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A Gabrieli Fantasy 2021

‘A Gabrieli Fantasy’ is an extended exploration of an original octet composition ‘Canzon in Diouble Ech a 12’ written in 1608 by Italian composer Giovani Gabrieli, with the Belgian composer Bert Appermont developing the work into five linked elements based on a triple chorus (group) band structure.

The composer adds that the three groups are both sperate and co-joined – the central group positioned sufficiently back as to act as a musical echo to the ensembles spaciously flanked each side of it.

Different kinds of triple chorus are used – from letting the triptych play in different sections in quick succession, to echoes of melodies, motifs and cell chords, extended, distorted, expanded or simply adapted in various contrapuntal or canonic variants.

Part 1 (‘Canzon’) is formed from the original melody but adapted quickly into the virtuosic passages, choral and tutti themes of a ‘Toccata’.

A ‘Chorale’ creates dissonance and mystery based on four tones of the original Canzon whilst the ‘Scherzo’ that follows also adapts the thematic cell but in a completely new identity – including a sarcastic canon between the three groups.

The finale returns the music to its glorious theme – hammering motifs and virtuosic scalic passages adding to the ornate colourings of neo-baroque inspiration.

The prestissimo ending adds all the elements together for a glorious climax.

Composer: Bert Appermont
Type: Test Piece

Date Contest Winner

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