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From Ancient Times 2009

'From Ancient Times' is inspired by the music of the Flemish polyphonists.

There are no literal quotes, but the composer uses historical composition techniques to evoke the influences of the likes of Lassus, Desprez, Willaert, Ockeghem, Obrecht, Isaac, Dufay and de Monte, as well as the artistic inspirations the great painters, Rubens, Van Dijck, Breughel and Van Eyck.

The piece also goes back further in time; referencing Gregorian chant as well as an estampie medieval dance, whilst a modern twist is found in the cipher ostinato references based on the notes 'EBBA' and the first chord of the estampie-theme based on the notes of 'VLAMO' (the organising organisation who commissioned the work).

The music develops through further senza misura cadenzas and an ethereal homage to Adolphe Sax before moving towards a grandiose finale to be played with the composer’s instruction, 'like an organ'.

All this is encapsulated within a contemporary structure that places huge demands on the ensemble and soloists alike; starting mysteriously but ending in glory - from ancient to modern in one huge arc of musicality.

Composer: Jan van der Roost
Type: Test Piece

Date Contest Winner
02 Apr 2016 North American Championships (Championship Section) Fountain City Brass Band
02 May 2009 European Championships Cory Band

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