultgren
Overture To A New Age Jan de Haan
Overture to A New Millennium Ed Huckeby
Overture to Candide Leonard Bernstein Clare Grundman
Overture to Rienzi [arr. Johns] Richard Wagner Haydn Johns
Overture to Rienzi [arr. Lorriman] 2005 Richard Wagner Howard Lorriman
Overture to 'The Sicilian Vespers' [arr. Gay] 2001 Giuseppe Verdi Bram Gay
Overture to 'The Sicilian Vespers' [arr. Siebert] 1975 Giuseppe Verdi Edrich Siebert
Overture to Tomorrow Unknown
Overture to Youth 1977 Eric Hughes
Overture: Anna Bolena Gaetano Donizetti
Overture: Artaxerxes Thomas Arne
Overture: Bronze Horse [military band] Daniel Auber
Overture: Messiah 1944 George Frideric Handel Frank Wright
Overture: Raymond [military band] Unknown
Overture: Rule Britannia William Rimmer
Overture: Symphonia Unknown
Overtyr Provance Bryan Kelly
Owain Glyndwr 1937 Richard Maldwyn Price
Oxford Pointe Ed Huckeby
Oymyakon Joshua Tyler Jameson

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