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New Zealand National Championships (A Grade)

Future Events

Past Results

Date Winner Conductor Test Piece
08 Jul 2023 Wellington Brass David Bremner Concerto for Band No 1 (1999 revised Edition)
16 Jul 2022 Wellington Brass David Bremner Heroes [Broughton]
17 Jul 2021 Wellington Brass David Bremner Of Men and Mountains
11 Jul 2020 Contests cancelled due to Corona Virus- Pandemic. Statement of the BBANZ management committee: Given the ongoing uncertainty about what will happen when the current lock-down period ends, the likelihood of continuing significant restrictions on travel and gatherings, and the financial impact these restrictions are already having on your players; the BBANZ management committee has made the difficult decision not to hold the 2020 National Contest. This decision was not made lightly as we wanted the contest to proceed if possible and knowing there is some support for the major event in our calendar to go ahead. However, the safety and well-being of our members are paramount, and we believe this is the right call. We also believe that it is important to our movement that a Christchurch contest is well attended. This wouldn't be the case this year given the number of bands who have already told us they wouldn't be able to attend. For that reason, we have decided that the 2021 contest will be held in Christchurch from 14 to 18 July, with the Wellington contest moved to 13 to 17 July 2022 and the Dunedin contest moved to July 2023. 140th Edition (Brett Baker Chief Adjudicator)
13 Jul 2019 Wellington Brass David Bremner Variations on a Ninth
14 Jul 2018 Wellington Brass Nigel Seaman The 39th Parallel
22 Apr 2017 Brisbane Excelsior (Australia) Howard Taylor Journey of the Lone Wolf
16 Jul 2016 Wellington Brass Band David Bremner Of Distant Memories
11 Jul 2015 Wellington Brass David Bremner Vita Aeterna Variations (Variations & Fugue on an Original Theme)
12 Jul 2014 Wellington Brass David Bremner On Alderley Edge
20 Jul 2013 Wellington Brass David Bremner The Promised Land
07 Jul 2012 Woolston Brass Graham Hickman Breath of Souls
22 Jul 2011 Woolston Brass Graham Hickman Les Preludes [arr. Gay]
10 Jul 2010 Woolston Brass Graham Hickman The Torchbearer
18 Apr 2009 Woolston Brass Graham Hickman Paganini Variations
12 Jul 2008 Brisbane Excelsior (Australia) Howard Taylor Ballet for Band
07 Jul 2007 Brisbane Excelsior (Australia) Howard Taylor Concerto for Band No 1 [Bourgeois]
06 Jul 2006 Woolston Brass David Gallaher Between the Moon and Mexico
27 Mar 2005 Gothenburg Brass Bengt Eklund St. Magnus
11 Jul 2004 Dalewool Auckland Brass Nigel Weeks Cambridge Variations
13 Jul 2003 Dalewool Auckland Brass Nigel Weeks High Peak
28 Apr 2002 Woolston Brass David Gallaher Harrison's Dream
2001 Woolston Brass David Gallaher
15 Apr 2000 Woolston Brass David Gallaher
2000 Woolston Brass David Gallaher Saxon
05 Jun 1999 Waitakere City Brass Howard Taylor Montage
1999 Waitakere Brass Howard Taylor
18 Apr 1998 Dalewool Auckland Brass Nigel Weeks A Lowry Sketchbook
Apr 1998 Dalewool Nigel Weeks A Lowry Sketchbook
20 Apr 1997 Trust Bank Woolston David Gallaher Isaiah 40
13 May 1995 Fosters Continental Airlines Auckland Brass Nigel Weeks Festival Music (Symphonic Suite)
14 May 1994 Skellerup Woolston Ken Smith jun Cambridge Variations
15 May 1993 Skellerup Woolston Ken Smith jun Le Roi d'Ys
Aug 1992 St. Kilda Brass Peter Adams Paganini Variations
16 May 1992 Trust Bank Otago St.Kilda Peter Adams Paganini Variations
18 May 1991 Continental Airlines Auckland Brass Vaughan McDonald The Essence of Time
12 May 1990 Wormald Brass Alan McKenzie Maoriana
1990 Wormald Brass Alan McKenzie Maoriana
12 May 1989 Continental Airlines Auckland Brass Vaughan McDonald Cloudcatcher Fells
14 May 1988 Skellerup Brass Mervyn Waters Diversions on a Bass Theme
16 May 1987 Skellerup Brass Mervyn Waters Contest Music
17 May 1986 Continental Airlines Auckland Errol Mason Spectrum [Vinter]
18 May 1985 Skellerup Brass Mervyn Waters Four Dances from Checkmate
12 May 1984 Skellrup Brass Mervyn Waters Three Figures
14 May 1983 Continental Airlines Auckland Brass Errol Mason Carnival Overture [Dvorák, arr. Brand]
16 May 1981 Evening Post Onslow Brass Norman Goffin Oliver Cromwell
13 May 1978 Skellrup Woolston Mervyn Waters Le Roi d'Ys
14 May 1977 Turrells - Onehunga Errol Mason Variations for Brass Band [Vaughan Williams]
15 May 1976 Skellerup - Woolston Mervyn Waters Festival Music (Symphonic Suite)
17 May 1975 Skellerup Woolston Mervyn Waters Freedom (Brass Band Symphony No. 1)
18 May 1974 Skellerup Woolston Mervyn Waters The Accursed Huntsman
12 May 1973 Invercargill Garrison Rodney Sutton Sovereign Heritage
13 May 1972 Skellerup Woolston Mervyn Waters Pageantry
18 May 1970 Roslyn Mills Kaikorai
St. Kilda Municipal
John Edgecombe
Ken Aiken-Jones
James Cook, Circumnavigator James Cook, Circumnavigator
23 Mar 1969 Onslow Brass
Roslyn Mills Kaikorai
Norman Goffin
John Edgecombe
John O'Gaunt [Vinter] John O'Gaunt [Vinter]
11 May 1968 St. Kilda Municipal Allen Francis Jodrell Bank
15 May 1967 Skellerup Woolston Brian Barrett A Downland Suite
22 May 1966 St. Kilda Municipal Ken Smith Triumphant Rhapsody
16 May 1965 Roslyn Mills Kaikorai Norman Thorn Variations on a Ninth
19 May 1964 Roslyn Mills Kaikorai Norman Thorn Life Divine
19 May 1963 St. Kilda Municipal Elgar Clayton Rienzi
04 Mar 1962 St. Kilda Municipal Elgar Clayton Les Preludes [arr. Rimmer]
09 Mar 1961 Waitemata Silver Band Lloyd Thorne Le Roi d'Ys
04 Mar 1960 Auckland Metropolitan Fire Brigade Lloyd Thorne An Epic Symphony
23 Feb 1959 Queen Alexandra's Own --Wanganui Harry Mileman Sinfonietta for Brass Band [Leidzen]
04 Mar 1958 St. Kilda Municipal Elgar Clayton Festival Music (Symphonic Suite)
28 Feb 1957 Auckland Metropolitan Fire Brigade Les Francis Blackfriars
10 Mar 1956 Woolston Brass Dave Christensen Diadem of Gold
03 Mar 1955 St. Kilda Municipal Ken Smith Second Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals
24 Feb 1954 Kaikorai Brass Norman Thorn 1812 Overture
25 Feb 1953 Kaikorai Brass Norman Thorn Scena Sinfonica
15 Feb 1952 Wellington Boys Institute J. C. King Atlantic [Wright]
07 Apr 1951 Invercargill Civic Elgar Clayton Greg's Piano Concerto
18 Feb 1950 1st Battalion Nelson Marlborough West Coast Regiment Ernest Barton Henry V [Maldwyn Price]
19 Feb 1949 Wellington Boys Institute J. C. King Gems of Chopin [arr. Catelinet]
17 Feb 1948 St. Kilda Municipal
Wellington Waterside Workers
Ken Smith
R. Fenton
Les Preludes [unknown composer] Les Preludes [unknown composer]
26 Feb 1947 Wanganui Garrison R. Francis Tchaikovsky's Works [arr. Reynolds]
23 Feb 1946 Wellington Waterside Workers R. Fenton An Epic Symphony
24 Feb 1940 St. Kilda Municipal Les Francis Beethoven's Works [arr. W. Rimmer]
24 Feb 1939 Woolston Brass Dick Estall The Valkyrie
25 Feb 1938 Port Nicholson Silver J. J. Drew Il Crociato in Egitto [arr. Ord Hume]
19 Feb 1937 Wanganui Garrison R. Francis I Masnadieri [arr. Trussell]
28 Feb 1936 Cairns Citizens (Australia) James Compton Oliver Cromwell
22 Feb 1935 St. Kilda Municipal James Dixon Haydn's Works
22 Feb 1934 Palmerston North Garrisoin C. Pike Princess Nada
24 Feb 1933 Woolston Brass Dick Estall Berlioz
26 Feb 1932 Port Nicholson J. J. Drew L'Etoile du Nord [arr. Swift]
1931 No Contest - Earth Quake
25 Feb 1930 Woolston Brass Dick Estall The Pathetique Sonata (op 13)
02 Mar 1929 St. Kilda Brass James Dixon Lorenzo
24 Feb 1928 Queen Alexandra's Own Wanganui George Buckley Scheherazade 1st & 2nd Movements
17 Feb 1927 Queen Alexandra's Own George Buckley Lortzing
21 Feb 1926 Woolston Brass Dick Estall The Damnation of Faust
23 Feb 1925 Malvern Tramways (Australia) Harry Shugg Eroica Symphony
22 Feb 1924 Woolston Brass Dick Estall The Flying Dutchman [arr. Hartmann]
17 Feb 1924 Queen Alexandra's Own Wanganui George Buckley The Flying Dutchman [arr. Hartmann]
04 Mar 1923 Woolston Brass Dick Estall Robert il Diavolo [unknown arranger]
24 Feb 1923 Redfern Municipal (Australia) William Partridge II Crociato In Eggito
23 Feb 1923 Lohengrin [arr. Johnstone]
16 Feb 1922 Wellington Watersiders (Port Nicholson) J. J. Drew Tschaikowsky [arr. Rimmer]
18 Mar 1921 Woolston Brass Dick Estall Semiramide [unknown arranger]
04 Mar 1920 Kaikorai Brass
Wanganui Garrison
Helmer Davie
William Partington
Robert il Diavolo [unknown arranger] Robert il Diavolo [unknown arranger]
06 Apr 1915 Woolston Brass Dick Estall Les Huguenots [arr. W. Rimmer]
14 Feb 1914 Timaru Garrison (South Canterbury Regiment) A. Schnack Classic Gems No. 1
21 Nov 1913 South Canterbury Regiment Timaru A. Schnack Nabucco
17 Oct 1912 St. Kilda Municipal Ned Smith Madame Butterfly
15 Feb 1912 Waihi Federal Fred Russell La Mascotte
26 Jan 1912 Wanganui Garrison Albert Wade Liszt
15 Feb 1911 Wellington Garrison Thomas Herd L'Arfricanus
21 Oct 1910 Kaikorai Brass George Laidlaw Souvenir de Wagner
18 Feb 1910 Wanganui Garrison Albert Wade Liszt
04 Nov 1909 Woolston Brass W. V. Siddall Weber's Works
27 Feb 1909 Wanganui Garrison Albert Wade II Crociato In Eggito
28 Feb 1908 Mornington Brass Band Ned Smith Gems of Schumann
16 Feb 1907 Wanganui Garrison James Crighton Il'Lombardi
26 Jan 1906 Wanganui Garrison James Crighton L'Etoile du Nord [unknown arranger]
13 Feb 1905 Wanganui Garrison James Crighton La Straniera
03 Mar 1904 Kaikorai Brass George Laidlaw Dinorah
09 Oct 1903 Wanganui Garrison James Crighton Viva Beethoven [arr. Ord Hume]
04 Feb 1903 Wellington Garrison Thomas Herd Le Domino Noir [arr. Swift]
13 Mar 1902 Wanganui Garrison James Crighton Gems from Sullivan's Operas No. 3
16 Mar 1901 Wanganui Garrison James Crighton I Puritani
26 Dec 1900 Wellington Garrison Thomas Herd Satanella [unknown arranger]
16 Mar 1900 Wellington Garrison Thomas Herd Il Giuramento [unknown arranger]
24 Feb 1899 Wellington Garrison Thomas Herd Masaniello
29 Dec 1898 Wellington Garrison Thomas Herd Falstaff
27 Jan 1898 Wellington Garrison Thomas Herd Nabucco
03 Nov 1897 Wellington Garrison Thomas Herd Oberon [arr. Round]
21 Oct 1896 Oamaru Garrison W. S. King I Puritani
07 Oct 1895 Wellington Garrison Thomas Herd Der Freischütz [arr. Winterbottom]
13 Oct 1894 Kaikorai Brass E. Stratton Reminiscences of Weber [arr. Bulch]
11 Nov 1893 Invercargill Garrison W. V. Siddall Verdi [arr. Round]
12 Nov 1892 Christchurch Garrison
Oamaru Garrison
Trist Searell
George Jones
El Dorado El Dorado
28 Nov 1891 Oamaru Garrison George Jones Semiramide [unknown arranger]
16 Mar 1890 Oamaru Naval Artillery A. Frew Le Comte Ory
1889 Oamaru Garrison George Jones Beethoven [arr. Godfrey]
1888 Not run.
1887 Not run.
24 Apr 1886 Invercargill Garrison W. V. Siddall Wagner [arr. Round]
12 Oct 1885 Oamaru Garrison George Jones
14 Apr 1884 Oamaru Garrison George Jones
24 Mar 1883 Oamaru Garrison George Jones Semiramide (arr. Hume)
01 May 1882 Timaru Artillery R. Perry
1881 Invercargill Garrison W. E. Heywood
17 Apr 1880 Invercargill Garrison W. E. Heywood
National Championships

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