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British Open

Also/previously known as: Belle Vue September Contest

Future Events

Past Results

Date Winner Conductor Test Piece
09 Sep 2023 Fodens Russell Gray Sand and Stars
10 Sep 2022 Brighouse & Rastrick David King The World Rejoicing (Variations on a Lutheran Chorale)
12 Sep 2020 Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID-19) and related Uncertainties this Year's British Open and Spring Festival Contests had to be cancelled. Then the 2021 -Edition was postponed to January 2022 and finally also cancelled due to the ongoing Pandemic. So the next Edition will be the 168th British Open in September 2022. The qualified Bands (list below) can participate at the next Edition. See Statement here: http://www.thebritishopen.net/ Aldbourne Black Dyke Brighouse & Rastrick Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Cooperation Band Cory Desford Colliery Fairey Flowers Fodens Grimethorpe Colliery Hammonds Saltaire Leyland NASUWT Riverside Paris Brass Band Tredegar
07 Sep 2019 Cory Philip Harper Dynasty
08 Sep 2018 Cory Philip Harper A Brussels Requiem (amended version)
09 Sep 2017 Valaisia Brass Band Arsène Duc Fraternity
10 Sep 2016 Cory Philip Harper The Triumph of Time
05 Sep 2015 Grimethorpe Colliery Robert Childs Reflections on Swan Lake
06 Sep 2014 Black Dyke Nicholas Childs Vita Aeterna Variations (Variations & Fugue on an Original Theme)
07 Sep 2013 Tredegar Ian Porthouse Arabian Nights
01 Sep 2012 Foden's Allan Withington Electra
03 Sep 2011 Cory Robert Childs Red Priest
04 Sep 2010 Tredegar Ian Porthouse On the Shoulders of Giants
12 Sep 2009 Cory Band Robert Childs Titan's Progress
13 Sep 2008 Fodens Richardson Garry Cutt Rococo Variations [Gregson]
15 Sep 2007 Cory Band Robert Childs Visions of Gerontius
09 Sep 2006 Black Dyke Nicholas Childs Vienna Nights
17 Sep 2005 Black Dyke Nicholas Childs The Night to Sing
18 Sep 2004 Fodens Richardson Garry Cutt St. Magnus
13 Sep 2003 Yorkshire Building Society David King Jupiter (from The Planets Suite) [arr. Roberts]
14 Sep 2002 Buy As You View Cory Robert Childs The Maunsell Forts
15 Sep 2001 Yorkshire Building Society David King Les Preludes [arr. Gay]
09 Sep 2000 Buy As You View Cory Robert Childs Ceremony
11 Sep 1999 Yorkshire Building Society David King ...Dove Descending
06 Sep 1998 Williams Fairey James Gourlay Diversions on a Bass Theme
17 Jan 1998 Yorkshire Building Society David King Whitsun Wakes
07 Sep 1996 Marple Garry Cutt The Severn Suite [arr. Gay]
09 Sep 1995 Black Dyke James Watson Revelation
10 Sep 1994 BNFL Leyland Richard Evans Salamander
04 Sep 1993 Williams Fairey Peter Parkes Masquerade [Wilby]
05 Sep 1992 Black Dyke James Watson Cloudcatcher Fells
07 Sep 1991 Grimethorpe Colliery Frank Renton Paganini Variations
08 Sep 1990 Sun Life Roy Newsome Le Roi d'Ys
09 Sep 1989 Kennedy's Swinton Concert Garry Cutt Diversions for Brass Band
10 Sep 1988 Rigid Container Group GUS Bramwell Tovey Contest Music
05 Sep 1987 Williams Fairey Engineering Roy Newsome Freedom (Brass Band Symphony No. 1)
06 Sep 1986 Black Dyke Mills Peter Parkes An Epic Symphony
07 Sep 1985 Black Dyke Mills Peter Parkes Salute to Youth
08 Sep 1984 Grimethorpe Colliery Geoffrey Brand Comedy Overture
10 Sep 1983 Black Dyke Mills Peter Parkes Connotations
04 Sep 1982 Besses o' th' Barn Roy Newsome Three Figures
05 Sep 1981 City of Coventry Arthur Kenney Variations on a Ninth
06 Sep 1980 Yorkshire Imperial John Pryce-Jones Energy
08 Sep 1979 Fairey Engineering Walter Barrow Hargreaves Le Carnaval Romain [arr. Wright]
09 Sep 1978 Brighouse & Rastrick Geoffrey Brand Benvenuto Cellini [arr. Wright]
10 Sep 1977 Black Dyke Mills Peter Parkes Diadem of Gold
04 Sep 1976 Black Dyke Mills Peter Parkes An Epic Symphony
06 Sep 1975 Wingates Temperance Richard Evans Fireworks
07 Sep 1974 Black Dyke Mills Roy Newsome James Cook, Circumnavigator
01 Sep 1973 Black Dyke Mills Roy Newsome The Accursed Huntsman
02 Sep 1972 Black Dyke Mills Geoffrey Brand Sovereign Heritage
04 Sep 1971 Yorkshire Imperial Trevor Walmsley Festival Music (Symphonic Suite)
06 Sep 1970 Yorkshire Imperial Trevor Walmsley Pageantry
06 Sep 1969 Grimethorpe Colliery George Thompson Spectrum [Vinter]
07 Sep 1968 Black Dyke Mills Geoffrey Brand John O'Gaunt [Vinter]
02 Sep 1967 Grimethorpe Colliery George Thompson Comedy Overture
03 Sep 1966 CWS (Manchester) Alex Mortimer A Downland Suite
04 Sep 1965 Fairey Leonard Lamb Saga of the North
05 Sep 1964 Foden Motor Works Rex Mortimer Lorenzo
07 Sep 1963 Fairey Leonard Lamb Life Divine
15 Sep 1962 Fairey Leonard Lamb Island Heritage
16 Sep 1961 Fairey Leonard Lamb Main Street
17 Sep 1960 CWS (Manchester) Alex Mortimer Fantasia in F
05 Sep 1959 Besses o' th' Barn Willie Wood The Undaunted
06 Sep 1958 Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Jack Atherton Sunset Rhapsody
07 Sep 1957 Black Dyke Mills George Willcocks Carnival [Perkin]
01 Sep 1956 Fairey Aviation Harry Mortimer Tam O'Shanter's Ride [Wright]
03 Sep 1955 Ferodo Works George Hespe Sinfonietta for Brass Band [Leidzen]
04 Sep 1954 Munn & Feltons Stanley Boddington Tournament for Brass
05 Sep 1953 National Band of New Zealand Ken Smith The Three Musketeers
06 Sep 1952 CWS (Manchester) Eric Ball Scena Sinfonica
01 Sep 1951 Ransome & Marles Eric Ball The Conquerors
02 Sep 1950 Fairey Aviation Harry Mortimer Resurgam
03 Sep 1949 Fairey Aviation Harry Mortimer Rhapsody in Brass
04 Sep 1948 CWS Manchester Eric Ball Music for Brass
06 Sep 1947 Fairey Aviation Harry Mortimer Henry V [Maldwyn Price]
07 Sep 1946 Bickershaw Colliery Harry Mortimer Salute to Freedom
01 Sep 1945 Fairey Aviation Harry Mortimer Pride of Race
02 Sep 1944 Fairey Aviation Harry Mortimer The Tempest
04 Sep 1943 Bickershaw Colliery William Haydock Themes from Symphony No. 5 [Beethoven]
05 Sep 1942 Fairey Aviation Harry Mortimer Pageantry
06 Sep 1941 Fairey Aviation Harry Mortimer Academic Festival Overture
07 Sep 1940 Bickershaw Colliery William Haydock Clive of India
30 Sep 1939 Wingates Temperance Willie Wood A Downland Suite
05 Sep 1938 Slaithwaite Noel Thorpe Owain Glyndwr
06 Sep 1937 Besses o' th' Barn Willie Wood Academic Festival Overture
07 Sep 1936 Brighouse & Rastrick William Halliwell Robin Hood [Geehl]
02 Sep 1935 Black Dyke Mills William Halliwell A Northern Rhapsody
03 Sep 1934 Brighouse & Rastrick William Halliwell Pageantry
04 Sep 1933 Brighouse & Rastrick William Halliwell Princess Nada
05 Sep 1932 Brighouse & Rastrick William Halliwell The Crusaders
07 Sep 1931 Besses o' th' Barn William Halliwell Springtime
01 Sep 1930 Eccles Borough James Dow Oriental Rhapsody
02 Sep 1929 Brighouse & Rastrick Fred Berry Pathetique
03 Sep 1928 Fodens Motor Works William Halliwell Lorenzo
05 Sep 1927 Fodens Motor Works William Halliwell The Merry Wives of Windsor [Keighley]
06 Sep 1926 Fodens Motor Works William Halliwell A Midsummer Night's Dream [Keighley]
07 Sep 1925 Creswell Colliery J. A. Greenwood Macbeth [Keighley]
01 Sep 1924 Newcastle Steel Works Albert Baile Selection from Franz Liszt
03 Sep 1923 Wingates Temperance William Halliwell Dinorah [arr. Godfrey]
04 Sep 1922 South Elmsall & Frickley Colliery Noel Thorpe Lohengrin [arr. Johnstone]
05 Sep 1921 Wingates Temperance William Halliwell Maritana [arr. Godfrey]
06 Sep 1920 Besses o' th' Barn Willie Wood I Lombardi
01 Sep 1919 Harton Colliery George Hawkins The Lily of Killarney [arr. Godfrey]
07 Sep 1918 Wingates Temperance William Halliwell Il Bravo [arr. Godfrey]
01 Sep 1917 Horwich RMI J. A. Greenwood Le Pre-aux-Clercs [arr. Godfrey]
02 Sep 1916 Horwich RMI J. A. Greenwood La Traviata [arr. Godfrey]
04 Sep 1915 Fodens Motor Works William Halliwell Il Furioso [arr. Godfrey]
07 Sep 1914 Black Dyke Mills J. A. Greenwood Joseph und seine Brüder [arr. Godfrey]
01 Sep 1913 Fodens Motor Works William Halliwell A Souvenir of Gounod [arr. Godfrey]
02 Sep 1912 Fodens Motor Works William Halliwell Les Diamants de la Couronne [arr. Godfrey]
04 Sep 1911 Hebden Bridge William Halliwell Eugene Onegin [arr. Godfrey]
05 Sep 1910 Fodens Motors Wagon Works William Halliwell Acis and Galatea [arr. Godfrey]
06 Sep 1909 Fodens Motor Works William Rimmer Il Bravo [arr. Godfrey]
07 Sep 1908 Black Dyke Mills William Rimmer A Souvenir of Grieg [arr. Godfrey]
02 Sep 1907 Wingates William Rimmer Robin Hood [MacFarren arr. Godfrey]
03 Sep 1906 Wingates Band William Rimmer Les Huguenots [arr. Godfrey]
04 Sep 1905 Irwell Springs William Rimmer Cosi Fan Tutte [arr. Godfrey]
05 Sep 1904 Black Dyke Mills John Gladney Semiramide [arr. Godfrey]
07 Sep 1903 Pemberton Old John Gladney Caractacus [arr. Godfrey]
01 Sep 1902 Black Dyke Mills John Gladney L'Ebreo [arr. Godfrey]
02 Sep 1901 Kingston Mills Alexander Owen Mirella [arr. Godfrey]
03 Sep 1900 Lindley John Gladney La Gioconda [arr. Godfrey]
04 Sep 1899 Black Dyke Mills John Gladney Aroldo [arr. Godfrey]
05 Sep 1898 Wyke Temperance Edwin Swift Grand Selection: Mendelssohn's Works [arr. Godfrey]
06 Sep 1897 Mossley Alexander Owen Moses in Egypt [arr. Godfrey]
07 Sep 1896 Black Dyke Mills John Gladney Gabriella
02 Sep 1895 Black Dyke Mills John Gladney Hänsel und Gretel [arr. Godfrey]
03 Sep 1894 Besses o' th' Barn Alexander Owen The Golden Web
04 Sep 1893 Kingston Mills John Gladney Elaine
05 Sep 1892 Besses o' th' Barn Alexander Owen Zaar und Zimmermann
07 Sep 1891 Black Dyke Mills John Gladney Das Nachtlager in Granada
01 Sep 1890 Batley Old John Gladney Euryanthe [arr. Godfrey]
02 Sep 1889 Wyke Temperance Edwin Swift La Reine de Saba [arr. Godfrey]
03 Sep 1888 Wyke Temperance Edwin Swift Der Fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman) [arr. Godfrey]
05 Sep 1887 Kingston Mills John Gladney L'Etoile du Nord [arr. Godfrey]
06 Sep 1886 Kingston Mills John Gladney La Favorita [arr. Godfrey]
07 Sep 1885 Kingston Mills John Gladney Nabucodonosor [arr. Godfrey]
01 Sep 1884 Honley John Gladney La Gazza Ladra [arr. Godfrey]
03 Sep 1883 Littleborough Public Edwin Swift Il Giuramento [arr. Godfrey]
04 Sep 1882 Clayton-le-Moors Alexander Owen Il Seraglio [arr. Godfrey Jnr]
05 Sep 1881 Black Dyke Mills Alexander Owen Cinq Mars [arr. Godfrey]
06 Sep 1880 Black Dyke Mills Alexander Owen Vespri Siciliani [arr. Godfrey]
01 Sep 1879 Black Dyke Mills Joseph Fawcett The Last Judgement [arr. Godfrey]
02 Sep 1878 Meltham Mills John Gladney Romeo et Juliette [Gounod arr. Godfrey]
03 Sep 1877 Meltham Mills John Gladney Jessonda
04 Sep 1876 Meltham Mills John Gladney Aida [arr. Godfrey]
06 Sep 1875 Kingston Mills John Gladney Il Talismano [arr. Godfrey]
07 Sep 1874 Linthwaite Edwin Swift Faust [Spohr arr. Godfrey]
08 Sep 1873 Meltham Mills John Gladney Dinorah [arr. Godfrey]
02 Sep 1872 Robin Hood Rifles H. Leverton Souvenir de Mozart
04 Sep 1871 Black Dyke Mills Samuel Longbottom Il Barbiere [arr. Winterbottom]
05 Sep 1870 Bacup Old John Lord Ernani [arr. Winterbottom]
06 Sep 1869 Bacup John Lord Le Prophete [arr. Winterbottom]
07 Sep 1868 Burnley Joseph Ford Robert le Diable [arr. Waterson]
02 Sep 1867 Clay Cross (3rd Rifles) John Naylor Der Freischütz [arr. Winterbottom]
03 Sep 1866 Dewsbury Old John Peel L'Africaine [arr. Grosse]
04 Sep 1865 Bacup John Lord Un Ballo in Maschera [arr. Melling]
05 Sep 1864 Bacup John Lord Reminiscences of Auber
31 Aug 1863 Black Dyke Mills Frank Galloway Faust [Gounod, unknown arranger]
01 Sep 1862 Black Dyke Mills Frank Galloway La Muette de Portici (Masaniello) [unknown arranger]
02 Sep 1861 Halifax (4th W Yorks Rifles) Isaac Dewhurst Satanella [arr. Hird]
03 Sep 1860 Halifax (4th W Yorks Rifles) Isaac Dewhurst Zampa [unknown arranger]
05 Sep 1859 The contest was cancelled as only three bands entered: Black Dyke, Dewsbury, and Holmfirth.
06 Sep 1858 Accrington Radcliffe Barnes 'On Thee Each Living Soul Awaits' from The Creation
07 Sep 1857 Leeds (Smiths) Richard Smith Il Trovatore [unknown arranger]
08 Sep 1856 Railway Foundry (Leeds) Richard Smith Stradella - overture [unknown arranger]
03 Sep 1855 Accrington Radcliffe Barnes Orynthia
04 Sep 1854 Railway Foundry Leeds Richard Smith
05 Sep 1853 Mossley Temperance William Taylor
British Open and Qualifying

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