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West of England Area (Championship Section)

Past Results

Date Winner Conductor Test Piece
10 Mar 2024 Flowers Paul Holland Variations on an Enigma
12 Mar 2023 Camborne Ian Porthouse Red Priest
03 Apr 2022 Aldbourne Glyn Williams Contest Music
15 Mar 2020 Camborne Town Ian Porthouse A Tale as yet Untold
10 Mar 2019 Flowers Paul Holland Seascapes
11 Mar 2018 Flowers David Childs Odyssey [Norbury]
12 Mar 2017 Woodfalls Robert Childs Pageantry
12 Mar 2016 Flowers Paul Holland Cambridge Variations
14 Mar 2015 Flowers Band Paul Holland The Torchbearer
09 Mar 2014 Flowers Paul Holland St. Magnus
10 Mar 2013 Flowers Paul Holland Harmony Music
11 Mar 2012 Flowers Paul Holland The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
13 Mar 2011 Woodfalls Nicholas Childs Paganini Variations
14 Mar 2010 Flowers Paul Holland English Heritage
15 Mar 2009 Camborne Town Garry Cutt Salute to Youth
09 Mar 2008 Mount Charles Andrew Duncan Festival Music (Symphonic Suite)
11 Mar 2007 PolySteel Philip Harper Isaiah 40
19 Mar 2006 Mount Charles Nicholas Childs Journey to the Centre of the Earth
13 Mar 2005 Bournemouth Concert Brass Nigel Taken Overture to Rienzi [arr. Lorriman]
28 Mar 2004 JAG Mount Charles Nicholas Childs Tristan Encounters
06 Apr 2003 Camborne Town Frank Renton Prague
06 Apr 2002 SWT Woodfalls Garry Cutt Whitsun Wakes
01 Apr 2001 Camborne Town Frank Renton Jazz
26 Mar 2000 Flowers Richard Evans Variations on an Enigma
27 Mar 1999 Bodmin Nicholas Childs Blitz
04 Apr 1998 SWT Woodfalls Melvin White Montage
22 Mar 1997 Flowers Band Garry Cutt A Lowry Sketchbook
30 Mar 1996 Sun Life Richard Evans Sounds
19 Mar 1995 Sun Life Roy Newsome Un Vie de Matelot (A Sailor's Life)
30 Apr 1994 Flowers Band Garry Cutt Partita [Sparke]
27 Mar 1993 Sun Life Roy Newsome Of Men and Mountains
21 Mar 1992 Sun Life Roy Newsome Frontier!
20 Apr 1991 Flowers Derek Broadbent Journey into Freedom
31 Mar 1990 Camborne Steve Sykes The Beacons
08 Apr 1989 Sun Life Roy Newsome Prisms
16 Apr 1988 Sun Life James Watson Ballet for Band
21 Mar 1987 Sun Life Rob Wiffin Diversions on a Bass Theme
12 Apr 1986 Sun Life Rob Wiffin Variations on a Theme by Haydn
27 Apr 1985 Sun Life Christopher Adey Contest Music
07 Apr 1984 Sun Life Walter Barrow Hargreaves Waverley
16 Apr 1983 Sun Life Derek Bourgeois Images [McCabe]
15 May 1982 Camborne Derek Greenwood Essay for Brass Band [Gregson]
28 Mar 1981 Aldbourne Don Keene Variations on the Shining River
26 Apr 1980 Bodmin Alan Jenkin Beatrice & Benedict
17 Mar 1979 Sun Life Stanshawe Roy Newsome Variations for Brass Band [Vaughan Williams]
29 Apr 1978 Camborne Derek Greenwood The Belmont Variations
16 Apr 1977 Camborne Derek Greenwood Pageantry
03 Apr 1976 St. Dennis Eddie J. Williams Spectrum [Vinter]
26 Apr 1975 Stanshawe Walter Barrow Hargreaves Journey into Freedom
06 Apr 1974 Stanshawe (Bristol) Walter Barrow Hargreaves Variations on a Ninth
17 Mar 1973 Camborne Derek Johnston The Plantagenets
08 Apr 1972 Camborne Derek Johnston Concert Overture for Brass Band
03 Apr 1971 St. Dennis Eddie J. Williams A Joyful Noise
25 Apr 1970 St. Dennis Eddie J. Williams The Corsair
12 Apr 1969 St. Dennis Eddie J. Williams Diadem of Gold
13 Apr 1968 Shaftesbury Crusade (Bristol) A. W. Golding Themes From Beethoven's 8th Symphony
22 Apr 1967 Woodfalls Silver Courtney Bosanko Festival Music (Symphonic Suite)
14 May 1966 St. Dennis Eddie J. Williams La Forza del Destino (The Force of Destiny) - Overture [arr. F. Wright]
08 May 1965 St. Dennis Eddie J. Williams Themes from the First Symphony [Beethoven]
09 May 1964 Camborne Town Band Fred Roberts Symphony of Marches
11 May 1963 Camborne Town Band Fred Roberts Overture to Rienzi [arr. Johns]
12 May 1962 383 Field Regt R.A. T.A A. Davies Salute to Youth
13 May 1961 St. Dennis Eddie J. Williams Les Preludes [arr. Rimmer]
14 May 1960 St. Dennis Silver Eddie J. Williams Themes from Symphony no. 5 [Tchaikovsky, arr. Ball]
09 May 1959 St. Dennis Silver Eddie J. Williams Wuthering Heights
10 May 1958 Camborne Town Band Fred Roberts The Moor of Venice
11 May 1957 Camborne Town Band Fred Roberts Themes from Symphony no. 9 [Beethoven]
12 May 1956 Camborne Town Band Fred Roberts Orion [Bantock]
14 May 1955 Falmouth Town A. G. Richards The Severn Suite
08 May 1954 Camborne Town Band Fred Roberts Clive of India
09 May 1953 Camborne Town Band Fred Roberts Rhapsody in Brass
24 May 1952 Camborne Town Fred Roberts Resurgam
28 Apr 1951 St. Dennis Silver W. D. Lawton Atlantic [Wright]
20 May 1950 Camborne A. W. Parker Festival Overture [Geehl]
21 May 1949 Camborne A. W. Parker Morning Rhapsody
20 Mar 1948 Camborne A. W. Parker Fantasia in F
1947 No contest as only Camborne were eligible. Camborne qualified unopposed as in 1946.
1946 No contest as only Camborne were eligible. Camborne qualified unopposed as they won the second section the previous year.
1945 No contest in this first year of the regional qualifying contests as there were no eligible bands.
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