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Australian Championships (A Grade)

Future Events

Past Results

Date Winner Conductor Test Piece
31 Mar 2024 Brisbane Excelsior Band David Bremner The World Rejoicing (Variations on a Lutheran Chorale)
09 Apr 2023 Sydney City Brass Jason Katsikaris Siege
Apr 2021 Contests cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, see Statement of NBCA: The National Band Council of Australia in conjunction with the Band Association of NSW will be conducting the inaugural Australian National Online Festival of Bands (ANOFOB) instead of the Australian National Band Championships which were to be held in Newcastle over Easter 2021. The NBCA would like to encourage all eligible bands to participate in this event under the conditions outlined in the press release. This festival will provide an opportunity for bands to submit for adjudication video recordings of them playing a sacred item, single own choice major work, on stage march or own choice concert item (or any combination of these four items). The festival is all about participation, providing bands with purpose for rehearsals through these times as we attempt to return to our usual high standards, making great music together rather than fierce competition for trophies and titles. Contests originally planned for April 2nd - 5th. 2022 again no Edition due to still ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic (Threats of new Variants like Omicron). Statement NBCA: https://nbca.asn.au/news/delay-to-the-2022-australian-national-band-championships
12 Apr 2020 Cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak, see Statement from NBCA: The National Band Council of Australia has made the following statement-- Discussions were held with the National Band Council and the Western Australian organizing committee today following the announcement of a pandemic. It is with regret that the National Contest to be held in Perth (WA) at Easter will not proceed. We are well aware of the amount of preparation that has been made by the organizing committee and individual bands. However, circumstances and concerns by various stakeholders have made us come to this decision This decision was not made lightly but was in the end forced upon us Sincerely Barrie Gott President 12th March 2020
21 Apr 2019 Sydney City Brass (NSW) Jason Katsikaris Handel in the Band
01 Apr 2018 Wellington Brass (NZ) Nigel Seaman Time Machine
16 Apr 2017 Central Coast Brass (NSW) Conrad Curry Harrison's Dream
27 Mar 2016 Brisbane Excelsior (Qld) Howard Taylor Albion
05 Apr 2015 Wellington Brass David Bremner Gallipoli
20 Apr 2014 Brisbane Excelsior (Qld) Howard Taylor St. Magnus
31 Mar 2013 Brisbane Excelsior (Qld) Howard Taylor The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
07 Apr 2012 Gunnedah Shire Band (NSW) Howard Taylor Cambridge Variations
23 Apr 2011 Kew Band Melbourne (Vic) Mark Ford Vienna Nights
04 Apr 2010 Brisbane Excelsior (Qld) Howard Taylor Extreme Make-over
12 Apr 2009 Gunnedah Shire Band (NSW) Jason Katsikaris ...Dove Descending
23 Mar 2008 Brisbane Excelsior (Qld) Howard Taylor Dances and Alleluias
08 Apr 2007 Brisbane Excelsior (Qld) Howard Taylor Terra Australis
16 Apr 2006 Brisbane Excelsior (Qld) Howard Taylor Variations on an Enigma
26 Mar 2005 Brisbane Excelsior (Qld) Howard Taylor Tristan Encounters
11 Apr 2004 Hawthorn City (Vic) Tom Paulin Chivalry
21 Apr 2003 Waitakere City Trusts Brass (NZ) Andrew Snell Harmony Music
29 Mar 2002 Kensington & Norwood (SA) Bruce Raymond Winds of Change
14 Apr 2001 Dalewool - Auckland Brass (NZ) Nigel Weeks Tallis Variations
22 Apr 2000 Kew Band (Vic) Mark Ford Endeavour [Sparke]
04 Apr 1999 Hawthorn City (Vic) Ross Johnson On Alderley Edge
11 Apr 1998 Kew Band (Vic) Mark Ford Isaiah 40
29 Mar 1997 Fosters Auckland Brass (NZ) Nigel Weeks Coal River
07 Apr 1996 Fosters Auckland Brass (NZ) Nigel Weeks The Year of the Dragon
15 Apr 1995 Hawthorn City (Vic) Ken MacDonald Ballet for Band
02 Apr 1994 Hawthorn City (Vic) Ken MacDonald English Heritage
10 Apr 1993 Hawthorn City (Vic) Ken MacDonald Festival Music (Symphonic Suite)
18 Apr 1992 Kensington & Norwood City (SA) Bruce Raymond Odin
31 Mar 1991 Hawthorn City (Vic) Michael Pyne Prisms
15 Apr 1990 Hawthorn City (Vic) Michael Pyne Seascapes
27 Mar 1989 Willoughby Municipal (NSW) Peter Walmsley Frontier!
02 Apr 1988 Tenderkist Wanganui (NZ) Kevin Jarrett Ash Wednesday
18 Apr 1987 Hawthorn City (Vic) Ken MacDonald Contest Music
29 Mar 1986 Hawthorn City (Vic) Ken MacDonald Blitz
07 Apr 1985 Hawthorn City (Vic) Peter Jackson Ash Wednesday
22 Apr 1984 Willoughby Municipal (NSW) Peter Walmsley Western Land
03 Apr 1983 Continental Airlines Auckland Brass (NZ) Errol Mason Variations for Brass Band [Vaughan Williams]
11 Apr 1982 Willoughby Municipal (NSW) Peter Walmsley Fantasy for Brass Band [Arnold]
19 Apr 1981 Hawthorn City (Vic) Laurie Hicks The Plantagenets
06 Apr 1980 Skellerup Woolston (NZ) Mervyn Waters Volcano
15 Apr 1979 Hawthorn City (Vic) Laurie Hicks Introduction and Allegro
26 Mar 1978 Willoughby Municipal (NSW) Peter Walmsley Down Under
10 Apr 1977 Hawthorn City (Vic) Laurie Hicks Journey into Freedom
18 Apr 1976 Hawthorn City (Vic) Laurie Hicks The Plantagenets
30 Mar 1975 Hawthorn City (Vic) Laurie Hicks Suite for Brass [Street]
12 Apr 1974 Footscray Yarraville City (Vic) Mervyn Simpson A Kensington Concerto
03 Nov 1973 Footscray Yarraville City (Vic) Mervyn Simpson The Judges of the Secret Court (Les Francs Juges)
21 Oct 1972 Footscray Yarraville (Vic) Mervyn Simpson Academic Festival Overture
09 Apr 1971 Malvern Municipal (Vic) Wilf Dyason Blackfriars
14 Jun 1970 Melbourne Fire Brigade (Vic) Mervyn Simpson Salute to Youth
07 Apr 1969 Malvern Municipal (Vic) Harry Philpott Life Divine
02 Nov 1968 Melbourne Fire Brigade (Vic) Mervyn Simpson Journey into Freedom
21 Oct 1967 Kensington & Norwood City (SA) Herb Stevens Triumphant Rhapsody
10 Apr 1966 Wollongong City (NSW) Tom Gawn The Belmont Variations
18 Apr 1965 South Brisbane Federal (Qld) Les Baxter
24 Oct 1964 Malvern Municipal (Vic) Harry Philpott Symphony of Marches
01 Nov 1963 Barrier Industrial Union (NSW) Harold Walmsley Diadem of Gold
27 Oct 1962 Malvern Municipal Harry Philpott Les Preludes [arr. Rimmer]
30 Sep 1961 Barrier Industrial Union (NSW) Harold Walmsley Blackfriars
16 Apr 1960 Maryborough Federal (Qld) James Kelly Variations for Brass Band [Vaughan Williams]
26 Jan 1959 Malvern Municipal (Vic) William Philpott
05 Apr 1958 South Brisbane Federal (Qld) Les Baxter Dramatic Overture
02 Nov 1957 Tanunda Town (SA) Galvin John Festival Music (Symphonic Suite)
27 Oct 1956 St. John Ambulance (NSW) Albert Baile Diadem of Gold
23 Oct 1955 St. John Ambulance (NSW) Albert Baile Themes from Symphony no. 5 [Tchaikovsky, arr. Ball]
1954 Cancelled due to influenza epidemic.
08 Nov 1953 St. John Ambulance (NSW) Albert Baile Scena Sinfonica
12 Apr 1952 Maryborough Federal (Qld) James Kelly Carmen
28 Oct 1951 St. John Ambulance Brigade (NSW) Albert Baile Robin Hood [Geehl]
16 Sep 1950 St. John Ambulance Brigade (NSW) Albert Baile Symphony No.7 [Beethoven]
10 Apr 1950 Collingwood Citizens (Vic) Frank Johnston Themes from Symphony no. 5 [Tchaikovsky, arr. Ball]
14 Nov 1949 The scheduled 1949 Australian championships event at Launceston, Tasmania was postponed firstly from the week commencing 14th November 1949 to 24th-28th December 1949, then further from there due to an outbreak of poliomyelitis, eventually being held in the following year, over Easter, 10th April 1950. As a result two Australian championship events were held in 1950, one designated for 1949, in April 1950, and one designated for 1950, in October 1950.
04 Oct 1948 St. John Ambulance Brigade (NSW) Albert Baile A Downland Suite
06 Apr 1947 Maryborough Federal (Qld) Frank Johnston Themes From Beethoven's 8th Symphony
01 Jan 1946 Melbourne Fire Brigade (Vic) Frank Johnston The Royal Water Music
30 Apr 1945 RAAF Bradfield Park (NSW) Harold Walmsley The Crusaders
1940 Not run again until 1945, owing to war.
11 Apr 1939 Bundaberg Citizens (Qld) James Kelly
02 Feb 1938 Melbourne Fire Brigade (Vic) Frank Johnston Robin Hood [Geehl]
14 Nov 1937 Malvern Tramways (Vic) Harry Shugg Bizet
02 Nov 1936 Melbourne Fire Brigade (Vic) Frank Johnston Pride of Race
22 Apr 1935 Brisbane Excelsior (Qld) Albert Wade Prometheus Unbound
28 Jan 1934 Hamilton Citizen (NSW) James Kelly Oriental Rhapsody
1933 Contest not held.
28 Mar 1932 Ipswich Vice Regal (Qld) Frank Johnston Joan of Arc [Wright]
28 Jan 1931 Townsville Railways (Qld) Albert Trembath
1930 Contest not held.
02 Apr 1929 Ipswich Vice Regal (Qld) Albert Wade
26 Jan 1928 Hamilton Citizens (NSW) James Kelly
1927 Contest not held.
06 Apr 1926 Malvern Tramways (Vic) Harry Shugg Tchaikovsky [arr. W. Rimmer]
1925 Contest not held.
21 Apr 1924 Collingwood Citizens (Vic) Frank Johnston I Masnadieri [arr. Trussell]
30 Mar 1923 Ipswich City Vice Regal Albert Wade Cavalleria Rusticana [unknown arranger]
26 Jan 1922
22 Oct 1921 Malvern Tramways (Vic) Harry Shugg Tchaikovsky [arr. W. Rimmer]
26 Jan 1920 Newtown Band (NSW) Ernest Kerry Dinorah [unknown arranger]
26 Oct 1919 Collingwood Citizens (Vic) Frank Johnston La Reine de Saba [arr. Godfrey]
25 Jan 1918 South Sydney Model (NSW) William Ryder
26 Jan 1916 Rozelle District (NSW) William Partington
23 Oct 1915 Works of Haydn [J. Ord Hume]
26 Jan 1915 Newtown Band (NSW) Ernest Kerry
24 Oct 1914 Rozelle District (NSW) William Partington Dinorah [unknown arranger]
27 Jan 1913 Rozelle District (NSW) William Partington Ivanhoe
28 Jan 1912 Rozelle District (NSW) William Partington
28 Oct 1911 St.Augustine's Orphanage -- Geelong (Vic) Les Hoffman Liszt
28 Jan 1911 Manly Municipal (NSW) Jerry Pheloung Samson and Delilah
27 Jan 1910 Brisbane Concert (Qld) B. Brodie L'Etoile du Nord [unknown arranger]
23 Oct 1909 City of Ballarat (Vic) William Partington Gems of Chopin [arr. Short]
05 Apr 1909 Bathurst District (NSW) Samuel Lewins Gems of Mozart [arr. W. Rimmer]
20 Apr 1908 Armidale City (NSW) Jerry Pheloung
26 Oct 1907 Newtown Band (NSW) Thomas Mellor Souvenir de Wagner
02 Oct 1906 Newcastle City (NSW) William Barkel
27 Oct 1905 Boulder City (WA) Hugh McMahon
01 Nov 1903 Newcastle City (NSW) William Barkel Lortzing
01 Nov 1902 Mercadante
27 Oct 1901
10 Nov 1899 Hillgrove (NSW) Hugh McMahon
09 Nov 1897 Queenstown (Tasmania) Thomas Hopkins
National Championships

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