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Chaucer's Tunes 1998

Originally written for wind band, commissioned by BASBWE in 1993. The brass band version, made in 1998, was commissioned by Paul Hindmarsh on behalf of the Brass Band Heritage Trust with the financial support of the North West Arts Trust for the 1999 National Youth Brass Band Championships.

Chaucer's Tunes (two sections of which began life as the theme music for a BBC radio series The Road to Canterbury) consists of six interconnected sections. These can equally well be played either as one complete continuous movement or as independent individual pieces. Includes: Intrada; Fantasia: Alma redemptoris mater; Intermezzo: The Wife of Bath; Carol: Es ist ein' Ros' entsprungen; Chase: Chauntecleer and the Fox; Finale.

Composer: Michael Ball
Type: Test Piece

Date Contest Winner
06 May 2018 European Youth Championship (Premier Section) Youth Brass 2000
14 Oct 2017 NIBA Championship of Ireland (Grade 2 Brass) Drogheda Brass Band
19 Feb 2017 French National Brass Band Championship (First Division) Brass Band Côtes et Cuivres
16 Mar 2014 London and Southern Counties (Second Section) Fulham
15 Mar 2014 Welsh Area (Second Section) Blaenavon Town
15 Mar 2014 North of England Area (Second Section) Lockwood
09 Mar 2014 West of England Area (Second Section) Forest of Dean Brass
09 Mar 2014 North West Area (Second Section) Mossley
09 Mar 2014 Midlands Area (Second Section) Daventry
08 Mar 2014 Scottish Championship (Second Section) Tullis Russell Mills
02 Mar 2014 Yorkshire Area (Second Section) Elland Silver
23 Feb 2014 North East Midlands Contest (Second Section) Chapeltown Silver Prize
02 Feb 2014 Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Second Section) Eccleston Brass
29 Apr 2011 Grenland International Brass Festival (Second Division) Grenland Brass
29 Mar 2008 IABCB National Band Championships (Section 1 Brass) Drogheda Brass Band
12 Sep 2004 National Championship of Great Britain (Second Section Final) Hathern

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